I stood outside the hallway, looking at the vacant door, slowing my breathing. I remember locking the door with a key before leaving. The door that is open now indicates that someone has gone in or went out.

Do you want to call the police? Of course not, I don’t want the police to find Xiao Mei’s body under the sofa.

Xiaomei is a colleague of mine. Recently, she suddenly played with the dark, plagiarized my business case, and stole the contact information of several important customers of mine, so I came a few hours ago Go to her house and talk to her in this room in front of you.

The theory didn’t go well. In a fit of anger, I flopped and killed her. At that time, I was terrified, so I hurriedly hid the body under the sofa, and then went home and brought a large suitcase. I was afraid that the body would not fit well, so I brought a knife and saw.

Through the cracks in the door, I saw a figure playing with something. It seemed that I had not discovered the secret under the sofa. At this time, a thought popped out. If I call the police now, the people in the room will be responsible for me. I walked back and touched my phone in preparation to call the police, but my pocket was empty—the phone was gone.

There happened to be a cell phone ringing in the house, my heart was cold for a while, it was my cell phone ringtone, it must have fallen out during the fight just now . The plan to find someone to commit the crime was ruined, and my mobile phone would become evidence, and now I have to kill the people inside. I took out the knife I brought, returned softly, and stabbed him in the back.

The moment I turned on the light, I was so scared that I could not see the seven souls. It was my husband Ahao who was stabbed to death by me on the ground! I racked my brains and thought, and finally figured out a general idea: A Hao and Xiao Mei were trying to hide from me, so A Hao has the key to her house. This way, it saves me from disposing of the corpse. The police will definitely think that Xiaomei’s husband discovered the adulterous relationship between the two and killed them.

However, things did not go as I wanted. The police arrested me when I was about to leave the scene, because Xiaomei’s husband received a message for help from her and immediately called the police. The text messages fabricated my intention to imprison and murder her, just like she has always slandered me.

It was learned from the police that Xiaomei’s husband received the SMS at 10 o’clock in the evening. At that time, Xiaomei was dead. Perhaps Ah Hao found the body when he came to the tryst. In order to avoid being wronged, or to get rid of me by the way, he sent a text message on Xiaomei’s mobile phone, but was killed by me when I returned to the scene.

Afterwards, I saw Xiaomei’s body. It was different from when she died. Her face showed a smile, as if laughing at the couple we were mistreated by each other’s malice. .