No one knows anything about topics like gods and ghosts. Those who believe are faithful letters, and the nine cows cannot be pulled back. Those who do not believe live the same way. There are also some who will be suspicious, that is, he doesn’t believe in himself, but he doesn’t stand up to you. If you say that being a person is a bit of a good faith, he also happily burns incense, trying to comfort him.

There is a big family named Zhang in Xiaoliba Village who is the richest man in the village. Although there are hundreds of hectares of fertile land in the family, there is no need to worry about the wealthy party, but the fly in the ointment is that this member of Zhang still has not a man and a half when he is 40 years old. Seeing that no one inherits the huge family business, if they die, other people in the clan will divide their absolute family property. Every time he thinks about this, the rich master Zhang is extremely sad and depressed.

Maybe God pity him, just when he was about to admit his fate, his wife was pregnant. Later, I added a daughter to the family. Although I regret not being a son, he still loves her very much. She named her daughter Wan’er.

In a twinkling of an eye, Wan’er has reached the age of twenty-eight. Not only is she beautiful and charming, she also loves poetry and is a good handwriting. As the jewel in the palm of his parents, Zhang Yuanwai looked forward to finding a good family for the girl that day, and his family business also made a dowry. It’s a pity that God won’t bless people. Wan’er accidentally fell into the water during an outing, and died at Huangquan at a young age, pitiful! Sigh!

“I have done something wrong in my last life, and it is destined to leave me alone in this life. Maybe it is my fate!” In addition to grief, member Zhang felt that his daughter had not enjoyed it yet. The blessings of the world are gone, very pitiful! Zhang Yuanwai found Taoist priests and buried many wives when his daughter was buried. There was also a red sedan chair and countless dowries. The most important thing was that he buried an old woman with him. Taoist practice used this old woman as a matchmaker and buried them together in the grave. Of course, these are all paper.

This summer, the weather was surprisingly hot. A poor scholar named Liu from a neighboring village was holding a book and came listlessly to escape the summer heat in the woods at the entrance of the village. Suddenly, a cold wind hit Liu Shusheng could not help but shudder.

Liu Shusheng closed the book in his hand and looked up and looked around. Not far from him, there was a cloud of black smoke, which gradually condensed into The appearance of an old woman.

The old woman said in a very warm tone: “Oh! Son, you are young and good at literary talent. Why don’t you marry a daughter-in-law? You have to take care of yourself. You don’t have to go to the woods every day to work hard.”

The appearance of this old woman inexplicably makes Liu Shusheng very surprised, because he has liked to read ghost books since he was a child. Hell in broad daylight. “There is nothing to be courteous, and you will steal if you do it. This is definitely not a good thing.”

Thinking this in my heart, I didn’t dare to say that. Liu Shusheng refused and said, “I’m in a poor family and I haven’t gotten fame. How dare I mention marriage?”

Then The old woman happily listened to her, and said, “You are too worried, son. Now you have a daughter of a good family. She has a beautiful face and a noble family background. There are many dowries. You son, would you like to marry? “

“I have been studying in Xiahan Chuang for many years, and I haven’t had any fame. How dare I want to marry, this old woman doesn’t have to bother her words.” Speaking of this, Liu Shusheng’s attitude It’s already very clear, thinking that this old woman should retreat in trouble!

Then I thought that this old woman didn’t mean to give up, she went on to say: “My son! Our lady is a master, and doesn’t pay attention to fame and wealth. And so on, even if the son doesn’t marry according to the six rituals, it’s no big deal. I’ll take care of it for you now! You just wait to pick up the bride’s bridal chamber at night!” Liu Shusheng hasn’t had time to express his opinion, the old woman When he turned around, he disappeared in an instant.

The second monk Liu Shusheng couldn’t figure it out, so he smiled bitterly and shook his head. Unexpectedly, at night, Liu Shusheng was reading under the lamp, and saw that the old woman I saw during the day entered the house beamingly, and said with a smile: “My son! The bride is coming, don’t you hurry to meet me!”
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Liu Shusheng never expected that the things in the story of Liao Zhai would actually happen to him. “Old woman, what are you doing! You just want to tie them together without their consent. Isn’t this a lalang match?” He said, he got up and blasted the old woman outside.

At this moment, a white shadow suddenly appeared at the door, and it was still filled with a faint fragrance. Liu Shusheng couldn’t help but look into the yard, and saw four men carrying a big red sedan chair. There were two beautiful maids on the side of the sedan chair. Looking around the yard, boxes and cabinets were filled with a yard.

An invisible breeze gently blew the curtains, and the bride’s red hijab floated, making Liu Shusheng look silly. I saw the old woman walking to the sedan chair and leading the bride out of the sedan chair to the house.

The bride’s ring is with jingle bells, and the breeze in the moonlight blows a silky red hijab. Even though the beautiful half of his face is exposed, Liu Shusheng is already fascinated. He was really attracted by the beauty of this woman.

The old woman led the bride to sit down beside the bed, and then walked to Liu Shusheng’s side and said, “My son! Good time is here, please enter the bridal chamber for the bride and groom!” Turned around and went out, only Liu Shusheng and the bride were left in the house…

As the saying goes: There will be no pie in the sky, this is a good thing that suddenly happened! Not a disaster. Because Liu Shusheng coveted this temptation, he lost his life, And made a ghost couple with the nether woman.