A strange incident occurred in Xiliu Village, and the old man Zhang, who made a living by scavenging waste, suddenly died! Moreover, under the longevity materials he prepared, nearly a hundred taels of gold and dozens of taels of broken silver were discovered!

Upon hearing this, the two sons of Old Man Zhang who had been missing for many years returned immediately! The two claimed that the gold belonged to them, and they only distributed it to their sister Shuangtong who had been taking care of his father.

The folks of Xiliu Village are simple and honest. Everyone can’t stand it anymore. They told Shuangtong, sue the official. This matter is left to the official official. The villagers are all standing in Shuangtong. Here, the two greedy brothers will definitely not bully Shuangtong.

Thus, this weird incident turned into a lawsuit over the inheritance.

In fact, a few years ago, Zhang’s family was well-off. One was Mrs. Zhang who died of an illness. Old man Zhang turned his head all night, and people became a little silly.

The two sons of Old Man Zhang abandoned his weak sister and left.

So, the poor little twin pupils took up the burden of the family since childhood and took care of their stupid father, and the two of them lived hard.

Later, a teacher came from the village, who was really handsome. Many girls in the village secretly gave him a heart, and they also had double pupils.

The teacher stayed in the village for less than half a year. When he left, he took away his pupils.

Zhang Laohan became a lonely old man, and in the end he could only make a living by picking up waste. Almost eight years later, when the spring was cold, the pupils came back, with long hair in a bun, and she was already dressed up as a woman.

She wiped two tears at her father, and never mentioned the past. From then on, Shuangtong stayed at home to take care of Old Man Zhang at ease.

The villagers all think that Old Man Zhang has come with all the hardships, but after all, it is a blessing. After a few days, he will have his birthday.

Shuangtong too, accidentally got a fortune, and those two brothers who looked like white-eyed wolves suddenly appeared.

Although there is the protection of the villagers in Xiliu Village, these pupils are already married women. According to the law, this inheritance can only be given to Two older brothers.

Finally, under the support of his son, Lao Li from Xiliu Village handed over a crumpled piece of paper. No one would have imagined that it was written by Old Man Zhang when he was sober. will.

The will says: Everything in the family belongs to the little girl Zhang Shuangtong. Zhang Minghuali.

Zhang Minghua is the name of Old Man Zhang.

The county elder was very uncomfortable with the behavior of Zhang’s two sons, so he happened to have this will, and according to the will, he sentenced all the estate to Shuangtong!

Then, Shuangtong calmly cleaned the old man’s body, closed his eyes without eyeballs, and took care of the funeral.