In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a man named Ding Shicheng in Shandong who had been fond of cockfighting since he was a child and built a large house to raise cockfighting.
There are many types of cockfighting, mainly Henan cockfighting and Shandong cockfighting. Ding Shi became a collection of cockfighting all over the world, traveling north and south, searching all over the world, and for more than ten years he had almost all the cockfighting populations in the courtyard.
Ding Shicheng loves cockfighting very much. For the sake of cockfighting, he gave up marrying a wife and having children. When it was hot, he fanned the cockfighting palm; when it was cold, he moved the brazier to the cockfighting room. In this way, he raised more and more cockfighting, and the varieties became more and more complete. Ding Shichengshan’s reputation for raising cockfighting spread throughout Shandong.

One night, Ding Shicheng watched a cockfight about to go back to the room to sleep, and someone knocked on the door. Ding Shicheng opened the door to let the man in, but he was shocked. He was dressed in a red robe, his face was bloody, and his voice was thunderous. Ding Shicheng couldn’t think of who that person was. Before he could ask, the person first asked him: “I heard that Master Ding is good at raising cockfighting. This is also a family’s life preference, so I take the liberty to come and disturb you. Cockfighting for someone to watch?” Ding Shicheng was very happy to see that the red-faced guy was a fellow in the same way, and said, “What’s wrong with this, just look at it.”
So Ding Shicheng led the red-faced guy to look at him. Cockfighting, the red-faced man was so happy that he laughed and said, “Master Ding really deserves his reputation. Almost all cockfighters in the world are in your hospital, and he can be regarded as a good cockfighter! Okay, you can also raise cockfighters without going back and forth. I have a few cockfights, I wonder if Mr. Ding would like to go to my place to watch?”
This is something Ding Shicheng couldn’t ask for. Right now, he happily followed the red-faced man out of the house. The red-faced man took Ding Shicheng’s hand, and the two floated away.
Not long after, the red-faced Han attracted Ding Shicheng into an empty valley. Ding Shicheng saw that there was no one in the wild, and he was a little frightened, but he had to fight for the cock-fighting, and he was ready to guard against the red-faced guy’s disadvantage. Following the red-faced man all the way, as expected, walking through the valley, he saw a small house with only a thatched house, no one around, and the view was dim.
The red-faced man led Ding Shicheng into the yard, raised his head and screamed, and several cockfights of different shapes flew out of the thatched house, masculine and angry, crowing high.
Ding Shicheng suddenly looked silly. Although the red-faced man had only a few cockfights, his momentum actually compared all cockfighting in his family to nothing.
The red-faced man stood upright in the middle of the courtyard. He heard the sound of cockfighting. Two of them jumped up when they heard the sound. The two cock fighting freely in the air made Ding Shicheng stunned.
After a while, the red-faced man shouted again, and the two cockfighting fighting together suddenly stopped, both fell down, and stopped in the courtyard.
The red-faced man looked at Ding Shicheng and said, “Is the son of Yaxing, then look at some other cockfighters?” Ding Shicheng was so nervous that he couldn’t speak, and nodded frequently. The red-faced man did not call this time, but raised his foot and stomped heavily on the ground twice. This was terrible, a cry like a phoenix came from the thatched house, and a fighting cock with a red body came out.
I saw this fighting cock swaying into the courtyard, raising his neck and screaming again. The two cockfighting in the original standing courtyard bowed their heads, shaking their whole bodies, and the other cockfighting were all lying on the ground. Ding Shicheng admired him. Endlessly, ashamed.
So, Ding Shicheng repeatedly begged the red-faced man to give him a cockfight. The red-faced man previously refused to allow him, and could not withstand Ding Shicheng’s bitter plea. He almost knelt down to the red-faced man. The red-faced man sighed and said: “Originally, a certain family was looking at the son of Kuxi Cockfighting The son came here to give him a cockfight, but he was suspicious of a certain family all the way, which made a certain family chill.”
As soon as the red-faced man said this, Ding Shicheng’s face was flushed, as if he saw it. There is nothing more to say about his own villainous heart, he tucked his fist at the red-faced man, then glanced at the cockfighting in the courtyard, reluctantly lowered his head and wanted to turn away.
Who knows, before Ding Shicheng stepped out, the red-faced man stopped him first and said, “Well, if the son loves cockfighting so much, a certain family would never send cockfighting out today!”
Hearing overjoyed, Ding Shicheng turned around and bowed to the red-faced man to the end, and asked, “I don’t know which cock-fighting cock Xiongtai is willing to send to the younger brother?”
The red-faced man drove the cock-fighting back to the thatched house first, with his sleeves shaking. Shaking, a small fighting cock as big as a pigeon jumped out of it, and said to Ding Shicheng: “If the son doesn’t dislike it, a certain family will send this cock to you.”
Ding Shichengwan did not expect to go through so many twists and turns, red The face man actually gave him a chick, he was very dissatisfied, and his face naturally revealed. The red-faced man snorted, called the little fighting cock into his hand, carefully carried it to Ding Shicheng’s hand, and said, “You can take a closer look.”
Ding Shicheng took a closer look and saw this little one. Although the cockfight is not big, it is actually a full-fledged chicken, held in the hand as solid as iron, and seeing its eyes shine like a burning star, full of anger, knowing that it is a different species, he carefully put it in his sleeve. Still unwilling in my heart, I thought about asking for another one and looked at the red-faced man, but couldn’t open his mouth. The red-faced man saw Ding Shicheng’s thoughts, and rushed Ding Shicheng out and shouted sharply: “Everyone is greedy, and Ding is like this. So a certain family dare not keep you! Ding, remember the words of a certain family , If this cockfighting is covered in dust, a certain family will take it back by itself!”
Ding Shicheng had no choice but to leave the yard and walked a few steps to look back. The thatched house was long gone. The thatched house was actually the towering giant cypress behind his yard.
Ding Shicheng knows that things are weird, but he has no way to explore. He touched his sleeves, the cockfight was still there, and he returned home with confidence.
Sure enough, the little fighting cock that the red-faced man presented to Ding Shicheng is very brave. Although Ding Shicheng has countless breeds of fighting cock, none of them can only match it. Once we meet, the little fighting cock jumps up for more than ten years, and his legs clamp the big The cockfighting neck made it unable to breathe and immediately defeated. Ding Shicheng cherishes very much, and ordinary people will never meet with him.
On this day, a high-ranking official came to Beijing, who was the brother of Ding Shicheng’s father. He came to visit before, but he did not know that Ding Shicheng’s father had passed away a few years ago. High officials and Ding Shicheng sigh