Top ten sales list

Even if Weilai and Ideal have entered the top ten of the monthly sales list of the Association, they are currently in the bottom three and still not very prominent. However, it should be noted that in this list, the price of Weilai ES6 and Ideal ONE is higher than the previous models. Relatively speaking, Weilai’s ideal is more difficult, so this result is also worthy of praise.

In addition, in this list, apart from Tesla’s rolling existence, the difference between multiple car companies is not too big, which also means that the domestic new energy vehicle market The competition is still very fierce, the ranking situation may also undergo new changes in the second half of the year, and the rankings of Weilai and Ideal may also grow further.

In fact, the strong performance of these two companies is not only reflected in July and one month, but in the whole year, the two cars are also very competitive.

▲Weilai ES6 and Ideal ONE are among the top ten of the annual sales list of the Riding Federation

From January to July, Weilai ES6’s sales volume has entered the top five, and its performance is very impressive, and Ideal ONE also firmly held the tenth place, which has never happened last year.

However, although Weilai and Ideal have made sales progress, Tesla currently has an absolute advantage. The combined sales of Weilai ES6 and Ideal ONE are only half of Tesla Model 3. Tesla’s advantage is evident.

It can be said that the current domestic new car companies have achieved results, but this result is still not enough to be complacent. Tesla is still an insurmountable peak for domestic new energy car companies.

Since most of the new car companies are learning from Tesla and getting to know Tesla better, in the process of blocking Tesla, domestic new car companies need to shoulder more important tasks, which also requires domestic new cars Players also need to continue to improve their technical strength and sales.

Conclusion: The new car company’s top player pattern has been determined

After the test of the market last year and this year, many new car companies have withdrawn from the stage of history, and some new car companies continue to insist.

But at present, the top players of new car companies have basically stabilized. The sales of the four car companies, Weilai, Weimar, Ideal, and Xiaopeng, are all growing steadily, and WeiLai, Ideal, and Xiaopeng have already confirmed their listing on the US stock market, while Weimar plans to list in China.

There are cars on sale and the plan to enter the capital market at the same time shows the strength of these car companies, while the sales and financing capabilities of other car companies cannot be compared with these car companies.

From this point of view, the current stage of the new car company’s head player pattern has been fixed, the next stage of fighting will also be carried out in these companies.