Ding Wei is a southerner. His parents were originally farmers. In the 1980s, he went to sea to do business. Starting from setting up street stalls, he slowly gained a place in a large wholesale market.

Later, he switched to passenger transport and took long distances. Because he was often away from home, he left Ding Wei to take care of him.

Out of apology to Ding Wei, they chose to use money to make up for Ding Wei’s missing parental love. It is precisely because of this that Ding Wei has spent money since he was young, and treats friends very generously.

He has a girlfriend named Wu Fei. The two have been in love since the second year of high school, and later they were admitted to the same Northern University. They were envious of others.

When you arrive at university, it’s like entering a kaleidoscope, fresh and beautiful things come one after another.

No, Ding Wei soon fell in love with Wu Chongyao, a beauty who is one grade higher than him. Wu Chongyao is not a colonel’s flower, but it belongs to the type that makes a boy with a heart fascinated by it.

So, carrying Wu Fei on his back, he pursued Wu Chongyao. After a month of hard work, Wu Chongyao agreed to be his girlfriend.

At this time, he found Wu Fei and proposed to break up.

Hearing the news, Wu Fei was shocked by the thunder. She was startled for a long time before she eased her mind. Then with tears, she said slowly: “We talked about the present from the second year It’s been four years, are you so cruel?”

Ding Wei didn’t know what to say, so he nodded.

“Have you forgotten that when you filled out your volunteers in the third year of high school, I wrote about this school because of you?”

Ding Wei Continue to nod.

“Well, if you are so cruel, don’t blame me. I have been with you all these years, you have to compensate me!”

“Compensation? “

“Yes! Youth loss fee, mental loss fee, I want ten thousand yuan!”

“Ten thousand yuan? You rob Ding Wei angrily rushed, “Then I can ask you for youth loss and mental loss. In that case, we will make up. Goodbye.”

Then he turned to leave. .

Wu Fei grabbed him: “If you don’t give it to me, I will go around telling you bad things, and your scandals, and I will poke them out.”< br>

“You…” Ding Wei looked at her as if he no longer knew him, “How did you become like this?”

“Yes You forced it. Remember 10,000 yuan, don’t give it to me, you will feel better. You know how much a woman’s mouth will break!” With that, Wu Fei walked away.

Ding Wei was stunned for a while, then dialed his parents’ phone, but they were all turned off.

So, he called his grandfather in the country, and first casually asked what happened to his parents shutting down. His grandfather didn’t know, and guessed that the phone might be dead. Then, Ding Wei immediately got to the point, asking his grandfather for ten thousand yuan.

“Ten thousand yuan?!” Ding Wei’s monthly living expenses are about two thousand. Grandpa is naturally surprised, “What do you want so much money for?”

< br/> Ding Wei lied and said, “I am preparing for the judicial examination, which is the thing that can be used as a lawyer and judge after the exam. I have to go to cram school, buy materials, pay various fees, etc. , Probably so much money.”

Unexpectedly, grandpa didn’t appreciate it: “I don’t have so much money. You can ask your parents for it.”

Ding Wei became a little impatient: “Their phone can’t get through, or you can borrow a little for me first, and then ask my mother to return it to you.”

“Not found.”

Ding Wei was so angry that he almost smashed his phone.

From childhood to adulthood, money has always been something that comes on demand for him, and he has never touched a nail for it. But then I thought about it. Grandpa loved him since he was a child, and he couldn’t wait to cut off all the meat on his body to eat. How could he refuse him so decisively today?

Ding Wei didn’t know what Wu Fei would say if he did not pay 10,000 yuan.

But just because I don’t know, I feel terrible.

So, after Grandpa hit a nail, he thought of his friend Zhang Jian in the same dormitory.

Zhang Jian’s parents are ordinary workers, so his family situation is neither bad nor bad, but Ding Wei always invites him to eat, drink and drink, so the two of them The relationship is pretty good.

