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Liu Tao, photographer.

I didn’t take photos to record life and history, but when organizing the photos, I felt that I did record many people, their changes and the same. Some people left, and some people got worse. I developed a kind of intimacy with them. I knew them, or I watched them from a bystander angle. The street is also an education for me.

Hello everyone, my name is Liu Tao and I am a street photographer from Hefei, Anhui. The topic I shared with you today is “Walk around“.

I started taking pictures in January 2011, and I spend about four or five hours on the street every day. In 2014, a group of my photos were reposted by Sanlian Life Weekly to let more people know.

I started working at Hefei Water Supply Company when I was 21 years old as a meter reader. After many people on the Internet knew about me, I was transferred to a small town by my work unit and sent water bills. I worked there for two years. Here are the security of every factory, I think the most unexpectedI handed them the water bill. When they went to get the bill, I took a picture with my mobile phone.

Now I have become a water meter reviewer. After someone else has read the meter, I will check it again to see if he can read it correctly. There seems to be no change in life.

Almost all of my photos were taken in this area of ​​Hefei, where I used to take water meters. It was 20 kilometers down this circle. On the first day, I walked along, and on the second day, I walked backwards, so that I could see how it looked different from day to night.

Every time I take pictures, I have a sense of ritual. I only hung up the camera after I walked to the entrance of a mall, set the time, put on headphones, and set off.

This photo shows employees of the mall performing various actions and shooting them with the drone. The woman’s back was exposed, and the person behind pulled it down.

At night, a worker was working on the Lego toy store, and the Lego wearing a red helmet was also working on it. The worker looked back at me.

This photo is of the haze in Hefei. The winter is very serious, and the sky is gray. Once I passed by an intersection, the old man was flying a kite.

The kite flew into the smog, and the three old people next to him were curious, asking you what shape is this? what colour? I was watching them discussing, but the old man flying the kite just didn’t say anything.

There is a school not far forward. There are always parents driving their children in the opposite direction. Because it is relatively close, it is actually a problem of road design. Sometimes the traffic police are there, sometimes not. Once he said that his parents drove in the opposite direction and would fine him the car. This kid actually handed a candy to the traffic policeman. I was very touched. In fact, I was still thinking that if he took a water gun and shot it, it would be a bit like a film noir.

This place is behind them. I call it the Seniors Club. Many elderly people gather here every afternoon. In the past, they used to dance various dances. Later, when they were said to disturb the people, they stopped.

There are usually some young people who have good physical fitness, but they can’t find the audience, so they do all kinds of horizontal and parallel bars in the seniors club to attract the attention of others. I find the contrast between the tall buildings in the back and the elderly nearby.

In winter, there will be many people sitting here playing chess. I didn’t take a complete picture, but there are actually many people. This black guy took a selfie with a selfie stick, and told him that I was here.

The old man next to him said, you can speak Chinese? He said, yes. I asked again, where are you from? He said, I am from Angola. The old man said that Angola is chaotic, and Angola is very poor, so it is better for us. The black man put away his selfie stick and said, Angola is not chaotic and poor.

Actually, when I took this photo, I thought of working as a soldier in Shanghai at the age of 18, standing guard on the guard tower of Tilanqiao Prison. The prison guard will ask, where did you come from? I said, I am from Anhui. He said, ah, Anhui is so poor, so I can eat and drink here. That was the feeling in my heart at the time.

Go to the intersection again. The two little girls were eating popsicles, and the popsicle paper was thrown on the ground. The boy next to him was crying because he took a popsicle paper and the popsicle fell.

I was going to take a photo of a model’s head, but suddenly came out to pick up the bottle by herself, as if her head came out of the trash can. I actually didn’t expect that there would be someone, or the composition would be better.

And this air conditioner was drilled, and I enjoyed it for a long time that day. Because he punched it, it would vibrate and pop out, and the person below supported him like this, and I was just stunned.

Passing by the person holding the child, there are wings on the wall behind, and it says “Little E, be happy”, so there is a sense of hope.

The line on the ground is a little less, it seems to be drawn on the dog’s neck. There are many dogs lingering in front of various shops on the street, but they are not pet dogs. Many people who sell braised vegetables will throw something for them to eat after get off work, and they often appear there.

Sometimes appear here.

Going further, there is a small alley I often go to. That alley is also very interesting, called Lihua Lane.

In the beginning, I opened a barber shop. When it opened, everyone ate watermelon at the door. It has now closed down and turned into a soup dumpling shop. But this picture left a deep memory for me, the way they were happy together.

In the process of taking pictures, many stores opened, many closed down, and many stores were choosing locations and decorating.

There is a deaf-mute old man in the alley, and his chicken is by the roadside. This chicken is very curious about this knife. It looks left and right. I think it must not know that it is dangerous.

I have been observing for a long time there. If others see me, they will definitely think that I am not very normal. Why would I stare at a chicken for so long?

It seems that sometimes when you encounter danger, you don’t know you are in it.

This is the feeling I finally figured out.

Go to the front again, there are many children playing there, “Trash here to kill the whole family”, that sign is particularly dazzling, beside itThe child had a great time. I often pass by to take pictures, and then someone said, Is this what I wrote a bit too much? Then it was removed.

Later, this wall became “protecting the growth of minors and holding up the sun of tomorrow”.

