At night, the drizzle was not heavy, but it was very annoying, because Da Zhuang was watering the wheat fields, and he mumbled: “What kind of bad weather is this? If you want to, you can make it bigger. I have to run to the fields to water the province.”

Da Zhuang, wearing a raincoat, holding a flashlight, and a brazier on his shoulders, is patrolling the upstream water canal. See if there is any running water. When he walked near a big tree, he suddenly heard a low sob, his voice seemed to be a man.

“Who? Who’s there?” Da Zhuang took a flashlight to the tree and saw a man standing beside the tree.

The man didn’t speak, and he couldn’t see his face clearly when he was strong. From the back, he was slightly fat, a bit like the neighbor Pharaoh.

“Uncle Wang, is that you?” Da Zhuang asked a few times, but the person still didn’t speak, “Who are you? Talk to me?” Da Zhuang went to that person. Go ahead and ask.

As he walked, Da Zhuang felt a little hairy in his heart, and he could not help clenching the iron drill in his hand. The man was still crying under the tree. Although his voice was very low, Da Zhuang could judge from the cry of the man. This was the voice of the neighbor Pharaoh.

Pharaoh is a good person, he is kind and sincere. Although Da Zhuang called him uncle, it was because Pharaoh was older than himself. In fact, the two are not a few years old. . The neighbors on the wall have never been awkward for so many years. Pharaoh usually speaks with a special tone, so Da Zhuang knows that this is Pharaoh’s voice.

Almost approaching Lao Wang, Da Zhuang said, “Old Uncle Wang, what are you doing standing there? Are you quarreling with my aunt? You said you old man My wife, how old are you, and why are you awkward! Let the younger generations laugh, go home!”

Suddenly, the old Wang turned his face around. Turning his face scared Da Zhuang. This person in front of you is the old king! I saw this man’s eyes were sunken, like a skeleton, and there was a green light in his eyes, which looked very scary.

“My mother!” Da Zhuang shouted, and ran into the village. After running home, Da Zhuang thought this was very strange, and after smoking a few cigarettes, he went to shoot the door of Lao Wang’s house.

It was Aunt Wang who opened the door, and Da Zhuang asked: “Auntie! Where is my old Uncle Wang?”

Aunt Wang said, “This Isn’t it raining? Your uncle has nowhere to go. After supper, he lay in bed and rested, and he is still asleep! Why, did you have anything to do with him?”

At this time, I heard a voice in the back room, “Who is it? I just took a nap, and I was awakened by you.” As the old Wang spoke, he walked out of the back room.