First episode: Fist story (1): How two laymen can create the most successful video game company today

Second episode: Fist Story (2): Can” Free “Help Fist Companies Beat the Giants of the Game Industry?

In the last issue, I mentioned that the young fist company just came out of the novice village and encountered unprecedented powerful opponents-StarCraft 2 and Super Heroes of S2Games. In the 2009 battle of fate, the player’s perspective of the fist company’s gene played a vital role. Under the business model of free games + virtual props that the fist has repeatedly insisted on, it has spawned a new species of the game industry-a game supply model that provides users with life-long services-“game as a service”. Free online games and games as a service have become a global industry trend with the expansion of League of Legends, which has an important impact on the game industry we see today. Today we tell the story of fist companies finding their way out of adversity.