Xing Ye is a bold man. I heard that when I was in elementary school, I made a bet with a few classmates. On a moonless night, a person carried a small kerosene lamp to the cemetery on the mountain and stayed all night, and did not return home until the sun rose the next day.

Star Master is not old, he is only in his early thirties this year, but their uncles, grandfathers who are much older than him, and grandma also call him Star Master. Xing Ye loves adventure and fishing. He always takes fishing gear and drives to deep mountain reservoirs, primitive rivers and lakes to fish every holiday. As long as you have a lot of harvest, you will send fish to the left and right houses when you come back. If you catch a rare fish, invite your friends to have a drink at home.

Xing Ye does not believe in ghosts and gods, he said that those ghost stories are made up by boring people. He brags to his friends that even if there are real monsters and evil spirits, he has to take a detour when he meets such a powerful person. Master Xing Fu is very good, once won the provincial Sanda championship. That time I participated only to give people a breath. A foreign top black boxing master who challenged our country’s martial arts everywhere, defeated ten domestic martial arts people, and spoke to belittle the Chinese martial arts world. Later, Master Xing learned that Master Xing gave the Gao Ao guy a war sticker, and with just ten moves, he could not get up the black belt master. Later, before leaving, the man was forced by Master Star to publicly apologize to the Chinese martial arts in the media. Master Star earned the face for everyone and preserved the reputation of the martial arts community in our country. He was respected by everyone.

Xing Ye can be regarded as a martial arts master hidden in the city, he has never believed that there are ghosts in the world since he was a child and started a family. But a night fishing experience made Xingye believe in the existence of ghosts. That time, the uncle of Xingye’s martial arts hall owner curator gave him a ten-day holiday for the great instructor, because the curator wanted to take the team to a field game. After being tired of playing in the rivers within dozens of miles in the city for the first few days, Lord Xing decided to go fishing in the secret lake in the mountains a netizen away from a hundred miles away, because his friend told him on the Internet that some people had seen several very rare ones. Some people have caught a new species of fish that has never appeared in the world!

Xing Ye drove to the mountain town a hundred miles away, but contacted the netizen by phone, and wanted the brother to take him to the dense lake in the mountain for fishing. But the netizen told him apologetically that he was on a business trip two days ago and would not come until three days ago. However, the brother was also a caring person. After asking Master Star to tell him where he was, he asked Master Star to wait for ten minutes and said that he would invite a good brother to entertain Master Star, saying that he grew up with him. Big brother, if you have anything, please ask that little brother to help.

Ten minutes later, a student in his early twenties found Master Xing. This little brother Zhang took Master Xing to a food stall to have a drink. Although it is not a high-class place, The food is very delicious, of course, the more than three hundred wines and dishes Qian Xingye did not let the little brother spend money. Hearing that Master Xing was going to fish in that mysterious deep mountain Mihu, Xiao Zhang was a little surprised, but still promised to lead Master Xing. But persuadedSaying that Master Xing will wait for the next morning to leave. After all, when they finished their food and drink, it was already more than four o’clock in the afternoon. There were no cottage villages around Mihu for ten miles, and the road there was very difficult, even if you were driving. Soon, it will take more than an hour to arrive.

Master Xing said it doesn’t matter. He has a simple camping tent in his car. He can fish in the wild until dawn. If Xiao Zhang is tired, he can rest in the tent. Up. However, the embarrassed Xiao Zhang said that a demon spirit had appeared in Mihu, and he also told Master Xing about how some people saw something unclean when fishing in Mihu a few years ago, and then turned into a lunatic. The disappearance of a man in that area has now become an ominous place, especially at night, even the nearest mountain people dare not go fishing at night.

The Star Master also knew that Xiao Zhang was scared. He didn’t ask him to lead himself, but he just asked him to draw a road map for himself and say those that are easier for people The location of the wrong fork. He first sent Xiao Zhang home by taxi, and then drove to the mountain village 15 kilometers near Mihu. He will be there in forty minutes at a distance of 30 kilometers. After leaving the car with a kind and unsophisticated old man in the mountain village, he put on his big backpack, put on the fishing gear and set off.

Although mountain roads are difficult to navigate, there are several sections of roads that require long sticks to break through the weeds to pass. However, the master star who has a kung fu took only half an hour to walk the 15-kilometer mountain road to the top of the mountain not far from Xiaomi Lake, a deep mountain of less than 100 acres. Standing on the top of the mountain, I saw a corner of the waterhole several hundred meters wide in the valley. The sun has completely set in this matter, but there is still a faint sunset to the west, but the road down the mountain is in dense woods, and this section of the road is very few people walking, and weeds have long been overgrown. Master Xing said in his heart: “It seems that there is no need to work lightly, there is no way to get to the water pool before the sky is completely dark. Although I have a flashlight, I don’t know the terrain down the mountain. If I step on something snake, insect poison Isn’t it a waste of time?” So Master Xing set up his backpack, worked hard on his body, and ran towards the pool of seven or eight hundred meters down the mountain…

Finally came to the water pool, after observing the shore within 100 meters, Xing Ye finally determined a few better fishing spots. He came to a small tree five meters away from the water, put down the package, took out fishing gear, adjusted bait, installed fishing line hooks, and night market buoys. After ten minutes, he finished three fishing rods. I saw a flat mound of one meter high in front, only two meters from the water, just in time to put down a folding stool. So Master Xing came to the small mound, and after dropping two baits, he started this night fishing in the secret lake.

It didn’t take long for it to be completely dark, but the three luminous buoys only moved a few times. After changing the bait three times, Master Xing finally caught the first fish that night, but it was only a two-finger-sized one.Little crucian carp. So Master Xing once again dropped two other kinds of incense bait. Finally ten minutes later, the five-meter long rod buoy moved, and after five or six minutes of tug-of-war, a two and a half catties of flower fish was caught ashore. After a good start, fish were hooked almost every five or six minutes. In less than an hour, the fish caught by Xing Ye had filled his net bag.

So Xingye dug a large hole one meter wide and 40-50 cm deep in a place one meter from the shore. Big fish in the puddle. Although Xingye was happy, he still had some regrets in his heart. After all, he could not catch any strange and rare new fish. He continued to fight with expectations, and finally, half an hour later, the buoy of the longest sea pole moved, and the movement was very loud. Master Xing was very happy. He lightly picked up one end of the sea pole and stared at the buoy that glowed with blue light. When the buoy sank completely after being up and down four times in a row, Master Xing also flicked his pole.

However, Master Xing felt that the sea rod in his hand was pulled forward with a strong force. He knew that this big fish was extraordinary. He told him from his experience that the fish that had been hooked at least had Seven or eight catties big. So Master Xing put the line, took it up, and started a tug of war with this big fish. More than ten minutes passed, and after about thirty times of retracting and releasing the fishing line, the big fish finally came out of the water. It was a big fish with a length of about eighty centimeters, flashing yellow metal luster under the light of a portable flashlight, and its head should not weigh more than 15 catties. But just as the fish was about to be pulled ashore, the big fish rose again to swim deep into the pool. In this way, after seven or eight consecutive retractions, the fish finally lost its strength, and it was finally pulled ashore by the star master.

Xing Ye was surprised by what he saw. This is an unknown big golden fish that he has never seen before. This fish has the head and body of a wawa fish. Carp is similar, but its fins and tail are very similar to sharks in the sea! When Master Xing was about to unhook the strange goldfish that was too tired to move, he heard the fish crying strangely like a baby.