Want to experience the “customer is God” feeling? Try the internet!

Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ Zhongjing Jingwei ” (ID: jwview), author Chang Tao.

Reduction of tariffs, delivery of traffic ... After the implementation of the port number transfer network, the three major operators have also tried to retain users

“If you want to bring your number to the Internet, we have 100 ways to retain you.” This may sum up the psychological activities of operators in the recent period.

From November 10th, the number-transferring network was put into trial operation nationwide. Many users immediately took action and consulted the operators about the situation through various online and offline channels. But what made them cried and laughed is that after expressing their willingness to carry around, they were “fancy retained” by the operator. Many users even laughed at it: for the first time, I felt what it was like to be an emperor with an operator.

In the “Administrative Regulations for Number Transfer Service” officially implemented on December 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that operators must not obstruct port transfer. Industry experts said that the operator’s retention measures are understandable, and whether the violations are mandatory or not. For the various “benefits” given by the operator, the decision-making power is still in the hands of the user.

In order to retain users, operators are fighting!

If your mobile phone number meets all the conditions of porting number, and you decide to port number, or you just consult the operator about the situation of porting number, and verify that you are eligible for porting number Network requirements, then you are likely to receive “sugar-coated shells” from the operator.

The reporter of Sino-Singapore Jingwei noted on the social platform that many netizens have been subjected to the “welfare” of the operator during the process of consulting or handling the number portability, mainly including reducing package fees, giving away traffic, and giving small gifts. Wait.

@ 绝 味 鸭 bo: After I showed my willingness to go online, China Unicom showed a strong desire to survive. Within 5 minutesThe termination clauses specified in the agreement shall be implemented in accordance with the terms; if the customer agreement is not expired and the termination clauses are not clearly defined in the agreement, according to the relevant provisions of the contract law, the portability can be handled after the agreement is terminated.

Previously, some analysts believed that After the port number transfer network is launched, the three major operators will start more fierce market competition or trigger a new round of price war . However, the three major operators have stated that they have no intention of a price war.

Cover and guide map: data map, photographed by Chang Tao of China and Singapore Jingwei