When I was in junior high school, I went to school on foot every day, passing by an old abandoned house in the west of the village.

One day, it was raining lightly in the sky. I went out early in the morning, holding an umbrella in my hand, and walking carefully.

When I passed the old house, I suddenly saw a small white shadow next to the collapsed door lintel.

I took a look at it. It was a cute white cat. It meowed at me, the sound was painful.

I involuntarily walked over, stepped on the broken bricks and rubble, and stopped in front of the white cat.

The white cat touched my trousers affectionately a few times, then suddenly turned around, leaped over the broken threshold, and ran into the door.

Seeing the white cat behaving strangely, I guessed what might be in it. After a little hesitation, I stepped into the deserted courtyard.

The grass in the courtyard has no knees, and the walls are broken. Looking up, there was a desolate scene.

But seeing the white cat leaping into a corner of the uncollapsed house, I followed it, and when I couldn’t walk anymore, I squatted on the uneven ruins and looked inside.

Through the jagged deadwood, I saw a litter of newborn kittens, curled up into a ball, wriggling in the dark corner.

I was overjoyed in my heart. The white cat must be unable to raise more kittens, so I asked the passer-by for help. I was not afraid of hurting the kittens. Seeing my good face, I was expected to be a good person, so I can safely lead me over.

Thinking of this, I was moved to tears. Such a small thing, in the days of drizzle, raising a few young children alone, helpless and fearful, but also turned to me for help, how can I stand by? !

I immediately took out two ham sausages and a piece of bread from the backpack I carried, broke them up and fed them to the white cat.

The white cat whispered while eating. That voice was filled with the happiness of being spoiled and filled my heart with sweetness.

Seeing that the kitten was eating almost, I remembered that going to school was a big deal, and then I walked out of the ruins and stepped back on the road to school.

Since then, I often bring food to the white cats, and I am very pleased to watch the kittens grow up day by day.

This night, I was working on my homework at home, and suddenly heard a white cat’s call from outside the window. I guessed that the white cat must have encountered something, so I rushed out of the house without thinking. .

When my parents saw me leaving without telling me, they looked nervous and hurriedly followed. But seeing the white cat lying in the middle of the yard, crying loudly, there was an unconcealable anxiety in that voice.

My parents and ISquatting next to the white cat, I saw five kittens coming not far away, and six cats huddled together, meowing inexplicably.

I suspected that the white cat was ill. I checked its body repeatedly. When I was puzzled, I suddenly felt the ground under my feet shaking. Accompanied by a loud noise, the house behind me collapsed.

At the same time, the houses of the neighbors swayed and collapsed. We were all stunned. Only then did we understand why the white cat came to me for no reason. It clearly felt the underground movement and wanted to save our lives.

Facing the sudden disaster, I cried bitterly and hugged the white cat tightly into my arms.

The so-called good people have rewards, it must be so. I treated them kindly. They always thought about my safety. My family and I were unscathed in the earthquake. Makes me unforgettable all my life.