A cow lame is not born lame, but when he was a child, he climbed a tree to dig a bird and fell and broke his bones. When he grows up, he limps. But although the lame cow was lame, his brains were very useful. He couldn’t do heavy work because of his poor legs and feet. When the villagers went to carry stones on the quarry in the mountains, he ruthlessly bought a truck to pull goods.

A few years of hard work has passed. The poor people in the village are still poor, but the cow crips have become rich. There are also more people who come to the door to matchmaking. They don’t want all the cow crips. He I fell in love with Ayan in the village.

Ayan was just twenty years old, and she was so lovable. Seeing Ayan’s back from a distance, Niu Cripple’s heart burst into flames… but Ayan sees Without looking at him, Ayan and Xiao Zhangsan are a couple everyone knows in the village. Xiao Zhangsan is indeed stronger than a lame cow, and looks good, but what good is it for him? The family is poor, so they rely on the back of the stone day and night. If you save some money and want to marry Ayan, you can’t pass Ayan’s mother who loves money first, so Ayan Xiaozhang three secretly dated by the river in the back of the village, but didn’t know that the lame cow was hiding behind the tree and jealous There was a fire in his eyes, Xiao Zhang San pulled Ayan’s hand, the cripple was so angry that he gnawed off half of the bark!

The opportunity finally came. Ayan’s father had stomach cancer. He said that it can be cured, but it has to be spent. Ayanniang panicked, and relieved Zhang San, saying that you only need Bring one hundred and fifty thousand, and you can take away my girl. You promise me only a little, and you still have to pay for her father’s medical treatment in the future!

Xiao Zhang’s three relatives and friends borrowed it and collected 80,000 yuan to send it there, thinking about responding to an emergency, and then he would think of a way, but A Yanniang drove him out , Pointed to the lame cow sitting at the table in the room drinking tea and said, did you see it? The lame man made two hundred thousand shots. How many nails can you make if you smash the pot and sell the iron? My daughter is also suffering from poverty when she marries you. Don’t even think about this marriage. I have promised the marriage of Niu Cripple and Ayan. You, blame you for being poor!

Ayan was beaten and scolded by her mother and wanted to hang herself. She moved the bench and sat watching, saying if you could look at you cruelly Daddy died of illness, just put your neck in that loop! This is a bottomless pit to see a doctor. In the future, your brother will have to spend money to marry a wife. If you don’t marry the lame cow, do you want to kill our family?

Ayan’s heart was ashamed. When she was sold by her mother, she married into the Niu’s family soon. The lame Niu got the woman in his heart, but within a few days he began to beat and scold him. He originally looked at the tempting fruit of the water spirit, but when it came to him, his hand was dry and like a wood. This was bought for a big price. Sangmen star, knows crying every day, the lame cow is getting more and more ruthless, and Ayan doesn’t even cry for pain, thinking about being beaten to death will be relieved.

But Ayan’s sacrifice did not save her father’s life. The old man swallowed, but her mother used her “selling money” to marry a beautiful daughter-in-law, a cow lame. Distressed for the two hundred thousand, Ayan was touched by Xiao Zhangsan. He reallyIt was a big loss, and it was very unsparing to fight!

Ayan gave birth to a little girl who looked like a porcelain doll. How does Niu Cripple look at this girl like Xiao Zhangsan? Only his ugly face can have such a beautiful face Girlfriend?

Ayan’s mother and daughter’s life is sad, Xiao Zhangsan looks distressed from a distance, but what qualifications does he have to come and take care of? He can only squeeze his fist and hit the wall, desperately carrying the stone to make money, thinking that one day when A Yan needs his help, he can no longer not spend money to watch!

But the day was unsatisfactory, Xiao Zhang San had an accident in the mine and was stoned to death. The Zhang family was doing the funeral. The lame cow was happy. He drank the wine at home. Seeing Ayanmu stood aside in a daze, he spit on Ayan’s face and said that he died well. If you don’t bear it, join him. Go to hell, see if I don’t fall this little bastard to death and let your family reunite!

In the middle of the night, the cow lame turned to the latrine. He raised his head unexpectedly and saw a figure squeezed out of the corner. He stretched out his hand and grabbed at him. The cow lame flashed around and puffed out. Entering the pit, fortunately he didn’t drown. How did the cripple think that the figure looked like Xiao Zhangsan? Is this haunted?

Such a shameful thing, the cripple Niu did not talk to the outside world, and gave Ayan and her mother a hard blow. But after that, the cripple woke up every night, and Xiao Zhangsan’s bloody face could be seen everywhere, coming out of the wall, scaring him to wet his pants several times.

The cow lame didn’t care about the jokes of the villagers. He carried a bucket of dog blood and went to Xiaozhang’s third grave angrily. He splashed it all on the grave head and cursed. Are you worried about my daughter-in-law when you die? I suppress your soul, disperse your soul, and let you die without being overborn!

The family of Xiao Zhangsan was naturally unwilling. They came to have a big fight with the cripple. The cripple was full of swear words and said that Zhangsan and Ayan were adulterers. Woman, even haunted him and scared him. He was polite to splash dog blood. Next time he is haunted, he will come to dig Xiao Zhangsan’s grave and frustrate his bones!

The people in the village like this kind of excitement the most. This crippled cow and hell has been told into various stories and arranged a lot of gossip. There are also poor mothers and daughters of Ayan, let Those who talkatively accumulate some virtue.

I don’t know if Niu Cripple actually saw Xiao Zhangsan’s ghost, but not long after that, Niu Cripple died, and he stopped steadily in full view. Suddenly, his truck moved and drove a few meters away on the flat ground. It killed the cripple squatting and smoking in the front of the truck. Rumors arose, saying that it must be Xiao Zhangsan’s ghost.

The cripple cow has no parents. Ayan has long died of her family. She buried the cripple with her daughter, sold everything the family could sell, and moved to the county with the child. Living away from the gossip in the village can be considered a relief. Before leaving, the villagers saw Ayan go to Xiaozhang’s three tombs to burn paper. Looking from a distance, sheLet the three-year-old daughter kneel and knock Xiao Zhang San three heads…