author: Black Eyed Peas, Head Figure from: Vision China

This article mainly discusses the following issues:

1. Thinking about why WeChat has a video account?

2. Thinking about the difference between the video account and the official account, Moments, moment video and story;

3. What are the opportunities and advantages of the video account? Possible play? Phase planning;

4. The difference between the video number, Douyin and Kuaishou, and why choose the 6:7 size instead of the single-column full-screen design of Douyin?

5. Disassemble the past action of the video number;

6. What are the current problems with the video number?

7. Possible solutions for the video number.

1. Why does WeChat use the video account?

As for why WeChat is a video account, I have read many articles and communicated with friends before.

Some people say that it is because the short video of Shake Kuai takes up a lot of users’ time, and the duration of WeChat has been robbed. I hope that the video number will grab the time and fight Shake Kuai;

Some people also said that WeChat focused on graphic content in the early days, and short videos were lacking. Now they want to fill in the short video section;

Some people say that it was because the “Moment Video” that Zhang Xiaolong placed high hopes completely failed, and they had to seek new entrances and platforms to host short videos;

Some people even say that Tencent’s micro-vision, which has invested a lot of resources, has not seen any signs of catching up with Shake Kuai, and can only rely on WeChat to continue to seize the market on the short video track.

I personally think that these are correct phenomena, but they are not the most essential reason.

The WeChat team has always been very restrained. It is the starting point for all WeChat to solve the needs of users themselves and what value they provide to users.

That thought:

  • What is WeChat?

  • What problem is WeChat solving? What problem has WeChat been helping people solve in the past 9 years?

  • WeChat’s video account, is it better at this stage to help WeChat’s problem that it has been solving?

Tencent’s two core capabilities in the early days are “flow” and “capital”; flow refers to “social flow” and has a continuous flow pool, rather than requiring external purchases of flow like other companies.

In the Internet age, social networking has become the “moat” for user retention, and having users means traffic. In the future, the private domain traffic of the entire Chinese Internet may be in the hands of Tencent.

For Tencent, whether microvision can be made is secondary. Short videos are a very wide track with a high ceiling, which has important strategic significance and good business prospects.

If short videos can be combined with social interactions, then giving full play to social advantages is the absolute core.

If Douyin and Kuaishou currently have the slightest tendency to socialize with acquaintances, Tencent is definitely not just the billions of people in the microvision.

(Although Douyin and Kuaishou have been trying a series of social functions, such as Snapshot, Diary, Story, Friends, etc., they are crazy to recommend friends to you every day. I would rather Trial and error, and don’t want to miss it.)

Tencent’s life is the social relationship chain. WeChat was first said to be a communication tool, but it is actually “building a social relationship chain based on QQ and address books.”

Recall several things that WeChat has done from its birth to now:

First, establish a friend relationship in the address book;

Second, establish organizational relationships;

Third, establish a following relationship;

The corresponding representative products are friends (friend circle), group, and official account;

Currently, the video account is the fourth one to build a WeChat account system.

Although the official account enables creators and users to establish a subscription relationship to a certain extent, creators only need to resolve the two-way match between content and users, but the relationship between creators and users is relatively weak.

The connection between users and creators that the video account needs to solve, and how to build an ecological cycle around “creator-content-user” and let it run healthy.

One is a weak relationship and the other is a strong relationship.

Now that WeChat is a video account, the most original goal is to inherit what WeChat has been doing for the past 9 years. What is the value of a video account based on this starting point?

In my opinion, there are mainly three aspects.

  • Value to producers: The video number is for everyone The recording and creation platform. Compared with the closed social circle of the circle of friends, the video account can expand the circle, with high dissemination efficiency, gain better exposure in the WeChat ecosystem, and form a personal “social business card” that expands the social circle;

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  • Value to consumers: Based on the social relationship chain, compared to In the past, the algorithm recommendation of thousands of people, based on the WeChat social relationship chain recommendation distribution method, expanded the selection of short video content through mutual recommendation between friends, and brought a new “consumption experience”.

  • Video number on WeChatThe value of : a large user base, a strong social relationship chain, connecting more than 1.2 billion WeChat monthly active users, continuing to interact with users, maintaining and continuously active existing relationship chains, and helping users establish and expand new Relationship chain.

As the video account team said:

“With the video account, the official account and Moments are no longer tools, but ecology, like water, electricity, and gas in life. Short video + live broadcast = the most natural way of expression. “

Conclusion: The value of the video account to WeChat is “continuously making contributions of different latitudes for the active WeChat relationship chain”.

