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The Malice of Short Stories

I stood outside the hallway, looking at the vacant door, slowing my breathing. I remember locking the door with a key before leaving. The door that is open now indicates that someone has gone in or went out. Do you want to call the police? Of course not, I don’t want the police to find Xiao Mei’s body under the sofa. Xiaomei is a colleague of mine. Recently, she suddenly.. Read More

The price of black jokes

There was a loud noise on the phone, and then it turned into a busy tone. I realized that something was wrong, and drove to the direction where Hao Rui had left. Sure enough, on his way home, the special warning lights of the ambulance confirmed my guess. A few hours ago, to celebrate my separation from my many years of single life, I called my girlfriend Han Xue and.. Read More

I am dead

一 The day I died, they were all there. I suddenly felt uncomfortable and suddenly felt like I was going to die. Then, they fell to the ground very calmly, and they saw, first yelling my name, I know, but I am dead, so I can’t answer them. Some of them called to the hospital, some rushed to rescue me, and I felt very uncomfortable. In front of so many.. Read More

Snacks ingredients are also traceable, Quinn received Series D financing and Hershey participated in the investment

From the perspective of market demand and policy orientation, food traceability may be the future trend. Image source: Quinn official website According to foreign media Finsmes reported that Quinn, an American snack food company, recently announced the completion of In the D round of financing, the investment amount has not been announced, and the investors include Hershey (NYSE: HSY). Prior to September, it had received US$3 million in financing from.. Read More

The Ecstasy

The first time I realized why I lived in this world was when I was 3 years old. I played non-stop all day and night. Although the bungalow in my hometown was very shabby, the story happened so incredible. One summer evening, my kind grandma watched TV with me and ate melon seeds. I am ignorant and I didn’t know what was acting on TV, but I realized that my.. Read More

Forefront | Ant’s listing of A+H shares has been suspended. Can Jack Ma’s legend continue?

Are A shares worth it? At 9 pm on November 3, the listing process of Ant Group was unexpectedly unexpected. The Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange successively issued announcements stating that the Ant Group’s science and technology innovation board and H shares are listed. This casts a heavy shadow over the highly anticipated “world’s largest IPO case”. If according to the original plan, this Legendary Finance.. Read More

Black heart hit a ghost

The Shunyi funeral home is not big, only an old-fashioned crematorium, and there are not many people who usually burn it. Because the villages are connected here, there are many people who die. But there are exceptions. Last night, Ding Dazhuang burned two people in one breath, but only one person came to the funeral. Originally, burning people at night is strange enough. What’s even more strange is that the.. Read More

A village where old drivers tell stories in Xinjiang

Not only was there no one, but even the dog hadn’t seen it. In a huge village, there was no human voice at all. Only the whistling wind echoed in my ears. It was getting darker again, and Xiao Li discovered that there was no light in this village! ! Xiao Li was really scared. Looking at the village, it didn’t look like it was abandoned. Although the house was.. Read More

Market news丨A+H shares listing of Ant Group suspended, Alibaba US stocks dive before market

Alibaba’s U.S. stocks dived pre-market and fell more than 9% at one time On November 3, the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s official website released the decision”. Affected by this news, Alibaba US stocks plunged before the market, falling more than 9% at one point. Alibaba’s earlier announcement showed that after the issuance of Ant Group, the company’s shareholding ratio is expected to be about 31.8% or 31.2%. The Shanghai Stock Exchange.. Read More

The Internet has created a false spring for the aunts

This article is from WeChat official account:Entertainment hard candy (ID: yuleyingtang), author: Liu soil, editor: Li Chunhui, the original title: “courtship, chasing, emotional training, aunts artificial spring”, the title figure comes from: vision China The “fake Jin Dong incident” opened a wound in the emotional world of middle-aged and elderly people. The 60-year-old Aunt Huang was infatuated with the fake Jin Dong in Douyin, and despite her husband’s explanation, she.. Read More