Problem description: Recently, I found that the skin on my face is very loose, and it seems that I am very unconscious. How can the loose skin on my face become tight?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 24 Gender: Female
If you want to change the skin of your face The firmness can be treated by skin lift surgery, or you can eat more protein and vitamin-rich foods for improvement. Facial skin becomes very loose, which may be caused by the lack of trace elements in the body or the loss of too much collagen in the skin. If the patient does not want to improve by surgery, they can be relieved by changing their bad eating habits. If the patient’s laxity is severe, they can be treated by surgical skin lift. After a period of treatment, the facial skin of the patient can become firmer. After the treatment, the patient should pay more attention to the cleansing of the face, and do not wash the face with cold or hot water. In addition, you must return to the hospital regularly for review to understand the degree of recovery from the disease.
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