When returning to the dormitory, Zhang Jian was watching news videos on his computer. It seemed that it was the scene of a high-speed car accident. The scene was extremely tragic. Seeing Ding Wei’s return, Zhang Jian quickly closed the webpage, and raised his chin to him: “How?”

Ding Wei revealed to him in advance that he would break up with Fei Wu: “She asked me for a break-up fee of 10,000 yuan.”

“Is 10,000 yuan a drizzle for you?”

“Yes. But my parents’ mobile phones are turned off. My grandpa didn’t know if he took the wrong medicine, so he refused to pay. So, I want to borrow something from you first, and then pay you back later.” This is him The first time I borrowed money, it felt strange.

“It’s not that you don’t know the situation of my family, how could there be 10,000 yuan?”

“Can you borrow some for me?”
Come to mass production. At that time, we only have to sit at home, oh no, we are sitting in the dorm and counting the money, haha! “

Zhang Jian’s idea is very good, but it’s too early to be happy.

It’s not that no one buys it. It’s that Ding Wei can’t persist.

He said that the good money belongs to him. Naturally, he has to do most of the work himself, such as: rushing to the suburbs with two grills. Hardware wholesale market. A shelf is about thirty or forty kilograms, which can be folded. Although it is convenient to pick up, it is particularly heavy with the separated cover and quilt.

When he arrived at the hardware wholesale market, Ding Wei hurried to sell. He never thought that others were entertaining customers. Naturally, he didn’t listen to what he said and drove him away like a beggar. How could he have been so angry? At that time, I almost wanted to quit.

Until noon, the two sold one, and they were cut to the cost price. Zhang Jian meant that these people were right I don’t understand this yet. Let them use it first. If it is used well, it is like a movable type signboard, which will naturally attract more people to buy it.

When eating lunch, Zhang Jian When going to queue to buy, Ding Wei stayed on the shelf to avoid being taken away. But when he waited, his stomach groaned with hunger. Because he couldn’t stand the temptation of the fragrance, he ran to buy a Chinese burger , And when I came back, the shelf was gone.

“Damn! “Ding Wei was so angry that he smashed the burger on the ground, “Who is so wicked?” “

“Where’s the shelf?” “Zhang Jian came back with the food.

“I don’t know, I was here just now!” “

Zhang Jian sighed, shook his head, and said, “I guess it was taken away by the sheep, which is really bad luck.” “

Ding Wei grabbed the food in Zhang Jian’s hand, and while tasting it in his stomach, he said: “Never do this again. “

“Don’t. “Zhang Jian persuaded him, “If you take it, let him take it. Anyway, we come this time and don’t plan to make money. We will lose money if we lose money. Let them use it for us. We will have more when we come next time. People bought it. “

“Next time?” What if I get stolen again next time? “

“Doing business means taking certain risks.” “

“It’s too difficult to do business, I won’t do it!” “

Upon hearing this, a smile flashed across Zhang Jian’s mouth: “If you don’t do business, where does the money come from?” “

“Forget it, I’ll think of another way.” “With that, Ding Wei began to gobble up.

“Then let’s go. “Speaking, Zhang Jian ChaoshenAfter waved his hand. He motioned to the two roommates behind him to dispose of the grill.

Actually, the whole thing is one round.

When he learned that Ding Wei was going to break up with Wu Fei for Wu Chongyao, he immediately notified Wu Fei.

Both he and Fei Wu know that Wu Chongyao is not a good girl, who worships money and loves vanity. She certainly does not really like Ding Wei, but his money.

But Ding Wei doesn’t care about money at all. Therefore, the two set up this bureau, and Wu Fei forced him to break up money, and at the same time told his grandfather not to help, and then let Ding Wei do the business of the grill, let him experience the difficulty of doing business, and his parents’ Money is hard to come by.

When buying food, he deliberately delayed to come back, making Ding Wei too hungry to bear, so he went to buy food by himself, and then his two roommates took the opportunity to take away the grill , I hope he can understand the “changes” in the process of doing business.

Unexpectedly, this kid is a big man. After experiencing “doing business is too difficult”, the experience he got turned out to be “I won’t do it.”

