The operational capabilities of an enterprise are also determined by organizational capabilities.

Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “chasing books” (ID: Luanbooks), author Pan Cao Cheng Tianyi. The original title is Baidu is refreshing: 40,000 people start a new long march.

The logic behind Baidu's series of big adjustments

I wrote an article about “Baidu has no culture” last year. I believe that the problem of Baidu’s mobile transformation is essentially a lack of understanding of mobile, and then the execution bias is caused by the leader’s inability or internal friction. The real missing job is corporate governance. .

This year, I talked with the heads of several different business lines of Baidu, and learned about Baidu’s reflection and efforts in organization, culture and management. The logic behind Baidu’s series of major adjustments this year is: to build a unified consensus on culture and performance, and to establish a systemic corporate governance mechanism around the CEO.

How does Baidu improve the company’s products when the Internet company frequently makes structural adjustments?

Baidu is refreshing

When World War II, if you only looked at combat troops, the strongest must be the Germans, which is recognized by the history of war. Compare the US military with the German army and you will discover the organizational characteristics of the US military.

In the organizational structure of the German army, combat troops are clearly the most important, accounting for 54% of the total, and the logistics force only accounts for a small part of the total. The US military is different. There is no such thing as a monopoly in its organizational structure. The proportion of logistics is very large, basically the same as the combat troops.

Five-star Admiral Eisenhower in the memoirs of “Expeditional Europe” said that there are five kinds of equipment that play the most crucial role in the US military’s victory. Which five? Jeep, bulldozer, amphibious truck, two-ton semi-truck and C-47 transporter.

You will be surprised that there are no weapons here, almost all logistics and auxiliary equipment. What does this reflect? This is not only the US military attaches importance to logistics, but reflects that the United States regards the military as a complete system of large-scale organization. It is not the pursuit of elite combat troops, but the overall effectiveness of the military.

I will make it clearer when I take the test as a metaphor. The Germans fight for a single subject, and the US military fights for the total score. and so