There was a loud noise on the phone, and then it turned into a busy tone. I realized that something was wrong, and drove to the direction where Hao Rui had left. Sure enough, on his way home, the special warning lights of the ambulance confirmed my guess.

A few hours ago, to celebrate my separation from my many years of single life, I called my girlfriend Han Xue and my buddy Hao Rui to have a meal. At the dining table, Hao Rui’s expression was a little strange, and he called immediately after we finished our meal and left.

He said Han Xue is a mental patient. When he visited relatives in a mental hospital, he saw Han Xue wearing a medical coat while taking medicine. It’s no wonder that every time I ask about Han Xue’s past, she always makes excuses to evade or perfunctory, only revealing that her parents were killed by robbers who entered the house a few years ago.

When I first heard it, I felt sympathy, and even when I received a call from Hao Rui, I was thinking that maybe the tragedy caused her psychological problems. Until the police started investigating Hao Rui’s accident and said that Hao Rui’s car had been hit, I suddenly had a strange feeling that it was Han Xue who followed and killed Hao Rui who might reveal her identity.

I tremblingly dialed Han Xue’s phone. After a long time, the other side answered the phone. What made me even more disturbed was that Han Xue entered the hospital. According to Han Xue, she was hit by a car when she went home. But after I asked the doctor secretly, I found that Han Xue was lying. The injuries on her body did not seem to be hit by a car, but more like a bump in the car.

In order to help her get her replacement clothes, I got the key to her apartment. After rummaging through the cabinets, I found something and made a decision immediately. Although I am a little sorry brother, but I do not intend to report Han Xue.

The day Han Xue was discharged from the hospital, I prepared a splendid dinner. Suddenly, the cup in my hand slipped and my body fell to the ground and twitched. Han Xue’s face showed an expression that I had never seen before. She said that she deliberately created opportunities to approach me just to avenge her parents. And the red wine I just drank dissolved the poison she had cast.

Han Xue walked into the kitchen to find tools to deal with the scene after finishing speaking, and I took advantage of her turning around, got up and pierced her heart with the knife on the table from behind. No witnesses were found to be misguided in the robbery that year. Fortunately, I found poison in the secret area of ​​her closet and her former home address.

I replaced the poison with a cold capsule with the same shape and waited for this moment. Now, I successfully crushed her revenge, saved my life, but also lost the person I thought could be a partner.