1. Missing

Sri Lanka, a beautiful teardrop in the Indian Ocean.

Bao Xu, Ma Jian, and Ding Wenhua are all travel-loving travel friends, and they came to Sri Lanka half a month ago.

They met Qin Yue, an overseas Chinese who was about forty years old, on the train. Qin Yue speaks Chinese with a Cantonese accent. He is a jeweler who can speak well and is very talkative. He even gave Ding Wenhua a gemstone with moon-white luster. He said it was called moonstone and was most suitable for his girlfriend.

Ding Wenhua declined a few times, half-pushing and half-situating, with the excitement that couldn’t be concealed on his face, Bao Xu frowned in disgust.

Qin Yue said goodbye to them after arriving at the station: “I’m going to get off the bus. If you don’t have a place to live, you can come to my house. I can still provide some sofas.”< br>

“Thank you so much,” Ding Wenhua said.

“Nothing, meeting in a foreign country is a kind of fate in itself, I wish you good luck.” He put his palms together in a salute, and left.

Ding Wenhua proudly showed off the gem, Ma Jian clamored to see it, and Bao Xu said: “Giving things well, don’t you think this person has other ideas? “

“You are just thinking too much, people are kind, you have to think in the downward direction.”

“You two Individuals are noisy, pay attention to the quality, everyone in the car is watching us.” Ma Jian reminded in a low voice, the two stopped talking, and looked at each other sullenly.

When the train arrived in Colombo, the three of them went to stay in a booked hotel. The atmosphere in the room was dull. Bao Xu simply went to the bar to stay for a while, and fell asleep when he came back. under. At 8 o’clock the next morning, Bao Xu woke up and found that Ding Wenhua and Ma Jian’s bed was empty. Not long after Ma Jian came back, Bao Xu asked: “Where is Ding Wenhua, he is not with you?” Not here.”

“Strange, this person is unfamiliar with the place, where will he go?”

An hour later, Ding Wenhua was still missing. At this time, there was a dog barking from below. They looked at the road. Many wild dogs gathered together and tried to rush into the hotel. The staff was driving away with a long-handled brush.

“No, I have to call Ding Wenhua.”

Bao Xu dialed Ding Wenhua’s number, but no one answered after a few rings . He found Qin Yue’s business card under the tea coaster on the table, and he suddenly became suspicious, “This kid, didn’t he go to Qin Yue’s place?”

“He was yesterday In the evening, I said that staying in a hotel is so expensive. If you go to Qin Yue’s sofa, you can save a lot of money.”