The live broadcast platform is equivalent to a commercial street. The guild is equivalent to a street shop. The anchor is the salesperson in the store. The live broadcast is the traffic on the street.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Hedgehog commune” (ID: ciweigongshe ), author | Yi Fan, editor | Tie Lin.

“Our typical customers are in two categories, 90% of which are low-income groups in third- and fourth-tier cities, which are called ‘silk’; the other 10% are small bosses of some middle- and high-income groups, such as coal bosses. , contractor first class.”

The person who spoke was Fu Zhengjun, the founder of 9158. He built the earliest live broadcast platform in China. As early as 2015, he made his own judgment on the live paying users.

A group of ordinary people have embraced another group of ordinary people. The platform would rather spend tens of millions and dig into the absolute head anchor. The fighting fish used 30 million to dig Zhang Daxian from the penguin esports, and 45 million dig from the tiger’s teeth. MC Tianyou, e-sports anchor Lu Benwei and other lucky people in the pyramids are enjoying the peak of their lives.

That is the best time for live broadcast.

This year, the fighting fish went to the market, and the stock price of Tiger’s teeth was close to the high point. The panda live broadcast quietly exited, and many big anchors have become legends of the rivers and lakes.

Until she appeared, people realized that the live broadcast circle was still the live broadcast circle of the year. A middle-aged woman whose real name is Zhang Huanhua and ID “His Royal Highness” is now the live broadcast of the live broadcast because of an accidental appearance.

The public opinion aimed the firepower at the number one user in the list of Joe Biro’s rewards. Who is spending a lot of money for her without ever meeting?

This is not a case. The value of the anchor or the survival philosophy of most anchors is to find a “selfless” list of local tyrants.

In this regard, Hedgehog Commune (ID: ciweigongshe) interviewed more than ten live broadcast users, anchors and practitioners, trying to answer the question about the core profit model of the live broadcast industry from the user’s perspective: Why would anyone give the anchor so much? gift?

32-year-old, I spent 2 million watching the live broadcast

Banna is a businessman who lives in a third-tier city in North China. He may be eligible to answer the question. From watching the live broadcast to the present, in three years, he spent less than 2 million yuan.

The average annual salary of the local private sector is 40,000, which means that 2 million is equivalent to the sum of the wages of an ordinary white-collar worker for 50 years. When the business is not going well, Banna always thinks, “Now if I have two million more, it will definitely be a lot easier.”

This is the “pass” of the hittersIll,” Banna thinks.

I watched live broadcasts for 2 million, is there a problem?

Himala and NetEase cloud music have audio live streaming capabilities

On the night before the interview with the Hedgehog Commune, he brushed 300 gifts for an audio live broadcast host. This is one of the few anchors that Banna will now reward.

Although in terms of amount, it cannot be compared with the “highlight moment” of his previous years.

In 2017, Banna was “falling in love” with a female anchor on Momo. He felt that he would support his girlfriend’s career and reward him for more than 200,000. He thinks that he is also a “person without any material desires”, so he is used to getting some satisfaction by achieving others.

He feels that he is not a person who likes to spend money to chase girls. Since everyone is already a boyfriend and a girl, there is no problem in pursuit of reward. He generously took out real money.

Now, Banna feels that she was “stupid” at the time. “Under the premise of satisfying the material survival needs, people are not pursuing a sense of accomplishment and presence.” Banna summed up the starting point for giving gifts to the anchor. He felt that the emotional release and the “some false achievements” after the reward. Feeling can alleviate the pressures in life.

In the face of real pressure and “loneness,” Banna hopes to have a “more stable emotional sustenance” on the Internet. “When my mood is very bad, I can help me ease.” Banna felt that this was the help that the anchor had brought him. For him, the anchor “like a psychologist.” Although the female anchors on the audio live broadcast platform can’t see the figure, their “warm and kind” character can also attract his attention.

Mona is also considered by everyone to be a “gentle and kind” girl. She graduated from a well-known media school and hosted a major in broadcasting. During her studies, she did some anchors and broadcast some daily life. Originally, I wanted to play, but after two or three days, the user paid for the “guardian” of her live broadcast (with the privilege of fan list topping), the gift income quickly reached nearly a thousand dollars, and even very much liked it. Her audience has pulled up the QQ group of fans.

Banna’s “existence”, Mona can also feel from her fans. She feels that there is a comparison between fans – there is always this situation: when someone gives her a gift, there will be another person to “follow”, like comparing who has more gifts to prove their own “Sovereignty” or “presence of existence.”

Mona feels that this is a kind of pressure, she does not want to be in this for a long time.Environment. The anchor of a newcomer like Mona is the target of the anchor agent and the operator’s focus on “bringing new”. After becoming a contracted anchor, you will receive more systematic training on how to brush gifts and how to serve “high-value customers.”

The Hedgehog Commune found an “Announcement Training Case” in a live broadcast training number, excerpted as follows:

“…the relationship is very good, the fans (the kind of high-value fans who have the ability to spend) have a heartfelt time to spend some money on their birthdays and Chinese New Year holidays. Gifts, usually in private, will always have good connections with these fans… There is no reason for such an anchor to have low income.”

Xiaonan is the anchor of the game. But he is not just a live broadcast, he will also give gifts to other anchors. He is not a big anchor. When he has the most gifts, he has more than 60,000 yuan a month. Most of the time, he has about 10,000 yuan. His income is “deducted to 4-6k.” Before the panda live broadcast collapsed, Xiaonan was deducted for five months’ salary. The platform first said that it would not issue a ticket, but it was not given directly.

I watched live broadcasts for 2 million, is there a problem?< p class="img-desc">Young pan-entertainment users prefer game-like live content source: QuestMobile

This is very common in the anchor group. Sometimes, in order to improve their own popularity, the anchor will take the initiative to give other anchors a gift to enhance the sense of existence, thereby draining fans. Xiaonan said that there are also friends who play games with him, “holding the crowd.”

From the motivation of giving gifts to the anchor, Xiaonan’s idea is much more direct than the Banna. “It’s definitely to sleep with the female anchor.”

A sense of accomplishment and a sense of acquisition is largely a driving force for the live head consumer class.

I have a monthly income of 10,000, I just want to give the main broadcast a hot bar

The high-end consumer class only accounts for a very small number of live broadcasters. Xiaonan, the game anchor, also said that many of his fans only have one fan card, and then only give free gifts. “Micro-small” or close to “white” (a penny does not spend) users, is the most extensive live broadcast user group. Three years after graduation, Ah Yue was planning in an advertising company in Shenzhen with a monthly salary of more than 10,000. Watching the live game is his leisure style, but at most once, he only rewarded one B 坷 three 666. Both B坷拉 and 666 are gifts for the live broadcast of Station B, which are equivalent to RMB 10 and 0.66 respectively.

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