Second, think about the difference between the video account and the official account, Moments, moment video and story

1. The difference between the video account and the official account is mainly due to the difference in “production threshold” and “content”.

The video account is a platform where everyone can record and create. The threshold of the official account is higher. It is almost impossible for everyone to write articles every day.

I also communicated with Kuaishou PM before. He believes that it takes a long time for humans to learn to speak, write, and draw. It also requires training to restore 3D information from 2D images. People’s “perception” of video is more natural, and it’s easier to click the capture button.

And for one billion people, it’s not easy for everyone to post text, but posting photos is something everyone can do. The production and cost of video is lower than that of graphics.

In addition, the official account used to focus mainly on graphic content, while the video account focused more on the field of short video content.

2. The difference between a video number and a circle of friends, I have been thinking about it for a long time before. It is also a carrier that everyone can create. They are all independently created individuals. What is the difference? whatSuch content will be posted on the video account, what kind of content will be posted on the Moments of Friends?

From the relationship chain: Moments of friends corresponds to the friendship chain, which belongs to closed social; the video number corresponds to the fully open relationship chain. I personally think that this is the difference in the dimension of the relationship chain between the video account and Moments. (The relationship between Qzone and Small World is similar)

From the perspective of the producer: Moments should be posted without quality and quality, and the video number should have a certain threshold; a strong relationship and a weak relationship.

The Moments itself cannot carry entertainment, or entertainment is not strong because it is a strong relationship. We see Moments not because of content, but because of social relationships and people themselves.

(For example, the difference between the video number and Moments is similar to the difference between Douyin/Kaishou and Moments. For KOLs on Douyin, They have both their own circle of friends and their own fan accounts.)

From the perspective of consumers: The video content consumed by the video account is not limited to the daily record of the circle of friends, and the selection of short video content is expanded through mutual recommendation between friends.

3. In 18 years, the “Moment Video” failed. I personally think that you can see your video to a large extent as your friend. After verification, it did not give more help to the continued activity of the relationship chain.

“Moment Video” is more social, but does not expand the circle, and does not expand the social relationship outside of your friends. In essence, it still consumes existing social relationships.

The biggest difference between the video number and the moment video is that it can expand the circle, break through the restrictions of the circle of friends, and realize public dissemination.

In addition, all “story” models in China face common problems, “The content produced by ordinary users is not interesting, the content lacks viewability, and it is difficult to obtain positive feedback from non-close users.”

About story thinking, I will write a separate follow-up, this article will not be expanded.

3. What are the opportunities and advantages of the video number? Possible play? In general, what steps can be divided into phase planning?

What are the opportunities and advantages of the video number?

From the perspective of user volume and duration alone, Douyin and Kuaishou have an absolute advantage in the field of short video content platforms.

Low-threshold authoring tools, fast machine review efficiency, and accurate recommendation algorithms are behind a complete set of industrialized production systems, which enable Shaoxing to have established strong scale advantages and algorithm advantages on the supply side, operation side, and user side.

In the short term, it is difficult for the third short video application to compete with Shake Kuai in China.

If other competitors want to squeeze into the short video track, they must attack from the bottom up, or they must have strong combat effectiveness, or they will invest huge resources, otherwise it will be difficult to break through the short video track.

In the second half of the Internet, it is not relying on a strange trick or an idea to control the enemy, but rather the battle of “efficiency” and “industrial system”, which is often ignored by most people.

But Douyin and Kuaishou are dealing with WeChat, which has 1.2 billion monthly livelihoods, and is based on social relationships. That’s another topic.

That thought:

  • What are the opportunities for WeChat to be a video account?

  • In general, what are the steps of phased planning?

  • What is the difference between the video number and Moments?

1. There is an opportunity for WeChat to be a video account

Internal opportunity:

1) Social relationship chain: Unique social advantage, “acquaintance social relationship chain” stronger than Douyin and Kuaishou, is expected to form a “full public social network” from acquaintances-semi-acquaintances to strangers, and construction A “content community of the entire relationship chain”.

2) Unique recommendation distribution mechanism: “recommendation in social circles” and “personalized recommendation” are both emphasized, a new distribution model based on acquaintance social + algorithm recommendation;

3) Official account bonus: The official account provides the underlying data support for the video account recommendation algorithm and provides early content supply issues;

Summary: “SocialCross gene” + “social circle recommendation & personalized recommendation” + “full public social network”.

