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Vaccines are human beings’ last weapon against the virus epidemic.

There is a very interesting news in these two days:

Mossad, known as the world’s “four major intelligence organizations”, recently sneaked back to Israel the new crown vaccine developed by China.

What’s the mystery behind this?


The news is short, but it’s worth playing with

In the past two days, from Israel’s “Jerusalem Post” to Britain’s “Daily Express”, then to Arab state television (Al Arabiya), Azerbaijan’s azerbaycan24, and India’s Tamil daily newspaper daily thanthi. The news is reported by the media in different countries and languages.

It can also be seen that the meaning of this message is different.

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This is not a trivial matter, but overall, the current media reports are not very detailed.

Most media have said that recently, Mossad brought China’s new crown vaccine to Israel. Moreover, many people who are well-informed about the Israeli government have also confirmed this situation.

However, a news website (yeshiva world) dedicated to serving Jews directly used the word “Smuggled” in the title of the report.

In other words, the Israeli Mossad agent “smuggled” the vaccine developed in China to Israel.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health are unwilling to respond to this news.

Some analysts say that this is to avoid diplomatic troubles.

Mossad Director Jussi Cohen


The second largest espionage organization after the CIA

Here we need to briefly talk about Mossad.

Mossad is actually the colloquial name of the Israeli Intelligence and Special Operations Agency.

In layman’s terms, Mossad is an intelligence and spy organization.


Israel under the epidemic

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu even gave Mossad the responsibility of purchasing medical equipment for epidemic prevention and control at the beginning of the epidemic.

Even the US “New York Times” commented that Mossad is Israel’s secret weapon in the battle against the new crown virus.

But up to now, the outside world has no detailed understanding of how Mossad did it.

Maybe this is the usual style of Mossad: quiet, secret, and silent.


Why are you eyeing the Chinese vaccine?

At present, the outbreak in Israel can be said to be very serious.

You must know that Israel has only a little over 9 million people, but the total number of confirmed cases has now exceeded 300,000, which is equivalent to one in every 30 people who have been diagnosed with the virus, and the death toll is close to 2500.

Coincidentally, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced a few days ago (25th) that the new crown vaccine developed by the Israel Institute of Biology (IIBR) will start its first human trial on November 1.

If all goes well, about 30,000 people will be vaccinated during April and May 2021.

Israel’s vaccine