Recently, Russian scholars have discovered 18 mutated new coronaviruses in a woman with low immunity. Some of the variants are the same as the new mutated viruses that appeared in the UK, and two of them are consistent with the mutated new coronaviruses carried by Danish mink.

According to the Russian “Izvestia” report on the 12th, the woman is 47 years old and suffers from lymphoma. In April 2020, the woman was infected with the new coronavirus during a chemotherapy session. Since then, she has undergone regular nucleic acid tests, and the test results have been positive until September 9.

According to reports, part of the mutated new coronavirus in the woman’s body is the same as the previously observed mutated virus in patients with weak immune function, and it is also the same as the new mutated virus in the UK the same. In addition, the two mutant viruses are also consistent with the mutant new crown virus carried by Danish mink.

Konstantin Krutovsky, a professor at the Department of Genomics and Bioinformatics of Siberian Federal University, pointed out that this research work confirmed the fact for the first time, that is, ” The long-term existence of the new coronavirus in an organism will cause a large number of mutations.” At the same time, he pointed out that it is too early to determine the spread of the “Russian” strain because only this case has occurred.

According to the latest data released on the official website of Russia’s new crown virus prevention on the 12th, Russia added 22,934 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia, a total of 3,448,203 confirmed cases, and 531 new new crown pneumonia deaths The total number of deaths was 62,804.

(Original title 18 variants of new coronaviruses found in a woman in Russia)