Once upon a time, there was a village in Li’s family. There was a poor scholar Li Shan in the village. He had married a wife named Xiaolian.

On this day, Xiaolian felt cold, and Li Shan went into the city to get medicine for Xiaolian. When they met an acquaintance, they forced him to drink, but couldn’t avoid it. The two of them had a drink, and they were a little drunk.

When it gets dark, Li Shan carries herbs in his hand and walks along a familiar trail in the dark.

Li Shan was blown by the cold wind, and his drink was completely dissipated. While walking, I suddenly saw a market town in front of me. From a distance, the town is brightly lit, and there are many people, and it is very prosperous.

Li Shan suspected that he was lost. He hurried forward to inquire about the road leading to Lijia Village.

Following the lights, Li Shan came to a bustling market town after a while. Everyone in the town was dressed gorgeously, wandering around in the night, looking very leisurely.

Li Shan was eager to return home and didn’t think too much. He went straight to a brightly lit shop. There was an old man with white beard and hair in the shop, and Li Shan quickly asked him the way.

The old man didn’t say much, he just stretched out his hand and pointed in one direction and went back to the house. Li Shan wanted to ask a few more questions, but did not see the old man returning.

Li Shan looked around and saw that this was a tailor shop. There are also several brand new women’s clothes on the counter, which look very gratifying.

I thought of my wife, Xiao Lian, following her poverty. She usually has no money to wear gold and silver for her. Xiao Lian didn’t even wear a good dress. Li Shandun was greedy and couldn’t help reaching out to a red dress.

Before the old man returned, Li Shan grabbed his dress, stuffed it into his arms, hurriedly left, and ran in the direction the old man pointed. Traveling fast, Li Shan finally returned home in the dark.

Li Shan first boiled the medicine for Xiaolian, and then gave Xiaolian the new dress. The wife knew that the family was poor and where the money came from to buy clothes, and she couldn’t help asking about the origin of the dress.

Li Shan was a guilty conscience and lied that he had won money by gambling money with others. When passing by the market, he saw the dresses look good and bought them for his wife by the way.

Xiaolian did not doubt that there was a fake, and accepted it happily. When I looked closely at my dress early the next morning, I found that there was a little dust on it, and it felt damp to the touch. It seemed that it was not newly cut. I also thought that this was the heart of my husband, no matter how bad he was, he couldn’t be harsh.

Li Shan went out to meet friends early in the morning, and Xiaolian saw that the weather was very good, so she happily took the red dress to the courtyard and aired it.

In the morning, a widow and lone woman in the village suddenly fell ill and moaned at home. Some familiar villagers came to inform. Xiaolian has always been kind-hearted and always takes care of the old lady. After hearing this, he hurriedly left the work at home and ran to take care of the old lady.

Li Shan has a neighbor, Wang Dafu, who usually lives by hunting, and his home is covered with fox skins that have been slaughtered and stripped. Wang Dafu’s wife, Niu, usually slaughtered and skinned her husband. She was fierce and savage, no one dared to provoke her.

The Niu family came to Xiaolian’s house to stop by without any problems. No one answered when I knocked on the door. She leaned over the door and saw a red dress hanging in the courtyard. The color was so bright that she couldn’t help but move. No one looked around, walked over the wall, stuffed the dress into his arms and stole it.

Back home, Niu put on the red dress and it was a perfect fit. I couldn’t bear to take it off now, and I wore it all day long.

Let’s talk about Xiaolian, she feeds water and medicine at the old lady’s house. After busying for a while, Mrs. Liu finally recovered from her illness, and Xiao Lian went home with peace of mind. Upon entering the door, the new clothes and skirts that were dried in the yard were lost.

In the afternoon, Li Shan went home and heard his wife say that the dress was missing, both of them felt a little sad. But Xiao Lian was kind and didn’t want her husband to blame herself for it, so she hurriedly encouraged Li Shandao: “I must be the one who has no such blessing. Now I was stolen and stolen. It doesn’t matter.”

Li Shanben With a guilty conscience, now that the stolen dress has been stolen again, I feel relieved.

Let’s talk about the Niu family. After going home and putting on the stolen dress, he frequently looked in the mirror. He felt very good and smiled with joy.

In the afternoon, when Wang Dafu returned from hunting, he saw his wife Niu wearing a new dress. He also felt that the colors were bright, which looked very similar to the hair of the red fox that appeared in the forest. Niu’s guilty conscience is not to say that it was stolen, only that it was bought from the market town during the day.

That evening, Niu suddenly screamed, and his clothes became tighter and tighter, making it difficult to take off. It is difficult to get rid of the shackles no matter how Ren Niu Dafu helps her to tear.

At this time, with Niu’s anxious shouts, the moon rose. In the moonlight, Niu’s red dress turned into a red fox fur. Niu was tightly wrapped in fox skin and turned into a monster with a head of a fox.

The Niu was frightened, howling sharply, it was no longer a human voice. The shouting attracted the villagers’ onlookers. The villagers talked a lot, saying that this was Niu Dafu’s retribution for hunting and killing the fox.

Li Shan and Xiao Lian disappeared in the crowd, frightened, completely unaware that the fox fur was changed by the red dress.

Wang Dafu killed a lot of foxes, and he was also afraid of the fox’s revenge. Facing the howling Niu, he couldn’t help picking up the kitchen knife and slashing at the monster who was in the fox’s body.

Niu screamed, and his head fell to the ground. The body also changed back to the human body. Everyone was frightened and fled with their heads.

The next day, Wang Dafu was arrested and imprisoned by the government for killing his wife. No matter how he argued that Niu was changed by a fox