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Preference for short kid stories

I have been watching her, afraid that she will get hurt. In the past few days, I found her crying face, what happened? I heard that her brother had an accident and was admitted to the hospital. No wonder she looked so sad, I remember she always told me before, how her brother loved her and treated her well. I would lie in her arms every time and listen to.. Read More

The murderous car

Lin Shenxin bought a second-hand Toyota Camry. Although it is a second-hand product, he has spent all his savings. Lin Shen stood by the car and watched the black metallic paint gleaming in the sun, just like looking at the beloved woman, both happy and loving. “Lin Shenxing! Buying a car?” Neighbor Zhang Ge happily walked over, looked at his car with his shoulders, and said, “This car is not.. Read More

The evil of ghost talk is rewarded

Ask the boss: “Selling cooking cakes, are your cakes delicious?” The boss naturally guarantees the guests, and it doesn’t taste good without money! Niubai was naturally happy. He picked up the cake and said, “Then I will try it.” After biting out most of it, he chewed for a long time but then spit it out, shouting at the store, “What kind of cake are you making, it’s so unpalatable.”.. Read More