Get off work at noon and take the bus home. There are not too many passengers in the car. I found a seat and sat next to a beautiful woman. She looked at me for a moment, then whitened me with a contemptuous look, and muttered in her mouth: “Why are you sitting here because there are so many seats in the car?” I admit that I am not handsome, but not insignificant, and sitting beside the beauty There is no unreasonable thought. Besides, as long as there is space in the car, I can sit wherever I like to sit. Can you control it? So I pretended not to hear and sat still. The beauty’s face became very unsightly. She stood up and walked away, and found a seat by the aisle again.
   It didn’t take long for my mobile phone to ring, which was called by a shop owner on A few days after my nephew’s birthday, I bought two car models, a white Mercedes and a red Porsche, on Taobao as a birthday gift for my nephew before leaving get off work. But when the store owner prepared to ship, he realized that the white Mercedes-Benz was out of stock. So he called to explain to me, hoping I would change the color. The sound in the car was relatively noisy, so I shouted with my mobile phone: “Benz doesn’t have a white one? Then change it to silver! Porsche’s color is still red, don’t change it anymore!” After I called, I found the car Everyone’s eyes focused on me. At that moment, the beautiful woman just sat down next to me and said charmingly: “Handsome, you must be the rich second generation? How much do you call? Let’s make friends!”