The specific development, the social relationship will not focus on repeating this article, focusing on the recommended distribution mechanism and official account.

Recommended distribution mechanism:

As the amount of content increases and technology upgrades continue to change, content distribution methods and information distribution methods are also constantly changing.

From the earliest information portal represented by Sina, to the search engine represented by Baidu, to the distribution based on social media represented by Weibo, to the personalized algorithm recommendation represented by Shake Kuai, it was fully utilized.

The advantage of algorithm recommendation lies in the diversity and personalization of recommendation, which increases the user’s online time. If used well, it can greatly increase the user’s stickiness.

But the drawbacks of algorithm recommendation are also obvious, limiting users’ choices. For users, there may be two kinds of impact: the first is addiction and time is empty; the second is the “information cocoon room” that everyone often calls.

In the short video content ecology, the information cocoon effect created by the recommendation algorithm for users will aggravate the vertical differentiation of short video content, and ultimately the entire short video platform will form a highly homogeneous value orientation.

Therefore, in the early days of Douyin, the most popular ones were the face-like little brothers and sisters. Any topic that appeared in Douyin was easy to become popular. Everyone rushed to imitate similar videos, which led to “aesthetic fatigue” in the long run.

Zhang Xiaolong has always firmly believed in the value of social recommendations for content distribution. He believes that obtaining information through social recommendations is the most humane, because in reality, most situations are obtained by hearing the recommendations of people around him.

If the essence of “take a look” is based on social recommendation, it expands the range of people’s choices through mutual recommendation among friends; then the essence of video number is also based on social recommendation, which expands the content of short videos through mutual recommendation by friends Choose the scope and further strengthen the value of social recommendation.

Compared with passively receiving content in the past and relying on algorithmic feeding, the video account uses algorithms to achieve personalized recommendations to improve content circulation efficiency. At the same time, it uses social recommendations to ensure the consistency of specific circle tastes, and uses social recommendations to make up for it. The algorithm recommendation is insufficient.

WeChat Official Account:

In addition to being an instant messaging tool, WeChat is alsoMedia information release platform. In 2012, the WeChat official account was officially launched. According to statistics, as of Q1 of 2019, the number of WeChat official accounts has exceeded 30 million.

In the early days of the video account, when solving the content supply problem, it benefited from the attempts of many official account creators to change to the video account, making most of the early producers of the video account the main body of the WeChat official account, allowing it to survive the early content production bottleneck.

In addition, the official account provides the underlying data for the video number recommendation algorithm.

After 8 years of development, the official account platform has gathered a wealth of content categories, including information, entertainment, emotion, funny anecdotes, education, technology, finance, and fashion. Behind the subdivided content categories are various Interests and preferences of user circles.

External opportunities:

1. Shaking fast-content vertical development and differentiation

Tik Tok: Top quality content occupies most of the traffic, leading to a large gap between rich and poor in content ecology;

Kaishou: The underlying values ​​and decentralized distribution system strengthen the social attributes of Kuaishou, leading to higher personal settings than content, forming a content community with higher barriers, which is not conducive to the further expansion of user content;

According to data from the Zhikrypton Research Institute, the overlap between Kuaishou and Douyin users reached 47% in May 2019. At present, both Douyin and Kuaishou are communities with heavy entertainment attributes. Take Douyin as an example. Funny, handsome, celebrities, and beauties are popular among its platform users. Photography teaching, workplace education, office software, The development of knowledge information is slow.

Almost all MCN organizations sign KOLs for commercialization purposes. If the traffic obtained by KOLs cannot cover the operating costs invested and the ROI is negative, the corresponding KOLs will be eliminated and the organization will be eliminated.

TheTherefore, MCN organizations often sign strong KOLs to increase the probability of being popular and obtain more efficient traffic, ultimately for the purpose of monetization.

This is why most of the popular TikTok recommendations are funny, net celebrities, celebrities, handsome guys, beauties, cars and other popular vertical categories. Other vertical categories have not been well developed.

The content category that cannot be covered by Doukuai also has the value of content consumption.

