The day I died, they were all there. I suddenly felt uncomfortable and suddenly felt like I was going to die. Then, they fell to the ground very calmly, and they saw, first yelling my name, I know, but I am dead, so I can’t answer them. Some of them called to the hospital, some rushed to rescue me, and I felt very uncomfortable. In front of so many people, I stripped off my clothes. Of course, I didn’t blush. If I were alive, I would never let them treat me like this.

I was taken to the hospital by them. They checked my body and touched it. I felt very uncomfortable. Fortunately, I was dead and felt nothing. They messed it up, and then they said to them, I am not saved, and told them to prepare for funerals. Some of them cried. I felt very uncomfortable. I was dead. What good is it for you to cry? It’s me. But someone seemed very happy and wanted to teach him a lesson, but after thinking about it, I didn’t think it was worth bothering about with him. This person will understand later, and when he dies, he will understand many things he didn’t understand before his death.

The next day, I was placed in the morgue by the people in the hospital. There were a lot of dead inside. If I were alive, I would definitely be afraid of death. Fortunately, I am dead now. Not afraid. They would lie there just like me, no dead person would move. I wanted to ask them where they were, but when I think of it, they died, so what else to ask. Just thinking about living things alone.

In the afternoon, someone pushed me out and I wanted to ask them what they were doing, but I couldn’t ask, my mouth wouldn’t move, and my eyes couldn’t open. I just knew they had me Push away. Changed a room. It turned out to be an operating room. There were three of them. They all took bright knives and gestured, what are they doing? I know, they are going to attack me! Sure enough, a woman cut my thigh for a while and the other said: This is a quick transplant for that person. So, that person left my flesh and left. It’s really uncomfortable to see me being cut off so quickly, how can I treat me like this.

The man came back a few minutes later and told the woman that it was not enough. The woman had a big cut on my thigh again, which was bigger than last time. I really want to kick her, but I have no strength. Another whispered: The kidney is okay. I cut it all down in one cut, and there was still my blood on it. He looked at my face and said to the woman, eyeballs too. After speaking, I used tweezers with two hooks to pinch my eyes, and it came out as soon as I pulled it out. He looked at it and said, it was okay. Put it on the prepared plate.

The younger one came over and handed the woman a large set of instruments. After the woman placed it, she took a pair of tweezers and took one of my nails. I gave it a painful twitch. I was a little scared when I was young, so I asked how I could move. The man said, it doesn’t matter if the neurons are stimulated. After studying her nails on the instrument, the woman said to the man: The deceased seldom eaten meat and there are many relics.The man said: Take it all out. They drew all the nails of my feet and hands. Every time I drew it, I would shake my whole body and disinfect it. The younger one took away all my nails.

The man said to the woman that the lung lobes and liver were cut off and taken to laboratory 3 after looking at the information I had before my death. I used to live without smoking, I knew he would want it. The younger brought a white plastic bag. The man cut all the intestines in my belly and put it into the bag. The bag turned red. The man cut off my spine, used a needle to extract the things I didn’t know about it, as if it was dark white, and put it in the refrigerator. He wiped his hands and said to the woman that he still had a head.

They put my head in a seat, the man touched my neck and said to the woman: Here. The woman pointed the knife at the place where he pointed, and I haven’t figured out what they were doing. “Click” my head has been cut off, my hair is hanging down, and the longer ones are still floating. The man picked it up, looked at my head, and said to the woman: Cut it open. The woman pierced the back of my head with a needle, and then slowly split the two sides. My head split into two, and the brain overflowed a lot. The man said: Don’t. When the flow is almost there, the man points to the ones who can’t flow and says to them: This is the third brain, between the brain and the cerebellum. The man pointed to the information and said, “The deceased had a momentary neurosis when he was young. Therefore, this is more than ordinary people. They nodded. The female and the younger said: The brains in the glass are all Pour it in the bag, you take it for cremation. The man took the third brain to study. The woman was still scalping my scalp, and within two minutes, there was only a skull left.

The female and the male said: Director, they are all well. The male nodded: cleaned up and left work. They were busy by themselves. But I couldn’t find where I was, no head, no internal organs, no meat, no spine ……Many, many not.

The next day, the headline news in the S city newspaper was: At 12.05 last night, the city’s senior anatomist, female assistant and young student died of unknown reasons. The hospital, the specific reason is under investigation by the police.