Although we can’t use the credit card issued by Apple in a short time, Apple Card has always been a lack of attention as Apple’s thinnest product.

Recently, the Apple Card credit card was announced on the Goldman Sachs website Customer Agreement once again caused concern.

Although the number of people who have “jailbroken” is much less than before, the agreement has still banned cardholders from “jailbreaking”.

If you make unauthorized modifications to eligible devices, such as by disabling hardware or software controls (sometimes referred to as “jailbreaking” behavior), eligible devices may no longer have access or Manage your account’s eligibility. The use of a modified, compliant device for your account is expressly prohibited and is in violation of this Agreement, which may result in our refusal or restriction of your access or the closure of your account, and any refusal to provide us under this Agreement. Other remedies.

In addition to not being able to “jailbreak”, the agreement also imposes sufficient restrictions on “cash advances and cash equivalents.”

“Cash Advance and Cash Equivalents” means any cash advances and other cash-like transactions, including the purchase of travel checks, foreign currency, cryptocurrency and other cash equivalents; money orders; point-to-point transfers, wire transfers or similar cash transactions; Lottery tickets, casino game chips (including physical chips and digital chips), horse racing bets or similar betting transactions.

According to the current announcement, Apple Card is more conservative about cryptocurrencies with highly volatile valuations and also explicitly limits gaming transactions.

At the previous earnings conference, Cook said that the Apple Card will be launched this month. As Apple’s test of expanding its business from hardware to software services, fans will of course choose to have an Apple Card to recharge their faith.

But just as we are in the true god card or faith card? As explained in the article Apple Card, Apple Card’s advantage over competitors in the US credit card system is not obvious. The 3% return ratio in the App Store may be its biggest advantage.