Problem description: My good friends are now telling me to do medical aesthetics every day. My heart is moving, but as I get older, my facial skin is sagging, how should I tighten it?
Date of question: 2021-06-12
Patient information: Age: 35 Gender: Female
The skin on the face is very loose. You can properly lose weight, pay attention to diet and exercise, eat less high-calorie, high-fat foods, and eat more vegetables and fruits. Ensure one hour of aerobic exercise. The skin on the face is very loose. A large part of it is due to obesity, so pay attention to normal dietary activities. Eat less high-calorie, high-fat foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, and ensure aerobic exercise for about an hour a day, which plays an important role in improving the condition of facial skin. The skin on the face is very loose, so you should lose weight properly and control your diet.
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