The newly appointed Zhixian is from Shandong, because he wants to hang the account, he said to the master: “You buy me two bamboo poles.”
The master listened to the “bamboo pole” of Shandong Qiang as “pork liver”, quickly agreed, hurried to the butcher’s shop, and said to the owner: “The newly arrived county grandfather wants to buy two pig livers, you know people, I should have a count!”
The owner was a smart person, and he understood it as soon as he heard it. He immediately cut two pig livers and gave away a pair of pig ears.
After leaving the butcher’s shop, Master thought to himself: “The old man told me to buy pork liver. Of course, the pig ears are mine…” So he wrapped the ears and stuffed them into his pockets. Back to the county office, Xiangzhi County Instructed: “Your grandfather, I bought pork liver!”
Seeing Master Shizhi bought pig liver, he said angrily: “Where are your ears!” When Master Master heard it, he was terrified, and he hurriedly replied: “Ear…ear…here…in me…I In your pocket!”