With the rise of virtual currency, speculation, speculation, fraud and other activities related to it have become more and more intense. Some netizens are confused by false publicity such as high returns from investing in virtual currency, and blindly participate in relevant trading activities, resulting in great losses to their own property. Since the beginning of this year, the state Internet Information Office has implemented the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee, attached great importance to the clues reported by netizens, and taken many measures and heavy blows to clean up and deal with a number of illegal information, accounts and websites that publicize and speculate on virtual currency< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div > in accordance with the spirit of the notice on further preventing and dealing with the risks of speculation in virtual currency transactions, the state cyber information office urges and guides the major websites and platforms to effectively implement the main responsibility, continue to maintain the high-pressure attack on the speculation in virtual currency transactions, and increase the self-examination and self correction of information content and account numbers such as inducing virtual currency investment. Weibo, Baidu and other website platforms closed 12000 illegal user accounts such as @ ice Blizzard founder and @ coin circle pop master according to the user agreement, and cleared more than 51000 illegal information such as “investing in bitcoin to make money easily”< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div > the national network information office strengthened supervision and inspection, and closed 989 Weibo, post bar accounts and wechat official account, such as @ Feige’s story Jianghu and @ absolute sense of bitcoin, under the banner of “financial innovation” and “blockchain”, which induced netizens to invest in “virtual currency”, “virtual assets” and “digital assets”. In addition, local Internet information departments were instructed to interview more than 500 business entities such as “chain nodes” and “venture capital circles” involved in the promotion and speculation of virtual currency, and required to comprehensively clean up the information content of the promotion and speculation of virtual currency transactions. The state cyber information office, together with relevant departments, has shut down 105 websites and platforms, such as “coin Toutiao”, which is dedicated to promoting virtual currency marketing and publishing tutorials to explain cross-border currency speculation and virtual currency “mining”< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div > in the next step, the state cyber information office will continue to work with relevant departments to strengthen the crackdown on illegal financial activities related to virtual currency and protect the people’s property safety according to law. It reminds netizens to establish correct investment concepts, enhance risk prevention awareness, not participate in virtual currency trading and speculation, and beware of personal property damage.