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Lateness and fines

  Deng Feike took over our branch at the end of the first month, I completed the payroll and sent it to him for signature. Before I got back to my seat, the phone rang. It was Deng Feike that I should go to his office again.    “Please tell me why the employee’s salary is deducted?”    “Sir, according to the regulations of the branch, the employee is fined for.. Read More

Liu Xiang is really old, the water pressure is not as good as before

It won’t buckle within the range…  34th floor: I can no longer catch the ball thrown by the quarterback……  35th floor: The half-throttle cornering technique plummets, and the overtaking is not sharp… …  36th floor: The success rate of first serve is less than 60, volleys are often dropped in front of the net, Ace ball is basically not there, fight to grab 7 and then be 07…  37th floor: three weeks and a.. Read More

Our major is not everything!

   Initially on the topic of “My major is not omnipotent”, the reason for such a post is pure nagging complaint. However, the next building of the God Post came into being. You know!    As a computer professional, I guess everyone who learns computers hates being asked by friends to repair hard disks, repair computers, and kill viruses. We are not small workers in Zhongguancun!    The most annoying.. Read More

Student’s Bizarre Composition

   There are many alternative writers among my students. A seemingly quiet girl wrote in “One of the Most Memorable Things”: My memory is a beautiful wooden box. Open it, there are many pearls in it. Each pearl is one of my childhood memories. Then she wrote a story about how to torture the two chickens to death in her grandma’s house in the country. Then wrote: things have been.. Read More

The legendary brain gets into the water

1. Going to save money at noon, a beautiful woman asked me in the back, “Is saving money?” “Uh!”   “I just want to withdraw money, anyway, you want to save it, why not give it to me, we two You don’t have to wait in line.” I thought it was reasonable, so I gave her the money.    2. Get on the bus in the afternoon, take out the bus.. Read More

Goodbye, blonde Casper

Zi did not resist when he bullied him. Casper said that his father taught him that a person should always maintain a good manner. Chen Amao didn’t understand well, and he waved his fist: as long as someone dared to provoke me, I would beat him fiercely. Casper shook his head: No, if you are not cultivated, you will be looked down upon. Chen Amao didn’t believe it. He said.. Read More

A little story changes history

   It was the winter of 1941.    That year, the flames of World War II were burning. The world is bleeding, suffering, moaning, struggling.    The winter in that year was particularly cold. In December 1941, it was the season of dripping into ice. The streets of Washington, the capital of the United States, are covered with thick snow, and the icy road is very slippery. It’s almost Christmas,.. Read More

Meet Zhou Yu

   On a common, uncommon night, I saw Zhou Yu with a piece of reed on my pillow. Zhou Yu of the Three Kingdoms, who galloped gallopingly and heroically.   Because the moon is good, and it is in the wilderness, the transparency of the air is very high, so even at night, I recognized him at a glance. That night I wore a white nightgown, black hair drooping, and bare.. Read More

Female La Biao Gai Ji Gui Ji Zheng Ji

1  My mother felt a lot of emotion before going out, and her mouth was flying: “Although you can leave my ears and enjoy the old age, but you are so big to support you, you can run far away, and it’s really sad. “I glanced at her. What a sad look like that is simply the sky in the liberated area, the thief is bright!”    “Huang Tai, I will.. Read More

Redirect your dream

  She was a lively girl since childhood. At that time, she liked to watch gymnastics competitions, and was often attracted by the graceful and dexterous postures of gymnasts, so she dreamed that she could one day also be on the stage of gymnastics competitions.   When she was 5 years old, her father sent her to the city gymnastics team. In the gymnastics team, she worked very hard and practiced very.. Read More