I’m not a good person.
Wang Gong of Ferry, I’m not in good shape recently. On this day, an officer came to take the boat. When he got off the boat, Wang Yangong found that there was a bunch of money in the bilge, and the string was wrapped in red paper with writing on it.
Wang Yangong was illiterate, but he also saw that the poor officer had lost the money, so he chased up and shouted: “Official man, the money has fallen!” Unexpectedly, when the officer heard it, his pace was faster. Up.
Gong Wang was so weak that he collapsed to the ground without running a few steps. The officer heard what was happening, and when he turned around, he had to carry Wang Yangong back to the resting place by the ferry, which was Wang Yangong’s home. After Wang Yugong woke up, he realized that he had met a good person, and he hurriedly got up and said, “Thank you, the official, for saving my life!”
The officer grinned: “Don’t thank me, I am not a good person.”

The messenger calls himself Li, and works as a messenger in the Yamen. He is also considered a decent person on weekdays, but he is a natural gambler, and he will lose every bet in the past six months. He was on an errand this morning and passed by Lingyan Temple. Hearing that the monk of Lingjing in the temple was famous, he wanted to let the master give directions. Unexpectedly, Monk Lingjing saw him and said: “You may die soon! However, around the autumnal equinox, there is a blessing for all beings to prolong life and eliminate calamities, but you may not be able to live until then…”
Li The officer murmured in his heart: “I’m a small officer, what is the blessing of the sentient beings?” He thought that there were still three hundred coppers left on his body-the money was thrown into the casino when he took it back. Besides, his life was gone. ? So he took the three hundred bronzes as hexagrams, put it on the merit box, and turned to leave. The monk Lingjing hurriedly stopped him: “That meritorious service is so great, it’s a pity to give up. Or, I’ll tell you,’I can borrow money for a longevity…”
Monk Lingjing put the three hundred bronzes on the spot. Wrap it in red paper, and return it to Officer Li, saying, “Now there are 100 days before the autumn equinox. The money is divided into 100 shares, each corresponding to one day. You secretly spread the money to many people. If someone picks it up and uses it, it means agreeing to lend you a day’s life.”
The officer Li heard it and yelled, “It’s not harmful! If you want to borrow, we have to be upright. Or we won’t have the money. It is divided, all wrapped in red paper, and the reason is written on it, indicating that it is to borrow for a hundred days, and I would like to borrow it to stay; if I don’t want to leave it. Fair!” Lingjing monk nodded and applauded: You are kind and help this success!”
Senior officer Li returned to the ferry after finishing the work. He hesitated for a long time when he thought of the crowds on the ferry. He gritted his teeth and threw the money in the corner of the cabin. He didn’t want to be picked up by Wang Yangong. Go, you have to.
“Speaking of borrowing, it is actually buying. Three hundred coppers will buy people’s life for one hundred days. Who would be willing?” Officer Li knew that he was at a loss and picked up the money to leave. Unexpectedly, Wang Yangong took the money. Come over: “I’ll sell this life!”
The contract was removed.
The officer Li was shocked: “You can think about it!” Wang Yangong nodded solemnly: “I am short of money. “It turned out that Wang Jiangong knew his body was going to collapse. Seeing that the boat won’t last long, he wanted to build a bridge to make it easier for people on both sides of the strait. He said: “The money I have saved over the years is not enough. If I can save enough money to repair the bridge sooner, it will be worth my old life.”
c1();Out of the gambling hall, Officer Li hurried to Wang Yan’s house, thinking about the old man’s body along the way. When passing by Lingyan Temple, his heart moved and he offered the borrowed life money to the Buddha: “Bodhisattva can I want to protect Brother Wang’s health!”
Double the return
It was almost midnight at Gong Wang’s house. When Wang Yan was lying on the kang, he met Officer Li and smiled softly: “Everyone said You lied to me, but I don’t believe it.” Officer Li was so embarrassed that he couldn’t lift his head, he listened to the whistling wind outside the hut, and then two gloomy voices sounded. One dialed an abacus and said, “The deadline for the two kings and Li is up, Ma Mian, let’s go in and take them away!” The other “Wow” flipped through the account books and suddenly exclaimed, “No, pay today. There was a temporary account before it could be paid in. Niutou, Wang and Li’s life account was transferred to’there’! Go back and report to Yan Jun!”
Wang and Li were terrified of hearing it, and the moon was bright outside. Qing, there is no sound. At dawn, the monk Lingjing rushed to see Wang and Li, and he could not help but sighed: “It’s dangerous!”
Last night, monk Lingjing was meditating in the side hall of Lingyan Temple. Hearing the sound of the wind, I did not expect that it was the king of Yama who came to the temple to “settle the accounts.” It turns out that at that time, the official Li sent the life money to the Buddha, which is equivalent to borrowing the Buddha, and the Buddhist priests cannot refuse the worship of the good men and women in front of the Buddha, otherwise it would be equivalent to rejecting the sentient beings’ heart for goodness.

“The Buddha’s longevity is unlimited, without increasing.” The Hades came to ask the Buddha, “How to subtract these three days of life from the Buddha?”
The Buddha said, “Wang Li The relationship between the two people started from building the bridge. Although the bridge is dead, it has a life limit. It is better to let the bridge pay back their life debt.” After hearing this, the king bowed and exited, and then listened to the bull’s head and horse face: “The life limit for both Wang and Li has come, and the bridge has not been built. What should I do?” Yan Wang waved his hand and said, “According to the usual practice, let’s settle the account after autumn!”
The monk Lingjing made a decision when he heard this, and it was dawn. , He ran.
“Hurry up and build the bridge.” Monk Lingjing said, and took out the string of borrowed money, “This money should be returned to the original owner, so that it can be used as bridge funding!”
Finally, Bai Lu That day, the bridge was built.
Seeing pedestrians leaping across the bridge happily, Officer Li scratched his head and asked: “How can the bridge pay back the life bill?” Monk Lingjing smiled: “I borrowed my life money and used it on the bridge. Passers-by save the time when they cross the bridge. The doubling is transferred to your Yangshou.” Wang Yangong puzzled: “Why do you double?”
Monk Lingjing folded his hands and said, “Because if you divide your blessings with others, you will double your blessings. Everyone who is good will be doubled. Return.”