Problem description: During this period of time, I caught a cold, and then it was accompanied by headaches and runny nose. Why do I have a headache with a cold?
Date of problem:2020-09-23
Patient information:Age: 26 Gender: Female
The headache is because of the cold Increased secretions stimulate the brain nerves and cause headaches.
Colds are mostly caused by viral infections. Viral infections can easily cause the body’s inflammatory secretions to increase, which can stimulate nerves and cause headaches. This type of headache is called neuropathic headache. Some cold patients will also have fever. Fever can easily cause intracranial and extracranial blood vessels to dilate and cause headaches. At this time, headaches are called vasodilatory headaches. Colds can easily cause nasal congestion. When nasal congestion, nasal bleeding and edema can also cause headaches. appear.
It is recommended to develop a regular life and rest habits, try to reduce staying up late, and do more outdoor exercises after your body recovers to enhance your physical fitness.
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