Xiao Min likes to buy some cheap clothes online, the one with free shipping for 9 yuan.

It didn’t take long for roommates Chen Jing and Bai Xiaoyu to discover that Xiao Min’s personality was changing every day. No, today she changed into a ruffled dress, and she suddenly became a cute girl, and her speech became a baby girl.

Bai Xiaoyu couldn’t help it, and asked: “Who are you?”

“Me? I’m Xiaoyu.” “Xiaomin “After speaking in a baby voice, her voice suddenly changed, becoming a low-pitched tobacco and alcoholic female voice, introduced herself again, and changed into another voice after the introduction…

These voices seem to have discovered the existence of the other party for the first time, and you started quarreling with each other. Various sounds came from Xiao Min’s mouth, but none of them were her own.

“This is obviously the physical body I saw first, you guys get out!”

“Little sister, do you know how to come first, then come? She wears it My first piece of clothing is mine.”

Chen Jing and Bai Xiaoyu heard the clue, quickly tied Min, opened the doors and windows, and brought one The iron bucket began to burn Min’s clothes one by one. Every time a piece of clothing was burned, Xiao Min let out a scream, but that voice was obviously not hers. Finally, they burned all of Min’s clothes in the closet, leaving only the one worn by Min.

“Xiao Min” trembled in a baby voice begging for mercy: “You let me go, I won’t be able to live forever if I burn this dress!”

“If you let it go, you can tell us what this is going on first.”

“Xiaomin” explained in a hurry: these cheap clothes on the Internet are all black-hearted sellers from various You can get a lot of clothes for the dead from local collections for a few dollars. They re-dyed and refurbished, put them on the Internet for sale, because the cost is low so the price is low. However, the clothes of the dead usually leave a trace of the soul of the original owner, and whoever wears these clothes will be possessed by the soul.

There is no doubt that the clothes that Xiaomin bought are dead people’s clothes. How many sets she changed, there were so many ghosts in her body.

Knowing the reason, they helped Xiao Min put on Chen Jing’s clothes. The ghost also kept his promise and left Xiao Min’s body. After Xiao Min was sober, Chen Jing and Bai Xiaoyu told her the ins and outs and told her to stay in the dormitory. They went to throw away the clothes.

Xiao Min nodded and agreed. When they left, she jumped up and pulled out the suitcase from the bed to find a worn T-shirt.

“It turns out that I was able to wear this girl back then because she wore my clothes.” Xiao Min touched her face and murmured, “I blame myself for changing Soon after becoming a ghost, he fell into someone else’s body, I don’t even understand these ghosts. It seems that there will be more exchanges with other ‘partners’ in the future. “