The new colleague Chu Tian in the unit is a person with special abilities.

One day, a colleague brought a photo and showed him the person in the photo, in order to let him know the network of people in the unit. When the colleague’s finger pointed to the secretary Xiao Yan, Chu Tian suddenly said with great certainty: “This person is dead, right?” At that time, we were all shocked. He asked in unison: “How do you know?”

He was right. Xiao Yan had passed away six months ago. But the point is that Chu Tian is a newcomer. Before he was recruited, he had no intersection with the unit, and he couldn’t know this.

Despite our repeated questioning, Chu Tian just replied in a whisper: “I guessed it.”

Afterwards, Chu Tian and I gradually became acquainted. , After a drunken speech, he told the whole story.

It turns out that Chu Tian possessed a kind of ability when he was a child. His eyes can judge whether a person is dead or whether he is dead or not. Coming soon. According to his words, the faces of the dead and those not far away will be full of twilight. He only needs to look at the photos to accurately recognize them.

Soon, the unit organized a tour. As usual, take a group photo before departure to facilitate publicity. “Crack”, with the sound of the shutter button, everyone was circled in the lens.

But when Chu Tian saw that photo, his face became very bad.

He pulled me aside and said, “This trip, you’d better not go.”

“Why?” Ghost Uncle ghost story.

“In the photo just now, everyone is depressed…”

He didn’t go on, but I understand everything

Before leaving get off work, I found the leader, told him Chu Tian’s discovery, and proposed to quit traveling. The leader only answered four words: Believe in science.

The next day, everyone who got on the tourist bus heard a news: Chu Tian was dead.

Died in a car accident last night.

It is said that when a person is about to die, the body will be full of twilight, including the eyes. Seeing the world with dull eyes, of course everything will become dull.