But I am not photographing this brand. I am photographing the pants worn by the elderly. They are very similar to the sailing car. One is very hard and the other is soft. When I passed by, I was there waiting for the wind to blow, waiting for the wind to come.

There were two idle mirrors next to it, and I passed by and took a selfie. I felt that I was looking out from the black crack in this city, so I exposed half of my body, with the camera part inside the black rod.

Passing by the store, they changed models, dropped their hands on the floor, and people passing by.

I’m just looking at every detail of the city, traveling and observing, hoping to discover something. There was one person standing there, I immediately realized it, and I took a shot. I also saw this ball in Guangzhou this time.

This kid is playing volleyball. His parents are going to record it. There is a sign of a residential area in the distance, just like a parabola.

Courier, they are playing games in the afternoon, sometimes they are serious, sometimes they laugh naturally. I was right beside me. In fact, after four o’clock in the afternoon, I basically had nothing to do and I was on the street. Watching him smile, I am also very infected.

Later, a small yellow car appeared in this city. Because I know the city very well, I know that the wall behind is yellow, and it happens that the rearview mirror of this electric car can project that yellow on it. This person is riding a yellow bicycle, and its front wheel and rearview mirror overlap.

In fact, I was thinking of ways to have fun on the street, thinking about myself, thinking about my surroundings, thinking about it and seeing it again and again.

After that, I will pass by a place called Xiaoxiaoxiao Park. I also took a lot of photos in this small park.

Two dogs quarreled as soon as they met, an old man and a woman, they were also quarreling. The old man said, I see you dare to touch my dog ​​with a whip today. The woman said, take it away quickly. The old man took a small whip and waved it like this.

There are occasional happy scenes. This is a slide that many children usually play. Dogs also come to play when there is no one.

In fact, this small park is very small, with a range of less than 100 meters. There are three old people who are fixed there to exercise. The kid shoots a gun, as if they are about to surrender.

They sometimes appear here, two of the three people just now, they are twisting here. The girl in the distance told another girl, this garden is so beautiful, you squat down on that rock, and I will take a picture for you. She said, good.

Then this is the picture.

At night, I took a photo with the poster of the newsstand alone. Use your own shadow to show half of your face, let yourself be united with this city.

Sometimes they change the doorknob and the latch is placed directly on the poster.

Crossing the road, the woman gave her dog an umbrella. In fact, it was raining heavily, and the man passed by without an umbrella.

Looking up, the auntie hugged the dog and greeted the dog downstairs, and the dog downstairs knew the response.

When you reach the end, you will reach Sanxiaokou. Speaking of why it is called Sanxiaokou, it is quite sad. It is said that a mother in Hefei had passed away before. Her three sons were guarding her mother. There was a big fire. The three sons were unwilling to leave and burned to death. People were very moved, and the name Sanxiaokou was engraved on it, which was incredible.

Sanxiaokou used to have a big overpass. I often went to the overpass to take pictures of this city. This man’s head is bald. He looks into the distance and I think the city is also bald.

It snowed in winter, and there was only so little left of this flyover, and all of them were torn down. Later, this flyover was gone.

In the past, there were people watching electric cars and bicycles on the flyover, and they all wore similar aprons as the coffee shop next to them. This coffee shop and those who watched electric cars have now left.

The mother slapped her child vigorously and said, 300 yuan a lesson, you give me this test, see how I go home and fix you.

Although I only take pictures on the street, I also have a responsibility. Sometimes I have to take care of things when I see things. I persuaded a bit, I said you can’t do this, this aunt thought I was helping her, so she said, see it, this uncle said, you can’t do this. She said a lot of very vicious things.

There is another child of her next to him, a boy, watching him like this, I find it very incredible.

When I got here, I went back. I often buy a bottle of beer here and have a sip. One day I saw this water pipe, like a fountain.

I belong to the water supply company, but I did not call. I saw this and thought it was very exciting, so I had a drink with it, and I said, yeah! I watched here for a long time by myself that day.

I also go to those vegetable markets, although I never buy vegetables at the vegetable market, I just go to see them.

The stray dogs in the vegetable market, they will walk in a straight line, very neat, but the sides are very messy.

This kid, I can see him every day for a while. He was still very young. His family asked him to swim in the basin. When he fell down, his feet were upright.

At the door of the steamed bun shop, everyone hurried down to ask for a few steamed buns, only two dogs hugged.

Across from this steamed bun shop, it sells beef and mutton. Later, this photo won an award in Germany, and he later found out, he said, you take a positive face for me.

It is difficult for me to explain to people what I am doing. I hope to have a sense of distance from them, from the perspective of a bystander. Because I often reappear in one place, come today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. If I say “Hello” or “Hello” to people, I feel a little worried and it is difficult to think alone.

This is where I am eating soy milk on the side. The dog is going to lick pickles. Its owner clamps the dog’s head in front of me.

There are many stories in the vegetable market. During summer vacation, the children sell vegetables with their grandmother. He thought it was quite boring here, but the children could find various places to play, slowly climb up from here, and then immediately slide down and follow the dishes.

This kid slept too straight, which shocked me. I would really think what was wrong if it weren’t for watching his father fan.

Later, they finally slept in a different place. The two of them slept together. I don’t know where they came from.

After a while I will only see