In a village at the foot of Wuying Mountain, a poor child named Shitou lived. He gave cattle to the landlord Tan Hu to make ends meet.
Tan Hu has a lot of strength, and he does evil all day long, and he beats anyone who is not pleasing to the eye. When the stone worked in the Tan family, his body was often blue and purple, and he was injured by Tan Hu.
On this day, the stone was grazing cattle on the hillside. Tan Hu came and pointed to the stone and said, “Poor boy, the master is tired, get down and let the master sit for a while.”
The stone refused. Said: “The cows ran away without looking at them. You can sit somewhere else.”
Tan Hu angrily said: “Don’t let me sit, let you be beaten now!”
Stone used to be patient, but he didn’t expect Tan Hu to see himself less and less. Today, he was just tough, but he still ignored Tan Hu.
Tan Hu and his servants rushed up, pressed the stone and beat them hard. The stone lay on the ground for a long time before getting up.
Stone cried in the middle of the night, and left Tan’s house before dawn. The next day, Tan Hu found that the stone was missing, and cursed: “I see the stone boy again, he must be beaten to death!”
This is three years…
One day after three years, the stone He appeared at the Tan family again, saying that he would continue to herd cattle.
Tan Hu smiled coldly and said: “Come as you want, leave as you want, what do you take this place? Today if you can bear my beating, then promise you, otherwise, where do you like to go? Where are you going.”
Stone said: “Yes, how powerful you are, how many people are there.”
Tan Hu heard, oh, I haven’t seen you in three years, my skin is thick. . With a hello, dozens of servants with wooden sticks came in, surrounded the stone, and beat them down.
After fighting for a while, the servants lay on the ground, panting, as if they had used up all their strength. Stone didn’t care, and said, “It’s useless, and I have no energy to beat people.”
Tan Hu couldn’t help but kicked the servants a few times, and yelled, “You rubbish, get up and continue to give I beat it.”
The servants said softly, “No, it’s like splashing cotton with water. Our strength is sucked away.”
Tan Hu didn’t believe in evil, grabbed the stone and used it. He punched him in the chest with all his strength, and as the servant said, suddenly, his strength seemed to be sucked away. Tan Hu suddenly collapsed to the ground, panting and saying, “Good boy, I don’t have the strength to open my eyes now.”
Tan Hu regained his strength after raising his eyes for three days, as if he had recovered from a serious illness. The walk is still swaying.
Tan Hu found the stone that was grazing cattle and said, “Stone, where did you learn this skill? It sucked all our strength away?”
Stone said, “This is a beating. The more you beat me, the stronger my strength. I ran to Wuying Mountain to practice this kind of kung fu, so I won’t be afraid of you being beaten.” After speaking, the stone put a hand under the belly of a cow, lightly Gently lifted the cow over his head, changed his left and right hands freely several times, and put the cow down again. The cow was frightened and ran away with a “moo”.
TanThe tiger looked stunned, wrapped the stone to teach him this magical skill. Shishi said: “It feels bad to be beaten! Do you really want to learn?”
Tan Hu said: “Of course it is sincere.”
Shishi agreed and he went into the mountain. Collected a few unknown herbs, let Tan Hu drank it for seven to seven forty-nine days. After Tan Hu finished drinking, he felt full of energy all over his body, like a fast erupting volcano. It took several days to return to normal. . From then on, Tan Hu lifted up thousands of catties, and it was easy to hold up a cow.
Tan Hu was dissatisfied. He asked the servants to beat him hard. The servants had no choice but to make another contribution and raise him for three days. The servants refused to beat him anymore and said: “Beat you too badly, if you force us, we won’t do it!”
So Tan Hu went to the village and knocked on the door from house to house, asking others to beat him. he. When the people didn’t dare at first, Tan Hu threatened, “If you don’t beat me, I’ll beat you guys!” So everyone picked up big sticks and swiped him vigorously. In this way, hundreds of families in the village beat him up, and everyone lay at home for three days before he recovered.
Tan Hu absorbed the strength of hundreds of people all at once, and it was too powerful. He can easily squeeze hard rocks into pieces, just like squeezing an egg; walking can make half-foot deep footprints on the ground, just like stepping on the snow.
When Tan Hu was so complacent and wanted to find someone to beat himself up, he found that he was in trouble.
Going home that day, the door was already bolted, Tan Hu knocked on the door lightly, and the two heavy doors fell to the ground with a “banging” sound. The door opened. He hadn’t reacted yet, and the door wall “boomed”. The sound collapsed. The servants came out bloodied and screamed to find the doctor.
