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India’s local mobile phone “admits defeat”: to survive for Chinese brand foundry

“If you can’t beat them, join them” Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology , reviewing Cheng Xi. It is well known that Chinese smartphone brands have performed strongly in the Indian market over the past few years, and they have accounted for 60% of the Indian market. India ’s domestic smartphone brands have basically failed. Some share). According to the latest news from foreign media, in the face.. Read More

The birth of this state-owned enterprise “Big Mac” will open up the “odd classics” of China’s imported oil and gas transportation

This article is from WeChat public account: China Economic Weekly (ChinaEconomicWeekly) , author: Li Huimin, title figure from: vision China On December 9, National Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “National Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Company”) was officially established in Beijing. This marks a key step in China’s deepening reform of the oil and gas system. A personage in the industry told the.. Read More

The lessons of the radishes

Production | Tiger Sniff Business Group Author | Fang Yu, the main author of Tiger Sniff Network Title Map | Visual China Editor’s note: 2019 is about to pass. In this year, discussions about consumer upgrades and sinking markets are getting hotter. Driving domestic demand is not only highly anticipated at the macro level, becoming an annual issue, but also related to the direction of individual destiny under the grand.. Read More