Problem description: The child’s vision test found that he had myopia. After a rapid dissolution in the local hospital, he said that both left and right eyes had 50 degrees of myopia, and the eye axis was longer than the same age, so he needed to wear glasses; I went to another hospital for a checkup. After a slow cessation, it was said that there was no degree of myopia, and I did not need to wear glasses. Now I want to determine whether the child is really nearsighted. Do I need to wear glasses?
Question date:2020-09-14
Patient information:Age: 5 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis: In this case, I personally think that the possibility of pseudomyopia is very high, and it is recommended to pay attention to observation.
Guide and suggestion: Be careful about the situation, keep doing eye exercises every day, look at green plants more, look far away, and recheck after one month.
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