The online platform was once thought to be a spare tire, but now the online Internet may completely transform us.

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Editor’s note: Affected by the epidemic, Lin Qingxuan, a domestic original skin care brand that originally relied on offline store sales expansion, closed 157 of 337 stores across the country during the Spring Festival, and the overall performance fell by 90% . If the status quo is not improved, under the pressure of labor and rental costs, Lin Qingxuan’s cash flow can only maintain the survival of the enterprise for two months.

Under the crisis, founder Sun Laichun issued “A Letter to the Darkest Hour” on January 31, to be honest about the current situation of the company’s existence and to boost morale among employees. Since February, Lin Qingxuan changed her marketing strategy, moved from offline to online, and carried out digital marketing for all employees. She also started live broadcasting on Tmall. Since then, Lin Qingxuan’s performance has rebounded rapidly, becoming an online transformation sample of the traditional retail industry.

Through February 22, Lin Qingxuan’s traditional e-commerce performance increased by 500%, and the store’s performance through digital tools such as live broadcast, mobile Taobao, and small programs achieved the same level as in previous years.

The main tire collapses, so run on the spare tire

In fact, in 2018, we have set up an online digital platform based on Alibaba Cloud and also launched a smart shopping guide. At the time, trying and testing, I found that there are two or three kinds of gameplay that are quite reliable, so that some employees start to use it, but employees are not willing to use it.

Why not? If you invite customers to the store, there may be a unit price of 1,500 yuan, but if the customer goes online, it is likely that the unit price of the customer will be reduced to 500 yuan because of poor experience. Therefore, the clerk only uses the online channel as a spare tire. Now that the main tires have collapsed, I ran on the spare tire and suddenly found that the spare tire was too important.

The greatest weakness of human nature is the power of succumbing to habit. In the past, we did n’t like to use online. Everyone’s thinking was offline. We thought that we should open a store, receive customers, and do a good job. People pay, they are all very good.

I always believe that if you want to be a respected skin care brand in the world, you must have a wealth of offlineExperience scene , what I imagine in my head are those European luxury products that have been used for centuries. It started as a box and a coat. , Not spilled over the Internet overnight.

We grow camellia by ourselves, we have a raw material extraction workshop, and we do n’t want to make a lot of achievements quickly. We just want to open a small shop honestly and make some natural skin care products. .

The core concepts of the corporate golden triangle are confidence, brand power, and digitalization. Digitalization is a means of transportation, but brand power is the soul and culture.

Lin Qingxuan has only ever filed a lawsuit in the past, that is, suing Alibaba, and seven times for the same thing, is to protect our brand and consumers. There were still many bargains, fakes, and discounts on e-commerce platforms that year, which were not the channels we wanted.

Lin Qingxuan’s mission is not to sell a lot of goods, but to create a unique and very differentiated skin care product made in China with local culture and technology. The small counters opened one by one in shopping malls and department stores survived by word of mouth for 17 years. Later, Ali’s strategy was transformed. With Tmall, the positioning of quality life is the same as that of Lin Qingxuan, and it is said that we will cooperate with it in new retail.

When Ma Yun talked about new retail in 2016, he said that future offline stores will need to use digitalization to improve efficiency. I am convinced of this. Digitalization and the Internet of Things are advanced productivity. We must go. Hug . But in the process of embracing, he was still doubtful about Alibaba. Xiao Yaozi came up and shared a concept-the digitization of the full link, which made me shine. There are two types of companies in the future. One is to digitize the entire company, and the other is not to digitize. These two companies are not in a competitive dimension. This incident has inspired me a lot. On the 7th, we started to cooperate with Dingguo.

Be sure to keep your brand ’s independent personality, and never shake it. You ca n’t shake it because of the online traffic. If Li Jiaqi broadcasts live, can Lin Qingxuan Camellia Body Oil be half price? Then we withdraw. Corporate immunity is brand power. Gritting your teeth and sticking to your core mainstream customer base is better than anything.

Subjectively, I think it ’s too late to embrace online channels.

Looking back at the week of the New Year, we were hiccupped by low performance and epidemic situation. Shanghai’s performance was zero for several days in a row. It was completely in the stage of strategic loss. It was completely desperate. It began to doubt people’s health and did not think about work Thing. When the health feels no problem, when I look at work again, I find that it has collapsed and all the teams are scattered. After the reaction, think about what to do next, from the perceptual levelThe paragraph enters the rational phase.

After thinking about it, I started combing and found that what we do n’t have are offline customers, some are brand power, and there are goods and employees. There is no customer flow from offline stores, but we have tools to reach customers online.

Suddenly, I was cleared out of the confusion and found that there was still a new way to go, and the energy came. Everyone will have a period of strategic confusion in life and work. The most terrible thing is not the epidemic itself, but whether you can look at the problem rationally after the epidemic.

We set up a content library to create more graphics, make small videos, do live broadcasts, and run online malls. Actually, the nature of commerce has not changed. Consumers have demand, I have products that meet their needs, and they are docked through a channel in the middle to exchange money. It ’s just that there is no scene of offline contact. What kind of scene can achieve the same as offline contact? It is the live broadcast or video. This is the closest. The graphics are almost the same. Then we naturally embrace the live broadcast and the video.

