At midnight, it was supposed to be a quiet environment around, but the small road in the village was different from usual. A man was rushing to the graveyard by night.

Li Wei works outside to earn money all the year round, and rarely has time to accompany his mother. Therefore, after his mother died, Li Wei was always ashamed because he could not go home to visit her often before. Uneasy, in order to compensate his mother, Li Wei decided to set aside more time to sweep the grave for his mother. Li Wei also promised the same on the day his mother was buried.

However, Li Wei had to leave because of work before he insisted a few times. Before leaving, Li Wei bowed to his mother’s grave and apologized sincerely. Li Wei turned his head. Just left.

From that day on, Li Wei hasn’t been home for a long time, because this incident caused Li Wei to feel guilty in his free time, and his mother was full of sadness and sadness. Realizing that it has indeed been a long time since he went home to visit his mother, Li Wei decided to go home to reduce his anxiety.

After Li Wei made this decision, he bought a ticket and went home. Because he always remembered his mother, plus he was ashamed of his mother. Li Wei decided to get home at any time. Go to the mother’s grave for the first time.

With this thought, Li Wei got on the bus to go home. After arriving at the destination, it happened to be in the middle of the night. If the average person gave up at this time, he would definitely take a break. Late, and then wait until dawn the next day before going.

But Li Wei is not ordinary. He has to visit his mother at this time. If time goes on, Li Wei’s heart will be more uncomfortable. In order to dispel the guilt in his heart, Li Wei got out of the car and went there without saying a word. Walking on a quiet road, Li Wei kept thinking about how to apologize to his mother when he reached his mother’s grave.

Because of thinking too seriously, Li Wei never looked up all the way, and suddenly a blind man with a light flashed on the empty road ahead. . When the light appeared in Li Wei’s sight, Li Wei noticed this and looked at the light source in confusion. He didn’t expect to see a man lighting a lamp. The man’s face was particularly gloomy and terrifying. , Bai miserably, was still illuminated by the pale light, Li Wei couldn’t help but glance twice.

What made him even more curious was that the man’s eyeballs seemed to be white too, making the entire eye sockets appear white and blind, and Li Wei realized this A little frightened.

He is already blind, so why bother to light up the lamp? It’s so dark, you can’t see it even after lighting the lamp? Suddenly Li Wei felt extra strange, and what made him even more puzzled was that this blind man seemed to be parading, holding the lamp and shining toward both sides, as if looking for something.

Gradually the blind man got closer and closer, but because Li Wei saw God, he forgot to avoid it for a while. When the two of them were about to collide with him, Li Wei suddenly smelled a strange smell. , The smell contained both the smell of muddy dampness and the smell of rotten meat. It seemed that there was still a smell of blood, which drifted away from the wind.

Li Wei couldn’t bear it anymore, and didn’t consider whether the blind man would be embarrassed when he heard it, and he would vomit with his mouth open. What Li Wei did not expect was As soon as he made a little movement, the blind man stared straight in his direction.

Li Wei was frightened by this scene, and it was too late to step back. Suddenly a cold feeling came from behind and covered Li Wei’s mouth. The blind man instantly lost his goal. Suspiciously, he smelled it in Li Wei’s direction, and then stood not far away from Li Wei and watched for a while. In the end, he found nothing, so he had to carry the lamp and leave slowly.

While the blind man was looking for him, the man behind him kept covering his mouth, as if he was afraid that Li Wei would make a move, and the man behind Li Wei would let him go when the blind man disappeared. .

Li Wei looked behind him in confusion, but the person behind him was his mother. Li Wei’s eyes widened and couldn’t believe it.

The mother looked at her son in fear, and hurriedly explained the reason to him. Li Wei realized that the blind man was a dead body, and lighting the lamp was just to gather the soul. Li Wei wanted to talk. At that time, I smelled his humanity. If his mother hadn’t helped him, Li Wei would have been taken away by the blind man long ago, and the strange smell was just the smell of rotting corpses.

Li Wei is very guilty. She has not come back to visit her mother for so long, but her mother forgave herself and helped herself. In order to redeem her sin, Li Wei decided to come and accompany her often from now on.