2. UGC has not really risen yet

About the value of short videos and the inclusiveness of information, Su Hua and Zhang Nan have both publicly expressed their views before:

“Compared with text and pictures, short video format is more inclusive, lowering the threshold of information exchange and sharing. You don’t need to be literate or form opinions. You can take photos with your smartphone, which truly realizes the possibility of participation by all people.”—— Su Hua

“Douyin is actually a tool, it is a tool to help users transmit information. The short video and Douyin bring, is a significant reduction in the threshold of video creation, distribution, faster flow and connection of information, is a kind of The value of information inclusiveness.”—Zhang Nan

From the speeches of Su Hua and Zhang Nan, it can be seen that The ambition of Douyin and Kuaishou is not only to be a content consumption platform, they both want to replace the hardware on mobile phones and become information records. The basic tools for storage, storage and delivery are more low-level and universally needed.

Instant messaging and social networking are more universal and low-level rigid needs than content consumption. If “instant messaging” + “social” + “information recording, storage, and delivery” want to combine, it will have a super network effect and scale effect.

Vibrato 600 million DAU, but there are not many producers who are willing to continue to publish videos. WeChat’s value is to let “every individual has his own brand”, and low-threshold video numbers are suitable for everyone.

Imagine if there are 1 billion WeChat users who are willing to share and record their creations publicly, with 1 billion creators, what would it be like?

It’s only four or five years for short videos to date, and there will be great potential for development in the future.

For example, UGC has not really risen due to tools. Once UGC starts to rise, it will become the world’s largest short video social network platform.

2. In general, what are the stages of video number planning?

Returning to the business itself, different businesses have different ways of playing at different stages. That person thinks that the current video number planning mainly includes two pieces:

The first stage: solve the consumption problem and increase users’ willingness to consume;

The second stage: On the basis of solving users’ willingness to consume, increase the willingness of ordinary users to produce and form a positive cycle of production and consumption.

4. The difference between the video number, Douyin and Kuaishou, and why the video number chooses the 6:7 size?

1. Product positioning & value differences:

Recording life VS recording good life VS recording real life;

High-quality content VS emphasizes fairness and inclusiveness VS allows every individual to have their own brand;

Slogan is often the embodiment of the company’s product value orientation. First, we will briefly introduce Douyin and Kuaishou slogan;

Kaishou’s slogan has experienced evolution from “recording the world and recording you” to “seeing every life” and then “embrace every life”; Douyin’s slogan has experienced “letting worship start from here” to “recording beautiful “Life” changes; the slogan of the video number is “Record real life”.

(Tiktok, Kuaishou, and the evolution of video number slogan)

The core difference between the two Tikkuai products is mainly due to the difference between the two “underlying values” and “product positioning“.

Su Hua once said that he believes that the most important thing in Kuaishou is to record, and to record all aspects of life through the perspective of ordinary people. The second is inclusiveness.

Inclusiveness is to let everyone have the same ability to keep their own records. He will not be judged because of his tall, short, fat, thin, poor, rich, beautiful and ugly, hoping to give users equal treatment.

Due to the different values ​​and product positioning, the top-level design of the product is determined: the value of the product (what needs to serve the user), and values (product design, content distribution strategy, operation strategy), function design(everything The starting point of the design is the underlying values ​​of the product), content distribution models, commercialization models, etc. present different development paths and differences.

One emphasizes “beautifulness” vs. the other emphasizes “truth”, resulting in differences in “content distribution algorithm logic”, “product form differences”, and “community operation concepts”;

One emphasizes content quality, one emphasizes inclusiveness and fairness; one emphasizes operations, another ignores operations, one chooses single-column up and down immersion, and one chooses double-column waterfall;

These differences have created different “community content ecology”, “different creator ecology”, “different user minds and sense of belonging”, and “different live broadcast ecology” between Douyin and Kuaishou.


Douyin focuses on “”Wonderful”, TikTok pays more attention to content than Kuaishou’s people.

Douyin screens out and continuously amplifies high-quality content. The adapted product form is a single-column full-screen immersion, which optimizes user content consumption experience and leads to a high growth of users and duration.

The content distribution mechanism is beneficial to high-quality content and capable head content creators, and the distribution of community traffic is relatively centralized.

Low fault tolerance and more consumer-friendly.

Douyin focuses more on the connection between content and people, and its social attributes are relatively weak, and its attributes tend to be platforms with controllable traffic public domains.

Kaishou emphasizes authenticity and inclusiveness, decentralization, content distribution purpose allows everyone to be seen, lowers the psychological threshold of users’ creation, and is more friendly to producers;

The adapted product form is dual-row selection, semi-active acquisition, high fault tolerance, and the introduction of the “Gini coefficient” concept to regulate traffic distribution, which is suitable for long tail content.

