This is an incident in our village, and it is evil enough to say.

I just finished the college entrance examination that year, so I wanted to go back to my grandmother’s home to rest for a few days. Not long after I got off the bus and walked into the village, I was suddenly grabbed by someone behind my back, “Help me! She is going to take me away!” I was taken aback, and when I looked back, I did not recognize This person, she is the same as a beggar: tattered clothes, messy hair, dirty face, chaotic eyes… She wears a very thick coat in summer, with a cotton-padded jacket and a floral sweater inside. .

Looking at her like a lunatic, she was afraid that she would hurt me, give me a meal or something, and quickly wanted to get rid of her, but she suddenly screamed and ran away: ” Ah… please, don’t catch me, don’t catch me, help…” I yelled and ran, grabbing and dancing with both hands in the air, as if there was something chasing her.

She ran and looked back, as if she might turn her head back and hit me at any time. I was so frightened that I felt a swish air-cooled back and I ran away. . You don’t know how fast my 18-year-old man can run.

After arriving at grandma’s house, my aunt is also there. Grandma was very happy to see that I was here. She brought me something to eat, watched me sweat and poured water for me. Without a sip of water, I told my grandma and aunt about what had just happened. After hearing what I said, they told me about this woman.

It turns out that this woman is from a neighboring village. She married Hailin in their village a few years ago. When Hailin’s father died when he was young, he was brought up by his mother’s hard work. Anyway, it is not easy for the mother and son to depend on each other. The child finally grows up, and the mother saves money for him to marry a wife. At the beginning, it was okay. The young couple was also very diligent and opened a small shop together. The old lady is not idle, and the three acres of land in the family are also being planted. If there is nothing to do, I will subsidize the young couple. The small days are quite moist.

It would have been good if it kept going on, but it didn’t happen.

One day the old lady was working in the field and accidentally fell off the ridge. This ridge is the kind of uneven height of our house. The drop from top to bottom is generally more than one meter, and some are more than two meters high. The old lady fell from the ridge and she was paralyzed since then. From then on, I could only lie on the kang, and I needed others to serve me in daily life. At this point, the old lady’s hard life began.

This daughter-in-law was fine at first, serving food and drinking, but when she came to see the old lady was not pleasing to the eye, she raised her hand and hit, and opened her mouth to curse. Every day, I scolded for a while outside the old lady’s house. It seemed that I didn’t scold for a while. This has become a daily homework, scolding early and scolding late, wishing this mother-in-law would die sooner.

In this matter, the most annoyingIt is Hailin, born with a skeletal appearance, afraid of his wife. It was simply obedience, the daughter-in-law became a mother, and the mother became an outsider. The daughter-in-law scolded her mother and did not dare to speak. Sometimes when she saw her scolding too harshly, she stepped forward and said a few words of persuasion. But when his wife stared, he didn’t dare to breathe. Sometimes Hailin even said something, and the daughter-in-law shot over. So he just let his wife scold him and said nothing.

However, Hailin is filial and takes good care of the old lady every day, feeding and drinking, carrying shit and urine. Although his wife doesn’t give the old lady a good meal, Hailin will secretly give the old lady some meat, as well as snacks from the canteen. Of course, if he was discovered, he would inevitably beat and scold him. The scolding is ugly. Feeding a dog is better than feeding her…

The villagers also know this about the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law, and everyone sympathizes with the old lady and sometimes goes to see it. Old lady, persuade her. The old lady is a real person. Whenever she meets people, she says that her son and daughter-in-law are good and how kind to her. Everyone didn’t feel like seeing the old lady.

But the next thing really made the villagers look down on it.

For a while, this daughter-in-law often ran to a “big immortal” house. According to my aunt, a neighbor went to the toilet at night and saw someone burning paper from a distance. Talking about something while burning paper. Looks like that person looks like Hailin’s wife, but it’s too dark and farther away.

The neighbor went back after going to the toilet.

Within a few days, the old lady passed away. I don’t know if it has something to do with burning paper.

Everyone in the village went to the funeral of the old lady, and so did my aunt. The old lady was very kind before her death, and she would help her out if she had something to do with her. Even if the old lady is not like this, according to the custom, everyone should go and have to go.

In our hometown, a funeral will not be held immediately after a person dies. It depends on the day. But generally it will not exceed three days. During these three days, it is basically preparations. Please be in charge, set up account rooms, carve coffins, and ask drummers. The first thing to do when the day is set is to report the funeral. On this day, colleagues will also set up funeral lists and stand flags. The next day is to enter the funeral and worship. On the third day it was funeral and funeral.

Generally, there are the most people in the funeral service on the second day, and all relatives and friends are here. There is a stubble of worship and the host’s return. Women do not appear on the bright side, they are all in the main house behind, which is the room where the coffin is placed. After the worship, everyone will go to the main house and chat with the host’s house, to comfort the host’s house, don’t be too sad and so on.

At that time, Hailin’s daughter-in-law stood in the room to greet her, and some people were talking and laughing, smoking people talking. Originally speaking, Hailin’s wife suddenly knelt down in front of the coffinUp. Everyone still didn’t know what was going on, Hailin’s wife began to slap herself, screaming and screaming. Everyone thought that Hailin’s wife was overwhelmed with sadness, and some people went to help and said you don’t do this, everyone has died.

But Hailin’s wife had just been helped, and she knelt down again with a bang. The sound of her kneeling was very heavy, and she felt her knees shattered.

After kneeling down, Hailin’s daughter-in-law puffed her mouth fiercely, and screamed as she sobbed. Everyone wanted to support Hailin’s daughter-in-law again, but at this time she could no longer support her. .

Everyone listens carefully and understands what Hailin’s wife said: You are not a human being. You will not give me food or water, or change clothes…

Everyone was terrified when listening to Hailin’s wife. No one dared to persuade, no one dared to help. What Hailin’s wife said next was even more shocking to everyone: Which day did not give me food, how to beat me which day, which day did not give me medicine, which day the great immortal found to make me bad, which day I took the needle, and someday it will be given to me…

According to my aunt, many people ran to watch after hearing it. The funeral was messed up. Hailin’s wife is also true, one by one, telling the specific time and method of bullying the old lady each time.

After speaking, Hailin’s wife fainted. Some people say that the daughter-in-law has trouble conscience or that the daughter-in-law repented and made trouble like this. Others said that the daughter-in-law was fucked by the old lady. My aunt said that she had a nose and eyes. She said that before Hailin’s wife hit her, she saw a figure on the coffin. The figure rushed directly to Hailin’s wife who was standing on the side and eating melon seeds, and she fainted. When a shadow came out and so on.

The matter is not over yet, Hailin’s wife said she was cold when she woke up. It was winter, and everyone didn’t care about the cold winter, so she let her go to the side room to rest. After Hailin’s wife went to rest, the big guys got busy. However, within a few days after the old lady was buried, Hailin’s wife went mad, running madly in the street all day long, catching people when she saw them, and yelling. It’s always those few words: That dead old woman wants to take me away, just stand there, save me, save me…

She is like this, No one cares, everyone says she deserves it, and no one feels sorry for her about this matter.

Later, Hailin went out to work, and his wife was left unattended, and her family did not care about her. The villagers avoided her. She stayed near the village. She wore very thick clothes all year round. She always said she was cold. Every day she called the old lady behind her not to catch her…

I don’t know if this matter was told by the auntie, but this matter made me believe that evil is rewarded.