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US stock market suffered a setback, and the market value of the top five technology giants evaporated by $162 billion

Apple’s share price fell the most, down 5.2%, which is the worst day since Apple’s closing down 5.81% on May 13. Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Technology”, reviewing the Golden Deer . Authorized to reprint. Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook August 6th news, according to foreign media reports, local time on Monday, the US stock market suffered the biggest decline in 2019, among which the five major technology.. Read More

Facebook, YouTube will encounter content review problems, how to solve today’s headlines?

The growing content of user proliferation and the inability to keep up with the conflict between audit measures and efficiency. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “A fat world” (ID : we_the_people), author: Liu fat. Time is in the middle of 2019, Facebook’s global monthly life has exceeded 2.2 billion, Youtube is 1.9 billion, WeChat is also more than 1 billion, it can be said that the.. Read More

More than 10 CEOs of listed companies are in a state of collapse, and the era of capital is over?

Counting these companies, many of them have reached a market value of more than 10 billion yuan. After chasing high market capitalization and profit-driven, they have finally produced various crimes. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618), author Ma Weibing. “Get out of the mix   Yes   “To be able to return,” the classic line in the film “Infernal Affairs”, used to describe.. Read More