Zhang Jian shook his head and thought: Take your time.

Halfway back to school, Wu Chongyao called and asked Ding Wei to go shopping with her. Ding Wei hurriedly responded, then bid farewell to Zhang Jian, got off the car and headed straight to the commercial street.

After the two met at the street, Wu Chongyao took his arm and whispered: “Buy me clothes.”

Ding Wei touched his pocket and just lost a sum of money, and the rest is only enough for living expenses, so he said embarrassedly: “How about buying again next month?”

“Then No matter what, it’s almost snowing. I don’t have a padded jacket and snow boots yet. Don’t you have the heart to watch me get cold?”

Ding Wei said embarrassedly, “I am Not much money anymore.”

“Call your mother to ask for it!”

Ding Wei tried to dial his mother’s number, but still It is off.

“I don’t care, you can ask your classmates for it first, and then say to return to them later. I want to buy clothes today, I must buy clothes!”

< br/> Ding Wei gritted his teeth and took out his wallet and said, “I only brought out a thousand dollars.”

“Then buy a pair of shoes first.” Wu Chongyao said. “Wait a few days before you buy me something else.”

“Okay.” Ding Wei could only respond first.

The two went to the mall, bought a pair of snow boots for 988 yuan, and left. This is the first time in his life that Ding Wei feels distressed because of money. When he looked at the more than ten dollars of change in his wallet, his tears came down. The three of them went to the next room to eat with satisfaction, Ding Wei began to struggle, trying to save himself.

Suddenly, the door of the room opened with a creak. Just as Ding Wei wanted to say something, his mouth was covered by a hand. “Don’t talk, it’s me.” This is Zhang Jian’s voice!

Ding Wei was very excited and motioned for him to unlock himself.

Zhang Jian tore off his headgear and cut the tape with a knife, leading him to leave.

Unfortunately, one of the strong men came out to go to the toilet and just ran into them. Upon seeing this, Zhang Jian held up the knife, aimed at the strong man, and at the same time pushed Ding Wei out the door: “You go quickly, I will carry it here!”

Ding Wei ran to the ground. On the highway, stop passing vehicles for help. When the driver followed him back to the warehouse, only Zhang Jian was left lying in a pool of blood, dying.

“Zhang Jian!” Ding Wei hurriedly picked him up, “Hurry, get to the hospital!”

Outside the operating room, Ding Wei was in a hurry .

Soon, my roommate and Wu Fei arrived at the news. The roommate was not angry, and he spoke out Zhang Jian’s painstakingly, and scolded Ding Wei as a blood spray.

Hearing this, Ding Wei almost couldn’t stand firm.

At this time, the door of the operating room opened and Zhang Jian was pushed out. The doctor said, fortunately, it was delivered in time, otherwise the blood loss would be of no help. Everyone was relieved. At the same time, because Ding Wei also injured one of the brawny men, the police caught them upright when they were seeking medical treatment.

When Zhang Jian woke up, Ding Wei was beside him.

“Thank you!” Ding Wei patted him on the shoulder, “You let me understand what a real friend is. A real friend is hard-won, yes Need to cherish!”

“What else should I cherish?” Zhang Jian raised his chin toward the door.

Ding Wei looked towards the door and saw Wu Fei standing there, looking at him affectionately.

He got up and came to Wu Fei. Just as he wanted to say something, Wu Fei spoke first. She looked sad and looked away, and said, “Your parents…something happened.”

Ding Wei only felt a “buzz” in her head, and then she couldn’t hear anything. When I arrived, I could only see Wu Fei’s mouth closing together.

It turned out that the video of the highway accident scene that Zhang Jian watched on the computer that day contained his parents’ car.

He and Fei Wu have roommates in the bureau. In addition to letting him understand that money is hard to come by, they also want him to know that “changes” are everywhere and inevitable.

There are changes in business and changes in life. When encountering changes, we should understand that life is hard-won in addition to grief, and we must cherish and cherish again!