Chen Erhu of Dazhangzhuang really likes the things in the cup. The drunk he has to drink every time is enough for him, so he has not gotten a family so far. Someone with a good relationship urged him to stop drinking and save some money to marry a wife in the future.

But this Chen Erhu said: “I like wine all my life, and later I will marry a wine jar as a wife.” As soon as he said this, no one said to him. Daughter-in-law.

I love drinking, so there are many wine places. On this day, Erhu went to a friend to drink, and it was too late to drink. Holding a half bottle of wine in his hand, Erhu swayed towards his village. When he came to the fork in the road, he hesitated for a moment, and then went straight down the path without thinking too much.

As soon as he entered the small road, he suddenly felt a piercing chill. Erhu couldn’t help but sneezes a few times, wiped his nose, and continued walking. As they walked, Erhu gradually felt something wrong. Although this trail is a dirt road, in the memory, this trail is also straight forward and very flat! Why is it surprisingly difficult to walk tonight, going uphill for a while, downhill for a while.

After walking for a long time, at this moment, I suddenly saw three people lighting up three oil lamps and gathering together for a drink. The oil lamp flames emitted a very strange faint green light. The three people saw Erhu coming over and said, “Young man, look at you in the aisle carrying a bottle of wine, isn’t it also good?”

Erhu walked over. Looking ahead, my good fellow, these three people are not drinking bottles, but wine jars. At this time, I saw someone newly opened a wine jar, and a pungent odor of wine came out, and I felt that this was definitely a good jar of wine. At that time, Erhu was

“Well! Good wine, authentic sweet potatoes, there is absolutely no water in it.” Erhu raised his arm and looked at the half bottle of wine in his hand, and said, “What is this? Stuff!” I threw it aside. Then he was not polite, picked up the wine jar and took a sip, and then wiped his mouth satisfied.

“Three brothers, why are you drinking in this wilderness?” At this moment, Erhu felt that the three people in front of him were strange, because the little oil lamp was not bright. I didn’t really see it, so I asked.

One of the three people said: “Don’t hide your little brother, our three brothers have been here all year round to see the land. I am the boss, and I call it: one catty and two catties gargle.” As he said, he pointed at the two brothers, “He called Sanjin Shijin and walked the same way. He called Wujin Liu

drinking and chatting. At this time, the golden rooster reported the dawn, and the three people The two tigers arched their hands and said, “I’m sorry, little brother, we have to leave quickly. “

As soon as the second tiger heard it, he smiled and said: “Three brothers, it must be bronchitis at home!

A man smiled and said, “What wifeGuan Yan, the three of our brothers are all old bachelors, and have never seen what his wife looks like! “

At this time, I heard the rooster croaking twice, and the man said: “Brother, we really should go.” “

Erhu asked: “Where are you from?” Where do you live now?

The man pointed to the ground and said, “Didn’t I just say it! The three of us are here looking at the ground, and we live in the ground.

Erhu was taken aback when he heard that, living underground, isn’t that a ghost?

At this moment, the three people in front of him suddenly disappeared, leaving only three solitary mounds. It was the second tiger who was so courageous that he was in a cold sweat at the moment, so he was completely drunk and ran away. The sky seemed to be pale now, and he could vaguely see his village, and he ran for a long time.

After the day was bright, Erhu found out that he had been circling around the three mounds. When he returned to the village and told the older generations, the villagers did not What kind of surprise

After Erhu inquired about it, he realized that there were three people in the village who were particularly fond of drinking before liberation. They died at a young age and were buried in the woods beside the road. However, the three of them are not bad in nature, nor have they killed passers-by…

That day when Erhu returned home, he started to burn inexplicably and lay at home for half a month. Since then, there has been a problem. As long as you see alcohol, you will have a cold sweat.

I really can’t see it. Erhu was originally a total alcoholic, so he was so scared to give up drinking.