The iPhone 14, Apple’s heaviest product of the year, will be announced in the early morning of September 8, Beijing time< Br > < div class = "contheight" > < / div > on September 4, local time, Bloomberg reporter mark gurman said that the iPhone 14 has not broken through the public imagination in terms of functions, just as the upgrade level of iPhone 13 compared with that of iPhone 12, Apple will adopt a mild upgrade instead of a radical upgrade for the second consecutive year< Br > < div class = "contheight" > < / div > only three days are left before the apple launch, and the external speculation about the new mobile phone will soon be verified. At the autumn product launch on September 8, it is expected to see the new version of iPhone, apple watch and airpods pro, that is, iPhone 14 series, apple watch series 8 and the second generation of airpods pro< br>