Tan Hu went back to the house dejectedly, picked up the bowl for dinner, and with a little effort, the Haikou bowl was broken into eight pieces, and the chopsticks were also folded in four.
The daughter-in-law nagged for a while, packed up and washed the dishes, and let Tan Hu look after the children. The child was just four or five months old and was lying on the bed crying and crying for milk. Tan Hu gently stroked the child’s belly and said: “Don’t cry, wait for your mother to come to breastfeed…”
Sure enough, the child fell asleep soon. When the daughter-in-law came back to hold the child after washing the dishes, she found that the child was out of breath. It turned out that Tan Hu’s strength was too great for the child to bear, and his internal organs were crushed.
The daughter-in-law rushed to the ground and beat Tan Hu. After the fight was exhausted, she lay on the ground and panted, and was lifted to the bed by the servant to rest.
Tan Hu was sad and upset, lying on the kang to rest, tossing over and over and unable to sleep. After not turning over a few times, only hearing a “boom”, the kang collapsed and Tan Hu sank into a pile of broken bricks.
Now, Tan Hu was scared, so he hurried out and rode on one of the strongest mules, looking for a stone overnight. Tan Hu moved his butt on the mule’s back shortly before he heard a “click”. He was already standing on the ground. The mule’s spine was broken and he fell to the ground dying.
Tan Hu was sweating, and walked to the door of Shishi’s house in the dark. He dared not knock on the door, and shouted: “ShiHead, stone, I have something urgent…”
Stone opened the door and rubbed his eyes and asked, “What can’t you say tomorrow? “
“Good boy, help me.” I’m too strong, I’m in trouble…” Tan Hu told Shishi what happened in the day.
Shishi shook his head and said, “It’s because you are too greedy and have grown too much strength. Even if you beat me, I can’t digest it. If you are busy, please be smart. “
Tan Hu knelt on the ground with a “plop” and cried, “I don’t dare to touch anyone now. One touch is a life lawsuit; I don’t dare to take anything, it’s definitely a mess.” It’s hard to get home, but food is hard to eat! I moved a little bit, and all my clothes became ragged. You see, I’m still bare but not afraid to come out to see people at night. Please think of a way to let me return my strength to someone, I never want to have such a great strength again! “
Stone thought for a while and said, “There is really a way. However, there is a condition to help you. “
Tan Hu quickly said, “I promise as many conditions as possible. I only ask you to save me quickly.” “
Stone proposed to reduce the tenants’ rent in the village and asked him to promise not to bully others in the future. Tan Hu swore to the sky and agreed.
Then, the stone went around behind Tan Hu and suddenly used it. The thumb of his right hand pressed Tan Hu’s tail vertebrae, and Tan Hu suddenly felt a cold current rushing to the top door, and he couldn’t help but shiver.
The stone took away his hand and said, “Now I’ll help you open it. Acupuncture points, you have to radiate all the strength in your body within half a day. This method can only be used once, and I can’t use my strength before noon. Before dawn, you can run a few laps around the village. At dawn, you hurriedly carry a big bag of grain and give it to the villagers from house to house. After you finish this, you can return to normal. “
Tan Hu hesitated: “I’m not wearing any clothes, now I’m running naked?” “
Stone said: “If you don’t run now, you won’t be able to wear clothes at dawn.” Hurry up! “
Tan Hu hearted and ran around the village naked. When it was dark, he ran back home in sweat. Seeing the stone lion at the door, he slapped it with a palm. The lion was only broken in half, Tan. The tiger couldn’t help being overjoyed: “It worked. If it had been earlier, it would have been broken with a palm. “
Tan Hu went into the house and put on his clothes. It really didn’t break. Tan Hu opened the granary and gently grabbed the grain bag. It was really unbreakable. He carried the grain bag from house to house, trying to plead and apologize for others. , Said: “This is the reward for your effort to beat me last time. From now on, I will stop beating you, and I will reduce the rent…” Sure enough, after walking around the village, Tan Hu felt his strength returned to normal.

At noon, Tan Hu returned. When he got home, he slapped another stone lion at the door with all his strength, and he grinned in pain.
The people in the village benefited and everyone was very grateful to the stone.
Someone asked the stone: “Who did you learn from? “
Stone “hehe” smiled, and said, “I entered Wuying Mountain, almostAfter being eaten by a wild beast, I met a Taoist priest on the mountain. Hearing about my misfortune, he taught me to make potions that would endure my strength. He was afraid that I would be too strong, so he taught me a secret recipe to relieve my strength. Unexpectedly, coming back came in handy…”