Problem description: The dryness and roughness of the facial skin feels that it is caused by the thickening of the stratum corneum. What methods can be used to make the stratum corneum thin?
Date of problem:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 24 Gender: Male
When the skin has thickened stratum corneum When the problem occurs, there will be large pores, etc., then it proves that you need to exfoliate. You can use cleansing water to exfoliate. Generally, salicylic acid is contained in cleansing water. This ingredient can gently and effectively remove the keratin in the skin. It contains other non-irritating ingredients and is suitable for patients with sensitive and dry skin. In daily life, the most common way to exfoliate is to use scrubs. The particles in the scrub are rubbed against the skin to remove aging keratin. However, since friction will have a certain effect on the skin, it is generally not recommended for patients with sensitive skin. Although exfoliating can help thin the stratum corneum, pay attention to the intensity of use. Use it once a week for oily skin, and once every two weeks for dry skin. Sensitive skin can be exfoliated according to specific conditions and specific locations.
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