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The Mongol ’s iron ride was once in Europe as far as the Danube river basin, and the striker Chi Majun even went deep into the Czech Republic and even northern Italy. However, these proud records were achieved by the world’s Mongolian empire, and they were not completely equal to the later Yuan Dynasty.

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How big was the territory of ancient China in its heyday? This issue has always been hotly discussed by history lovers. As the agricultural civilization that dominates the eastern end of the Eurasian continent, the changes in the territory of China have been greatly restricted by the geographical environment.

Our east is the vast Pacific Ocean, the south is the tropical forest with hot and humid heat, and the north is the cold Mongolia and Siberian plateau. Our ancestors ’expansion in these three directions is always subject to the land and sea barrier Latitude and climatic differences cannot achieve territorial expansion in a practical sense. Under such circumstances, exploring all the way to the west and to the deepest part of Eurasia seems to have become their most practical choice.