A little girl just finished her training and opened a live studio to try it. She watched it for 20 minutes. At this time, I went in with my personal Taobao number. She saw another person with her eyes bright, and desperately speaking, she was very professional. The live broadcast rooms of other brands are viewed by hundreds or tens of thousands of people. We only watched them in the live broadcast room. One of them was me, and I was sad.

The next day, I asked her in the group, what did it feel like for two people to watch the live broadcast? She said that giving a customer an experience in the store is more than two. This mentality freed me. One week later, she broadcasted it to more than 140 people. On February 14th, at most, more than 3,000 people watched. Her eyes and expressions were completely different, and she had a confident light.

Before we were worried that the March results would be over. Looking at this performance now, we can still maintain stability, and our goal is not large. We can guarantee that more than 50% of cash flow can survive. It is a miracle to reach 100% of the performance, but the fact is that it reached 120% in the same period last year.

Subjectively, I also feel that it is late to embrace online channels. The previous consciousness still stayed in the e-commerce era in the past. It was believed that some people did not go to Tmall, or got a small number of times, which is about equal to offline attributes. But now the post-85s and post-95s girls have obvious dual attributes. Whenever she wants to buy, she can buy it on Tmall,, or even WeChat Mini Program. In addition, she has particularly strong shopping, shopping,The habits of outings, communities, eating, singing, and watching movies, shopping centers have become their daily needs for offline shopping, so now there are two major needs, one is offline shopping, one is online anytime, anywhere Just purchased. You can’t ignore these two needs, and they need to exist at the same time.

In the past, Douyin officially said that letting entrepreneurs open an account. I did n’t need to use my real name to do the business honestly. However, through this epidemic, my self-media certification became the founder of Lin Qingxuan, and I also took out this face and performed live on Tmall. For the first half hour, I didn’t know what to say, so I said it cheekily, and when I talked about my own profession, I felt it. After I finished this live broadcast, it was unexpected. It was watched by 60,000 people and nearly 400,000 sales, which is equivalent to the usual monthly sales of two stores in our first-tier cities.

The impact on me is still very great. We used to think that the online platform was a kind of supplement and spare tire, but now the online Internet may completely change us.

In the future, we will be more cautious about the layout of the channel. The event of opening an offline store will not change, but we will set up a live room in the offline store to use online as a drainage, brand promotion, offline store experience, The combination of online and offline is perfect.

On March 8th, I dragged the red dragonfly and many entrepreneurs to Tmall to do the founder live broadcast. A founder still told me that day in WeChat, what did you do live? Our public relations department and e-commerce department came to me every day to do a live broadcast, which bothered me.

A lot of things are not something you can’t do, it’s something you don’t want to do. I used to rarely share it with frontline employees. Now I directly share the corporate culture and train new people in an internal group of 2,000 people. This time forced me out.

Two profound changes: one Tao level, one surgery level

Peers are also awakening and trying. Some peers are selling well through the period of March and August. There are also some brands that are still waiting. One type is rich, so wait for the past epidemic situation to sell it; another type of overseas brand is sold by Tmall and also has strong funds. The first to worry about was Lin Qingxuan. He had no listing, no financing, no bank loans, but also a direct sales system and shopping mall channels. He had to bear retail store rents and employee salaries.

So we react most quickly to risk, and die without it.

A Shanghai government department came to our condolences beforeCome here several times. I brought a mask and fruit. When the guests left, I sat alone in the office and looked at the fruit and gifts, and a tax refund check. I found that overnight we became a group cared by the government leaders. . A friend said that we entrepreneurs, who were quite bullish in the past, did not expect to have a “flu” before bankruptcy.

I want to fight to survive, I ca n’t wait for the epidemic to pass.

We have summed up the four “all” in times of crisis:

First, digital marketing for all employees;

Second, make every effort to reduce costs and reduce all unnecessary expenses. The existing funds are used for scientific research and pay employees;

Third, full openness and innovation , we were very closed before. This year we opened up with Texhong, shared members, and promoted each other with Red Dragonfly and Bosideng. We did n’t.

Fourth, all employees improve organizational efficiency. Through this epidemic, reorganize into small project-based combat units and communicate via the Internet. All the cross-department collaborations have been used to pull through the project system, and organizational efficiency has been greatly improved. We used to criticize ourselves as the boss of the department, and we even severely dismissed the job. In the past, our biggest costs were not labor, housing, and product costs. They were inefficient organizations and complicated inter-departmental communication and coordination.

I found that the biggest harm in the organization was that it was impossible to say something happened. What’s more terrible is that there are 400 people in logistics and only 80 people working. If you can change it, how much will you save? It was terrible to remember. The most valuable person is, I do it, I think of a way, and share what I do when I finish. I find that many young or low-level people can quickly become the main force. Things that could only be solved in a week or two are now gone within two hours.

This epidemic has caused two changes to Lin Qingxuan. One is a change at the Tao level, and the brand’s ability to survive in the face of uncertainty is stronger. The other is a change at the technical level, which completely changes the traditional offline retail service industry Evolved into a digital business body, Lin Qingxuan has revived once again, and thrives online and offline. It is of great value to Lin Qingxuan.

No company depends on others to save itself. Attitude is everything. For so many years, I have never been willing to face the media or invest, but no one can survive this epidemic. So the first thing we decided was to open up and innovate, cooperate with others, dedicate our fans to others, and interact with other fans. Then we open up our capital and are willing to accept the investment of the capital side to achieve a win-win situation.

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