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At this time, you may be listening to this program in bed.

I found that when people are lying in bed, they rarely fall asleep immediately. Usually you close your eyes and think about it for a while. When you are gradually immersed in an imagination, you are most likely to fall asleep.

But you may be awakened by some sounds in your sleep. At this time, you see something happening in the room, and it’s hard to tell the truth. You don’t know if you are in a dream or awake, what you see is an illusion or real.

Today’s Halloween special will bring you those spiritual experiences that are both real and illusory.

1. Supernatural rental house

My name is Er Chong, I am from Shenzhen and I am now a high school Chinese teacher.

This incident happened when I was taking a postgraduate entrance examination. I was in Xi’an. In order to concentrate on preparing for the exam, I found a shared room. The apartment type is relatively simple. Once you enter the door, there is a corridor. On the left hand side are three other rooms. At the end of the corridor is my room. On the right side is the communal living room, kitchen and bathroom.

■ Schematic diagram of the rental house in Erchuan Painting

Because the door of my room is facing the main door, it seems to be a bit bad in Feng Shui, so on the first day of staying in, I found a ward off evil thing hanging on my door: a string of copper coins with two tied A gourd with gossip symbols made of peach wood. Because this kind of thing is quite common, I didn’t care about it, and of course I didn’t take it off.

That night, I found something obviously wrong with this room.

I’m a person who can fall asleep easily, but I couldn’t fall asleep even after tossing and turning it over and over until midnight. I remember very clearly that it should be 3:40. I was still sober and heard the sound of the door being opened. The gate is an iron gate, which is slightly deformed, so there is a loud “creak” when opening and closing the door. As soon as the door opened, I heard the sound of high heels walking on the wooden floor, which was also very clear.

After taking two steps, there was another “boom”. I heard the sound of the distance and judged that it was knocking on the door of Room 1, but the door was not opened. The footsteps rang again, and after taking two steps, there were two “boom, boom” sounds, and the sound was closer, as if knocking on the door of No. 2 room.

I just realized that this person should be knocking from door to door.

Sure enough, he walked to door 3 again and knocked “Boom, Boom, Boom” three times. I got up to my side and continued to listen. By now the sound of footsteps had reached my door. But he stopped, stopped for almost a minute, then turned and walked away, the voice completely disappeared.

At the time, I didn’t understand why this was happening. I thought it was a resident who was drunk, but this situation lasted for a whole week. It was not until a week later that the person living in room 1 moved in and did not show up again. I learned later that during this week, I was the only person living in the whole house.

The matter is far from over here.

In November, one day when the heating started, I was staying up late to catch up with the paper, and it was wee hours before I knew it.

Suddenly, I heard small blisters appearing in the water dispenser, “gurgling” intermittently for more than ten minutes, but no drop of water came out from the water receiving port, as ifSomeone drank the water out of thin air.

I was scared, but because I was going to rush the paper, I took the bucket down and put it on the ground, turned back to my seat and continued writing.

In a few seconds, the light in the room exploded with a “bang”, and when it went out, it fell into darkness. I tried the switch again and it still turned on, but there was a very serious stroboscopic flicker, which made people feel dizzy after a while. I looked at the phone time and it was 3:40 again.

At that time, I signed a rent contract for half a year, so I stayed there for another month. By the end of December, my girlfriend came to live for a few days. I had a very strange nightmare one night. At lunch the next day, she told me that she had a nightmare last night.

I asked her what her nightmare was, and she said, “I dreamt that two people were standing at the water dispenser at the end of the bed watching us sleep.”

I asked them what they looked like? She said, “It’s not particularly scary.”

I asked again, is it a mother and a little girl. She opened her eyes wide, “How did you know?”

I told her because I dreamed about it too. After that, she never visited me again.

Later I found another new house and moved out soon. After about a year, I gradually forgot about this incident. One night in August of the following year, I suddenly connected the whole thing back and forth again. It suddenly occurred to me that I should ask the previous landlord a question.

I said, “Who lived in this house before? Do you still have an impression?” The landlord said that he didn’t have any, but the agent said that he should live with a mother and daughter.

Second, the man in front of the mirror

My name is Xiaojing, I am 24 years old and I work as a clerk in a trading company.

About April 2017, I was still studying at the time. I played with my boyfriend on Saturday for a day. We did not go back to the dormitory at night and went to the hotel. The hotel gave us a room in the corner and didn’t think so much.

At night, I sleep with my back leaning against him. There is a bedside table in front of me and a window next to me. I felt a man squatting next to the bedside table, a middle-aged man about 30 or 40 years oldSomething unclean came across. Go to the temple for me the next day and asked.

He said it was strange. Before he opened his mouth, the people in the temple said, “Did you ask for your granddaughter?” Then he didn’t say much, he gave me a talisman and let me take it with me. After another week or so, I was cured, and then the incident was over.

Since then, my courage has become smaller and smaller. People who are close to me know that I cannot be frightened. If anyone wants to frighten me, I will really break off friendship with him.

Three, a dream

My name is Da Dingkou, I am 30 years old and I am a software engineer.

