In ancient times, women giving birth were like stepping into a ghost gate with one foot. The danger was very high. Therefore, a special profession appeared: stable wife. And this stable woman not only helped countless little lives to come to the world, but also helped thousands of pregnant women turn their lives into peace.

It is said that in the Republic of China, there was an aunt Liu in a village in the northeast. Aunt Liu was a well-known local wife. She delivered her baby through her hands for most of her life. There are thousands of newborns.

Of course, many of these troubles, big and small, like some umbilical cord around the neck, arms and legs twisted together, and those hiding in the belly of pregnant women, life and death It is the little life who refuses to show up. No matter how difficult the situation is, it depends on Aunt Liu’s rubbing and pressing, three or two to ensure that the mother and child are safe.

Aunt Liu has a reputation for her superb craftsmanship, and the prospective parents who come to see her for delivery are endless. The job of delivering a baby requires physical strength. Aunt Liu has been unable to compare with her youth since she was young, so she rarely picks up this job unless it is in terrible situations.

Just like this night, there was a rush of slamming the door from Aunt Liu’s house. Yes, it was slamming the door instead of slamming the door. From the slamming of the door, you know this person How anxious.

It was Aunt Liu’s son who opened the door, named Shunzi. Shunzi opened the door and saw an old lady crouching in the doorway. Seeing the door opened, the old lady gasped and asked: “Is Aunt Liu at home?”

Shunzi said, “This old man, I am her son. What’s the matter?”

“My daughter-in-law has a dystocia, I beg Aunt Liu to help her.” The old lady said, raising her foot and walking inside.

Shunzi quickly stopped the old lady, shook her head and sighed and said: “Old man! I’m really sorry, my mother is too old and weak, so she can’t walk. It’s been a long time since the work has been done, so you should always ask someone to be smart!”

When the old lady heard this, she would kneel down to Shunzi in tears. He supported the old lady. The old lady said with tears: “If Aunt Liu does not go, my daughter-in-law will not be able to survive tonight, and she will be killed and killed by then.”

Just when Shunzi had to say something, I heard two coughs in the back room. Not long after, Aunt Liu walked out tremblingly and said, “Shunzi! Clean up the guys that my mother often uses, Push the wheelbarrow over.”

“Mother, you’re so weak. The doctor said two days ago…” Shunzi is a filial son, and he will cry.

Aunt Liu interrupted her son and said: “My son! Mother knows her own body, but it is important to save people first.”

That old man Mrs. Listen, Hurried over to hold Aunt Liu and said, “Thank you, old sister, slow down.” After speaking, he helped Aunt Liu onto the wheelbarrow. In this way, the old lady led the way, and smoothly pushed Aunt Liu to follow, and the three gradually disappeared into the night.

After walking around for about half an hour, the three came to a stop in front of a thatched hut. Before Aunt Liu got off the wheelbarrow, she heard heart-piercing howls from the room, which made her scalp numb.

Aunt Liu got off the wheelbarrow and let Shunzi wait outside the house, and followed the old lady into the thatched cottage. The house is not big, and there is a bed on the right hand side of the house. The old lady comforted the howling mother after entering the house, “Boy! You are saved, I have invited Aunt Liu.”

Aunt Liu also stepped forward to comfort the parturient woman, saying: “Boy! Don’t be afraid, there will be nothing wrong with Aunt Liu.” When removing the pregnant woman’s underwear, the old lady suddenly said, “Old…sister, you have to be a little bit prepared.”

It is important to save people. She thought, she uncovered the mother’s underwear, was shocked, and couldn’t help but say loudly, “Why…how could this happen?”

This was heard by Shunzi outside the house and asked quickly One sentence: “Mother! Are you okay!”

Aunt Liu calmed her mind and said: “No…it’s okay, Shunzi, you must not come in.”
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How can it be all right! The parturient on the bed now suffered from menstrual blood collapse

. Aunt Liu had already discovered this, but it was not this that surprised her, but because the parturient body was densely covered with sores. . Thousand-day sore is originally a common skin disease, and it can fall off by itself over time.

And how can the mother in front of me suffer so much? Moreover, the thousand-day sore on her body was extremely hard when she reached out to touch it. Aunt Liu had never seen this kind of situation before, but Aunt Liu gave birth for many years and had a good psychological quality. She quickly stabilized her mind.