Kaishou pays more attention to the connection between people and has stronger social attributes. However, the public domain traffic controlled by the platform is not much, and it is more suitable for private domain traffic precipitation.

The slogan who watched the video number back then was “recording real life”, more inclined to “life precipitation”, using pictures or videos to record their own lives, a bit biased towards the earliest slogan of Kuaishou.

WeChat has always adhered to the value of “Let every individual have their own brand”. Video accounts will pay more attention to original, personalized, and individual value content, which is decentralized and has a lower threshold.

Compared with the advantages of Douyin and Kuaishou algorithms, the core advantage of video accounts is a recommendation mechanism based on acquaintances’ social + algorithm. Social recommendation is used to make up for the lack of algorithm recommendation and build a new content ecology.

As for the differences between Douyin, Kuaishou, and video numbers, I used a table to sort them out:

(Part of the data comes from Orient Securities)

2. Thinking that Douyin Kuaishou all choose 9:16 size, why choose 6:7 size for video number?

The above-mentioned differences in values ​​of Shake Kuai video account, how do these differences reflect in product form?

Tiktok and Kuaishou vertical screen videos are designed with an aspect ratio of 9:16. Such videos are full screen, no black borders, good compatibility, and the best consumer experience.

The vertical screen size of the video number is 6:7. The consequence of this design is that if the video is smaller than 6:7, the top and bottom will be filled with black background, and the top and bottom will be cropped if it is larger than this ratio.

For KOLs of Shake Kuai, if they want to publish a video on the video account, the video must be cut or re-edited, but it will increase the publishing threshold. Why is the video account designed to interact with the current big card?

Try to disassemble the logic involved: back to the beginning of the article, the reason for the purpose of WeChat as a video account is to think about the “social relationship chain”.

Then I think there are two main reasons:

1) Help users consume videos while enhancing the relationship chain and establishing user mindsets for social relationships

The size of the video number is 6:7. Compared with the fast shaking, the video screen is smaller, and the upper and lower blank interface of the video is more compatible with the video and text.

At first sight, the focus of users may not only be on the video, but may be a certain friend under the comment, which weakens the content itself, wants to see what the friend likes, and cultivates the user’s mind is to see friends What is the like content.

2) Increase the interactive connection between users and creators

If you carefully observe the video number, Douyin, and Kuaishou, the most intuitive experience is that in addition to the video content, it highlights the video’s title, geographic location, and video tags. The video has more information.

In some videos, the title and related information of the video occupy 1/3 of the screen. The purpose of this design is to try to help users and creators establish a relationship and form a connection.

3. Why choose single-column semi-immersive video number instead of Douyin single-column full-screen design?

(Interaction differences between Kuaishou, Douyin, and video number)

The Douyin is a single row, full-screen immersive up and down interaction without brain, which is conducive to killing time and increasing user time. The purpose of the design is to achieve the ultimate consumer experience, focusing on creating “immersion.”

I don’t need you to take the initiative to find the content. I will help you screen and select high-quality works, so you can just look at it.

Kaishou is a two-column design. In terms of interaction, users need to guide users to click, follow, comment, form fan accumulation, and then go back to content creators. In addition to watching content, “guided comments” is the core of Kuaishou. Interactive behavior.

If you don’t like the video, you can choose another one you like.

The video number currently has a single-column design, unlike the full-screen vibrato design, and did not choose a fast-handed dual-column design with high fault tolerance. Instead, choose the semi-immersive style that does not look very beautiful at the moment? what is the reason?

First of all, the video account will not use the content of Douyin to defeat Douyin, nor will it surpass Kuaishou in a fast-handed way. The video account is not to kill time from the moment it is launched, but is based on social relations.Tether.

Although Kuaishou Shuanglin Waterfall Stream is highly fault-tolerant, the video number is currently mainly social recommendation. Users may not have the willingness to consume after consuming the content liked by friends. This problem will be more obvious if the dual-line design is more consumer-oriented. weaker.

In addition, the high fault tolerance is not only a form of fast-hand double listing. The core of the video number is social recommendation. Even if the content liked by a friend does not like it, because it is recommended by a friend, it can only be said that the interest of the friend is different because of social The existence of the relationship has higher fault tolerance.

5. The past actions of dismantling the video number

The core users of video accounts are divided into two categories: content producers + content consumers. Of course, users may switch at any time, and they may be producers and consumers;

Whether it is Shake Kuai or video number, the main things to be solved when disassembling content community products are the following three things:

1. Producer: Continue to help content producers produce high-quality content;

2. Consumers: continue to help content consumers to obtain content that suits them more efficiently;

3. Platform: Connect production and consumption: Help content producers and content consumers to form an effective interaction, form a better sense of accomplishment, and form a connection.

