My name is Li Dong. I work in a factory. I face cold machines every day. Life is meaningless.

It happened to be my turn to go to the night shift that day, and the roaring machine in my ears sounded. I have long been used to it. Life is so busy anyway.

At about one o’clock in the morning, I heard a click, and the machine broke down.

I called and the master woke up in the middle of the night to fix it. He told me that it would take at least an hour to fix it.

I am also glad that I can rest for an hour.

Our factory is relatively remote, surrounded by barren mountains and forests. It is extremely cold at night, and occasionally we hear the calls of insects and birds.

It’s just that tonight I heard a bad crow cry, I couldn’t help but complain.

There is a river directly in front of our factory building. This river is extremely clear, sparkling in the moonlight, and refreshing people.

Under the moonlight, I actually saw a long-haired woman bathing in the moonlight.

The woman’s skin is smooth and flawless, with beautiful black hair scattered in the water, and her body half-naked soaked in the water, it made me fascinated for a while.

Maybe she discovered my existence and waved at me.

I also nodded shyly, not daring to look at her again.

I don’t know how long it has passed. I really feel itchy, because that woman is so beautiful, I want to take a look.

But when I raised my eyes again, the woman was gone.

But I did not hear the sound of the woman getting up, and the river was sparkling, as if nothing had ever happened.

At dawn the next day, I was almost off work, and after a busy night, I was already tired.

But when I first walked to the entrance of the factory, many people gathered by the river, as if something major had happened.

Out of curiosity, I walked over and saw that even the police were here.

I also heard people say that when someone was on the morning shift this morning, they saw a female body floating on the river and called the police.

After I squeezed into the crowd, I immediately regretted it.

The female corpse in front of her has already soaked up, her body swelled into a ball, and her hands and feet are all swollen to a certain degree of exaggeration.

What is even more terrifying is that the face of the female corpse is no longer visible, that is, the view of giants.

The view of giants is a high degree of corruption.The body is indescribable. The most terrifying thing is that because of the swelling of the female corpse, one eyeball protruded, and the other eyeball directly rolled out, just reaching my feet, scaring me back again and again.

Yesterday there were people taking a bath by the river. It is hard to imagine how the body was found today, but I did not associate it with what happened last night.

The corpse was soon removed, but everyone was still talking about it.

The night is so lonely, and the machine in the factory broke down tonight. I called the master to fix it in the middle of the night, and I was also standing by the river and smoking.

When I was smoking, I don’t know when I stood by a girl in a white dress. I took a closer look at her face in the moonlight, and the girl’s skin looked like a peeled egg, and her figure was also beautiful.

Isn’t this the girl I saw yesterday? The girl was still bathing in the river last night and greeted me. So I took the initiative to say hello to her, and the beauty smiled slightly and was also very active.

At this time, my co-worker stood at the entrance of the factory and suddenly yelled in my direction. The foul language is as ugly as it is.

This worker is my mortal enemy, his name is Xu Yong. We usually have a lot of friction at work, and once liked the same girl, but in the end the girl chose him.

I really couldn’t help it, and looked back at the girl and said, “What’s your name?”

“Lili.”< br>

“Okay, wait for me for a while.”

Xu Yong insulted me so much, I can’t lose face in front of Lili, in short, the new and the old Hate together.

I rushed towards Xu Yong, raised my fist and saw that it was about to fall on his face, but when I heard him say a word, my fist was slowly lowered.

“That woman is a water ghost!”

“What a joke, you are jealous of me!” Even though I said that, I still I looked back, but Lili was empty behind him.

I couldn’t help but shudder. Xu Yong then told me that the reason he scolded me just now was because he wanted to save me because the girl was the corpse fished out yesterday.

When I was a child, I heard the old man say that after the death of a water ghost, he cannot reincarnate, but can only live in cold water for many years. If they want to be reborn, they must find a substitute for the dead. If there is a new drowning ghost in the river, then they can be reborn.

Xu Yong told me that he had a urgency tonight, but the light in the toilet broke again, so he was going to hush outside the factory.

As soon as he arrived outside the factory building, he heard a strange wind coming. He rubbed his eyes and saw that the water ghost was standing next to me.

Under the moonlight, he clearly saw that the water ghost was wet, still running, and looked so terrible that it could not rise anymore, just trying to push me into the water.

“Although we are at odds, I can’t see you die either.” Xu Yong said loudly.

This makes me very moved.

Thinking carefully, when I met Lili last night, she happened to be taking a bath in the river. But in the 21st century, who is still bathing in the wild? Besides, it was a girl in the middle of the night, which was obviously wrong!

Really fascinated!

“Xu Yong, thank you very much, I used to have trouble with you, sorry!” I thanked him and rebuilt it. But he was still very worried, saying that the water ghosts would not succeed in harming people, they would come to me, and told me not to be near the river during this time.

I listened to Xu Yong’s words and did so. Fortunately, everything is fine.

After a while, I decided to invite Xu Yong to have a meal as a thank you, but the people in the factory said that he hadn’t come to the factory for a long time. It is true that I haven’t seen him for a long time. I asked her girlfriend and said that the phone could not be reached. She was missing for several days, so she called the police.

No wonder the police came to our factory a few days ago to inquire. It turned out to be such a thing. But where did this guy suddenly go?

A few days later, I received a call, which turned out to be from Xu Yong. The strange thing is that when Xu Yong spoke, he was vague, as if he had a mouthful of water in his mouth, which was strange.

I asked him where he was. He said he was at the gate of the factory and asked me to come out.

We were about the river at the entrance of the factory. When we saw Xu Yong, his face was pale, his hair was wet, and the water was still running. Maybe it was raining before, he was caught Get wet.

“Where have you been, you kid.” I asked him.

Xu Yong’s mouth opened and closed, and he couldn’t talk about what he wanted to say.

“Just say what you want to say, what are you doing?”

This time he finally spoke: “Sorry, it’s all you Owed to me!”

He suddenly gave me a big push against my back, pushing me into the river! I can’t swim, so I choked the water and thumped desperately. Fortunately, someone passed by and saved me, so I got my life back.

During the time I was in a coma, I had many strange dreams, and I also saw Xu Yong.

Xu Yong is sad in the dreamHe cried and said that I was supposed to die last time. I didn’t expect that he saved me and was hated by the water ghost, so the water ghost asked him for his life, let him be a substitute for the dead, and drowned in the river.

He also regretted taking action against me, vowing that he would never find a substitute again, and would not do such wicked things. Finally, she told me the exact location of his drowning, hoping that I could bury his body.

After waking up, I immediately called the police, and indeed Xu Yong’s body was salvaged in the river.

When I saw Xu Yong’s body, I already burst into tears.

Later, the river in our factory never drowned anymore. I was also afraid that Xu Yong would be lonely. When I was on the night shift, my spare time would run to the river. A cigarette, chatting with him, is also considered to accompany my old friend.