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The Poles are weird. They seem to be accustomed to resignation, silence can tolerate, but in fact they are extremely rebellious in their hearts. In the face of all kinds of powerful enemies, they obeyed the command with a stern face, thinking about the chance of turning over.

△Warsaw, the capital of Poland/unsplash

Compared with Germans who do everything in a straightforward manner, Poles are not keen on rules. Will look for loopholes in the rules, flexible and flexible to achieve the goal is considered a smart person.

As early as World War II, Ukrainians who fled to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, found themselves unable to hide among the locals. Because the Ukrainians rigidly abide by the authorities’ rules to avoid questioning.

But they soon discovered that Warsaw people did not follow the rules. For example, there was a warning prohibiting the sale of bread in the Central Station, and there were Warsaw women selling bread illegally under the poster.

△Polish man playing guitar in the street/unsplash

So Europeans think that Poles are liars, but from another perspective, Poles do not play cards according to common sense, clear and independent. The Poles don’t play the rules of the game set by others. They have to create new games by themselves.

1. Only cunning and clever bastards are respected

In the minds of Poles, it is important to succeed in an upright manner, but truly smart people do not stick to this. They are even better, know how to get away slyly, and even beat the original system.

In Polish, this cunning trait is praised, and it can also describe a person who knows how to deal with various challenges. “Cwaniak”(liar) and “cwaniakować”(slippery The synonym of is not a despicable person, but “załatwić”(magical powers).

△The protagonist in the Polish movie “The Eucharist” was originally a gangster, but disguised as a priest

Using relationships, charms or illegal means to make things into this kind of gangster behavior will be discussed, despised or even reported by others here. On the contrary, in Poland, this practice is widely respected and praised by readers.

Among them, the most powerful punks are from the capital Warsaw. They think that they are sleek and good at dancing with long sleeves as a charm. In response to this, singer Grzesiuk (StanisławGrzesiuk)in 1963 also wrote “Warsaw gangsters are the most powerful gangsters in the world” a song.

△Murals in memory of Geresjok/wiki

Students studying in Germany are often frightened by the operations of the people in Warsaw. The student skipped class and took out a pre-prepared medical leave sheet to ask for leave. When traveling by car, the hotel proprietor reported them to stay for 7 days as 3 days, explaining that the hotel would not have to pay tourist tax.

Moreover, there are endless methods. You can use fake addresses to exchange areas for buying software at high monthly fees. If you don’t qualify for a car, you can embezzle someone else’s passport to replace yourself.

Every time I am asked “Is this okay?”, the Warsaw people will respond with a triumphant smile, “The rules are dead, people are alive”.

Walking on the streets of Warsaw, you can see banned violations everywhere. In the sections where noise is prohibited, there are guerrillas performing street performances; it is stipulated not to drink in the street, and to walk on the streets like drunks carrying wine bottles.

△Poles protesting on the street/unsplash

There are also the wildest drivers on the road. As long as they don’t have a camera, copying trails, speeding, and changing lanes are all commonplace. Generally, their speed is always 20 or 30 faster than the prescribed limit, so they will collectively brake when they reach a place with a camera.

In a chaotic city, even planning does not follow common sense. It can be said to be chaotic, or it can be full of surprises.

Visitors to Warsaw for the first time feel that it is not as good-looking as many European cities. The local tour guide educates tourists from another perspective, “This is a challenging place. In terms of appearance, it will be slightly inferior. Only a high aesthetic ability can experience the fun of Warsaw.”

△Visitors need to have a high aesthetic ability to experience the fun of Warsaw/pexels

When tourists stay in the city for a few days, they will find that HuaSand breaks through the stereotypes of ordinary cities. A 15-meter-high artificial palm tree suddenly appeared along Jerusalem Avenue lined with cool, gray buildings.

The ski resort is not built in the suburbs, but in the city center. You will find tropical beaches by the Vistula River, and you can also meet the free shuttle deer when you watch Chopin’s concert in Lajinki Park.

△Wazinki Park in Warsaw/unsplash

The detached way of doing things is destined to have a unique mindset for Poles. When it comes to artistic creation, they often jump out of the public mindset and go against the traditions in many current issues.

For example, in order to promote gender equality, the advertiser Dawid Szczepaniak planned the “last issue” of rereading women’s stories for the pornographic magazine “Twój Weekend”, hoping that people will no longer understand women in this way after the magazine ceases publication.

This “novel” adult magazine made a sensation on the Internet and won two Lions trophies at the Cannes International Creativity Festival.

△Graffiti/unsplash on the streets of Poland

The disobedient and unruly Polish gangsters show their talents in creative fields such as literary creation and industrial design, but at the same time this perverse personality also makes them unusual and often difficult to walk. The way.

Second, historically, Poles lived in the rules of others

Poles don’t abide by the rules. Strictly speaking, they are dislike the rules set by others.