The old lady standing next to her looked very ashamed at this time, and quickly explained: “My daughter-in-law has been suffering from this strange disease for some years, and many doctors have been hired among them. The doctor said that this disease does not need to be treated and will fall off on its own in a few days, but it still looks like this. But the doctor said, this thing is not contagious.”

After hearing this, Liu The aunt nodded, and started to work in an orderly manner. She stretched out her hand to rub and press on the mother’s belly. Not long after, the mother who had been tossed to death would not cry anymore.

Finally! The first baby was born, yes, it was the first. Because with all these years of experience, Aunt Liu tookA touch of his hand immediately concluded that the mother might be carrying twins in her belly.

Aunt Liu wiped her sweat and said: “Old sister! Congratulations, if I made a mistake, there should be one in your daughter-in-law’s belly .”

However, as the second child croaked to the ground, the mother’s belly still disappeared. Aunt Liu thought to herself, could it be because I made a mistake and there is still in my stomach?

At this time, the parturient shouted: It hurts. Another little baby came to this world, triplets? No, the mother gave birth to a small baby, a quadruplet, but the two children behind were born very smoothly.

The old lady looked at the four little guys, tearful again, holding Aunt Liu’s hand thank you very much.

Seeing their mother and child are safe, Aunt Liu smiled weakly, panting and leaning against the bed, too tired to stand up. The old lady said with regret: “The old sister has worked hard, if it weren’t for you! My daughter-in-law will be choked tonight, I have thought about it, and see if I can help you!”

Aunt Liu waved her hand and said, “Old sister! This is all fate! God destined me to deliver your daughter-in-law in this life, you! Don’t go to your heart.” After Aunt Liu said, she shouted at the door: “Shun Zi! Go to the door to carry your mother and go out, and we are home.”

After leaving the thatched hut to bid farewell to the old lady, Shun Zi pushed Aunt Liu home and walked halfway. At the time, Aunt Liu suddenly stopped Shunzi and said, “My son! Stop for my mother and ask you something.”

When Shunzi heard this, hurry up. Stopped the car and came to my mother’s side, and asked: “Mother, what’s the matter? Go home and talk about it!”

Aunt Liu said: “Just tell me here! When my mother knows herself The days are running out, but I have to confess a few words to you. Tonight, you are not allowed to tell anyone about these things after you go back, just as they have not happened. Besides, my mother is not allowed to go back to the old lady, remember Live it?”

Shunzi wiped away her tears and nodded vigorously. Aunt Liu smiled and said, “Okay, let’s go!” Laughing asleep in the car. But Aunt Liu never woke up again when she slept.

After Aunt Liu passed away, Shunzi was in grief. She guarded the mourning hall for several days. She wanted to lose her soul. She didn’t eat, drink, sleep, or rest, but stayed with her mother. In front of his coffin, I hope to accompany my mother through this last journey.

After Aunt Liu went out of the funeral, Shunzi became seriously ill. After those self-confident doctors were invited, they were helpless. Seeing Shunzi’s weight loss day by day, it was anxious. Broken family. As soon as the old lady walked on the front foot, the head of the household was about to follow.

And this day, the family went out to look for a famous doctor again, lying on the kangShunzi felt that someone had walked in, an old lady who was crouching. The old lady came to the Kangyan, and Shunzi recognized it at a glance. She was the old lady who accompanied her mother to deliver the baby.

The old lady put a bag of things on the kang, and simply told a few words: You can use fire to dry this thing, grind it into powder, and take it with astragalus water. The disease can be cured. The old lady turned around and left.

What is this package? After the family came back, I opened it and saw it turned out to be a piece of snow-white snow-white thing, and the thing was covered with thorns. No one in the family knew it, but it looked like medicinal materials, so I took it to the medicinal store and let the shopkeeper give it to the long eye.

After looking at the shopkeeper, he repeatedly admired: This is a rare wonder medicine in the world! The name is Hedgehog Skin. Look at this piece of Hedgehog Skin. The hedgehog has lived for at least 500 years and is already a good fairy family. However, the hedgehog fairy took off the hedgehog skin fairy robe, and it was much more dangerous to practice.

With these five hundred-year-old hedgehog skins, after the family roasted and ground them into powder, Shunzi only drank a bowl, and his body healed immediately, as if he were all right . Really deserves the old saying: There must be Yu Qing in this good home!