Revolve around the above three points, what we have done to disassemble the video number in the past and now

1. Production: Production mainly solves the problems of production tools and willingness to produce; how to lower the threshold for user release requires low-threshold creative tools.

Look back and look at WeChat’s series of actions on the production side: acquiring vue and launching the second clip; (guess: maybe internal production tools have been built for a period of time , But there is a gap with the cut film and fast video, and the gap cannot be caught up in one or two months. Through the acquisition of vue, the income is higher than internally.)

2. Consumption: The essence of consumption is “open source”. Without disturbing users, try to allow users to get access to the video account as much as possible;

The situation that Kuaishou faced when working on “story” was very similar to that of Facebook, including WeChat “dynamic video”, mainly because it encountered a lot of consumptionThe problem has hit production, and the solution is to allow more users to consume.

The prerequisite for the video to be consumed must be able to be seen. There must be an entrance. The video number is in the second position of the discovery page, second only to “Moments of Friends”.

Recently, several version iterations have been made, which can be shared to Moments of Friends, Official Accounts, and chat scenes, so that the video account can be seen, gaining better exposure in the WeChat ecosystem, and expanding the communication efficiency.

Including the recent addition of a series of actions that help to open up public domain traffic: public account graphics and text can be inserted into the video number dynamic card, the Moments of friends has added topic tags, and the video number can be searched during search, all for enhancement consumption.

3. Interaction: Content consumers are also secondary disseminators.

Incorporate friends’ likes into the spread page, you can see the content that your friends like, and the content you like will be seen by your friends. In addition, the video content also supports one-click follow, like and favorites.

Summarize what the video account has done in the past: producing content, consuming content, allowing producers and consumers to interact effectively, and adding secondary dissemination.

Six. Current problems with video numbers

If you only look at the status quo of video numbers, there are various problems in every link from production, consumption, to interaction.

But I think the most essential problem is “the video number hasn’t helped users to form a use scene awareness”. The biggest problem encountered is the consumption problem.

The following is a detailed description of some issues of consumption:

1. The video number has not yet helped users to form awareness of the scene;

Unlike Doukuai, which are all independent apps, the video account is currently an “entry” in the WeChat “discover tab”, although its status is second only to Moments;

In order to solve the problem of user consumption, WeChat also gave up the previous restraint. The small red dot and the strong reminder of various interactive designs that enhance clicks are more and more obvious on the video number. However, if the user’s consumption problem can be solved, It’s okay during cold start;

Before the video account has formed its own value and mind, the direct source of traffic and the circle of friends, in order to better allow users to contact the video number, the style of the video number entrance, and a strong reminder of the small red dot and the design of the circle of friends, Almost exactly the same.

Behind this design, the guess is that the video account team uses the social consumption scene and mind of the Moments portal to pass it on to the video account.

Moments of friends are when friends post new news, and there will be strong reminders at the entrance; while friends on the video account who have liked new content, there will also be strong reminders at the entrance.

From time to time you open your friends circle to see which friends have posted updates, to the video number, to see what video my friend just saw, and I also went to see the mental building.

If there is no “video number”, most people will not see any difference between the two, and it will be even more interesting one day to switch the positions of “video number” and “Circle of Friends”.

Although it seems that the video account team has designed very cleverly, it is far from enough to migrate the mind and use of Moments users to the video account if it is guided by the entrance and style alone.

Regarding the thinking about WeChat entrance, WeChat PM gnawed the cake once said:

There are two types of entrances in WeChat, one is centralized and the other is decentralized. The centralized entrance mainly refers to those fixed entrances in the tab, and the decentralized entrance mainly refers to the messages flowing in the chat and the circle of friends and the public account articles.

For a deeper understanding, entrances can be divided into two categories, one is called places and the other is called scenes. A place is a location, and a scene is a place where people have scenes. Adding a fixed entrance to the discovery is just a place and cannot be used by users, so it is not a scene yet.

To turn a place into a scene, you need to do a lot of things, be attractive, and let users come back, otherwise, it’s just a place that comes and goes, and it’s not even as good as a toilet.

There are already some mature scenes in WeChat, such as official accounts, chat, and Moments. Taking a place to build a scene is no better than using mature scenes