In January 2008, I was in my third year of high school. I just finished my final exam last semester. Because I had to make up classes, everyone lived in the dorm.

I had a dream inexplicably that night. I dreamed of a scene, surrounded by snow and white, with a bed in the middle, covered with white cloth, my mother and grandma gathered around the bed, bowed their heads and cried silently. After I walked into this scene, I slowly opened the white cloth and found my father lying underneath. He opened his eyes and smiled and said to me that he was going to leave and asked my mother and I to be well, and then slowly closed Got an eye.

My heart sank at the time, and I felt tears gushing out in my dream and crying loudly.

Crying and crying, my roommate suddenly patted me and told me to get up and go to class. When I touched my face, there were tears on my face. I felt very heavy, and I felt deep in that dream because it was so real.

About 5 days later, while still sleeping at night, I suddenly felt that someone called me. I opened my eyes and found that it was my uncle. He told me to put on clothes and follow him. I looked at my watch and it was just three or four o’clock in the morning. The dim school lights set off the special dignified atmosphere at the time. I asked him what was the matter, but he shook his head without speaking.

When I arrived home, the door of my house was open and it was full of people. A makeshift bed was set up in the bedroom alone, and my father lay on it particularly peacefully with his eyes closed. My mother and grandma pulled me and said, “Come and see your father, your father is gone.”

At that moment, I suddenly felt that reality and my dream five days ago overlapped, and I felt a sense of chaos in time and space. Later, my mother told me that my father suddenly called twice in the bed at one or two in the morning that the ambulance came.Later, I said that the person is gone, it should be a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases.

Actually, I have always been a firm materialist before, but this incident and some of the things I encountered afterwards made me feel that my relatives are telepathic and must have some kind of connection.

four, double bed

My name is Linghu Xiaopao. I am 31 years old and I am from Guangzhou. I am a full-time writer.

It happened probably in 2014, when I had just graduated for two years and worked for a company in the rail transit industry. In this industry, whether it is paperwork or safety work, mobile phones must be on standby for 24 hours, and people must be on standby for 24 hours. So I formed two habits at the time, one is to put the phone under the pillow when sleeping, and the other is to wake up when there is a little movement.

It was a winter morning. Halfway through my sleep, I suddenly heard the sound of footsteps walking into the bedroom. The footsteps are strange, like someone going to the toilet or drinking water at night, walking around the house wearing slippers “click”.

My first reaction was that a thief had entered the house, but I also felt that I would not be a thief who was so serious about wearing slippers to steal something. I thought a lot at the time, and even wondered if the shoes the thief was wearing were not suitable. But when he walked to my bedside, I suddenly felt something was wrong.

I buried my entire face in the quilt and pretended to be asleep. Then the sound stopped on the head of my bed. I was a little frightened, and carefully took out my cell phone from under my pillow, hoping to make a phone call with a night shift colleague I knew well. I opened the phone address book and turned to a colleague I knew I knew, but I was afraid that the sound of the call would disturb this person or thing, so I froze.

Then the voice “click” again and started to go. I was relieved, but it just went around the other corner of the bed.

I was sleeping on the right side of the double bed, and the left side was empty. At this time, I felt the whole bed vibrated slightly, as if someone was sitting on the bed. Then I was stunned, and my head buzzed. With extreme fear, various questions suddenly came up: Do I have to change the house? Will this place always be haunted? Does he want to lie down? When will he sit down? Is he looking at me? What is he going to do?

■ There is a hidden space on the roof of the bedroom, which is the entrance

After all kinds of questions came over, I suddenly felt very angry: Why do you come over my house? Why are you coming to sleep in my bed? At that moment, I was very angry and desperate. I suddenly pulled up the quilt and sat up, trying to stare at him and say “get out”.

But when I got up I found that there was nothing there. I also thought it might be because the shadow of others was weak, I didn’t see it clearly, so I turned on the flashlight of my phone and flashed it, but there was really nothing there. But there is a slight wrinkle at the foot of the bed, like a butt print from a sitting person.

So I comforted myself that everything was just dreaming, and I lay down again.

After I returned to the bed, I finally had lingering fears. I wanted to call for help and chat with my colleagues. As a result, I picked up the phone and found that the phone address book was open, and it stopped at the page of the colleague I was looking for first.

I thought at the time: Since the phone address book is open, what happened just now?

Five. Big Snake

My name is Yu Zhen, I am 26 years old and I am a tattoo artist.

In the summer when I was about five or six years old, it should be around the Ghost Festival. I remember that many people burned paper at the crossroads that night.

When I was young, I especially liked the snake house in the Beijing Zoo (Note: It should be the amphibians and reptiles house). After you go in, you can see a very large column in the middle, with several large pythons entwined on it. There is one of the biggest snakes inside. I especially like to see it.

Story FM (ID: story_fm), Narrator: Er Mei, Xiaojing, Da Dingkou, Linghu Xiaopao, Yu Zhen, Text: Yebu, Zhang Shiyi, Proofreader: Zhang Bowen